Xtava 5-In-1 Curling Wand Review

Xtava 5-In-1 Curling Wand Review

So you know that phrase, you always want what you don’t have. Well that applies to hair too! I naturally have poker straight hair and have always wanted curly hair. And I know lots of girls with curly hair that would die for straight hair. I have always struggled to find hair curlers that give a tight curl and make it last. But maybe this one is the one!

The curler comes packaged in a stunning box. It also includes a bag and a glove which is a nice touch. You will be able to see for yourself how premium it looks but in actual fact it’s so inexpensive!! This can be purchased on amazon for only £21.99. Which if you ask me is a bargain as you basically get 5 hair curlers for the price of one!

Okay so on to the barrels!! There are 5 different barrels ranging from 19 to 32 mm so there is such a variety. 3 of the larger barrels have clips which does make sectioning and curling easy. But I have to say I prefer the look given by the smaller barrels. I would say this is probably just as I have very thin hair so small and more tight curls look better. Although the clips are handy I am a big fan of the clip-less barrels as it gives you a little more freedom.

I think the thinest barrel is definitely my favourite, and in the photos below you will see that barrel in action. The temperature settings can be varied as well which is brilliant for those of you with hard to curl hair. I tend to put the curler on 210 as it makes the curls last for so long but obviously it’s not so brilliant for your hair! Also I never use heat protectant as I saw on a documentary that it basically just fries your hair. Does anyone know if that is entirely true??

This curler would be great for travelling! Having the ability to create 5 different looks with just one hot tool is so handy. These curls also last FOR-EVER! I am an everyday hair washer- I know don’t hate me… so I decided to stop washing my hair just to see how long they lasted. After 3 days the curls were still looking amazing and frizz-less but my greasy hair was getting just a little too much so I had to wash it! If you wash your hair less frequently you could literally curl it once a week and it would definitely last.

I can’t find a down side to these curlers they truly are just fab. They heat up and cool down quickly and create perfect looking curls and are so inexpensive! What more to you want??


You can purchase this wand from Amazon here


*All opinions are my own, however this product was sent to me for review by the company!



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  1. It’s so true! I have mega curly hair and get so envious of people with straight hair. Your curls look gorgeous and this curler sounds like a right bargain!! I always like to straighten then curl my hair so I might look into these as being able to change the barrel and create different style curls would be great. X

  2. Alicia (UnderBeautysS) says:

    This is such a cute curly wand ahah is it just me who thinks it’s so cute! Love the different wand sizes looks like it’s a really good wand. Your curls look great x

  3. Those curls are so so pretty!

  4. I love how detailed this post is and also how many pictures you included. The curls look beautiful hence looks like a great product.

  5. Courtney Hardy says:

    That sounds so good. I love the curls you got out of it.

  6. Wow the curls look amazing. I have curly hair but it rarely looks nice and more out of control. Thanks for sharing x

  7. Ellie says:

    Ah i’d never thought of that but I do know I few people who like to straighten and re-curl as it gives them more control over their curls. Yeah this would be perfect for that! Thank you for your comment, have a great week 🙂

  8. Ellie says:

    It definitely is a cute wand, I know what you mean haha! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, enjoy your week

  9. Ellie says:

    Thank you Ellie! Have a great week

  10. Ellie says:

    Thank you so much Savana! Have a lovely week

  11. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment and have a great week!!

  12. Ellie says:

    Aw I’m sure it’t not that bad!! Thank you for your comment have a great week

  13. This wand looks so good! And your hair looks lovely curled!

  14. Your hair looks amazing ! Will def look
    Into purchasing for my teenage daughter as she has always wanted a decent hair curler but I refuse to pay too much !

  15. Ellie says:

    Thank you Melanie! It would be a good one for her as she can do so many different things with her hair thanks for your comment

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