Wonderstuck by Taylor Swift Perfume

   Last week, my younger sister and mum purchased the Wonderstruck perfume from Superdrug for me when I returned from my trip abroad. I was over the moon to say the least. For months I have been obsessing over Taylor’s perfume line and was ecstatic when I received one of the fragrances.

I have tried the perfume and been using it for a few days now, so I thought I would give you a review about it. The fragrance is really strong and lasts for ages, I applied this spray this morning and it is now 6pm and it is still as strong as it was this morning. As for the scent it is has a floral aroma with a hint of sweetness, I also feel as though there is a fruity smell about it too. Normally, I apply Wonderstruck to my wrists and neck and sometimes the back of my ears as I read it lasts longer behind your ears but I don’t know!!

Wonderstruck’s packaging is also beautiful, it comes in a deep purple box with  gold, shimmery writing on the front, there is also a patterned gold box on the packaging too. Once removed from the packaging, you are left with a spherical glass bottle of a similar deep purple. The bottle catches the light and creates gold and silver shimmer spots when held into the light. The lid has charms attached to it which gives it more of a boho feel. The charms include a bird cage and a dove shape, the charm colours are again a gold slash bronze kind of colour.

This perfume is so nice and I can see myself wearing this for the next few years to come!


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