Vitamin E Range Review

As I’m sure a lot of you would agree, what goes under makeup is more important than the makeup itself. This of course means one thing: skin care! Looking after your skin is so important after all we only get one! Encouraging proper skin care from a young age is something incredibly important to me. I recently heard about this Vitamin E range from Superdrug so thought I would check it out.

The first item I bought was the exfoliator. This smells absolutely amazing and is a kind of oaty consistence. It perfectly scrubs your face leaving a fresh and dewy look which is something we all desire. I love that the beady bits in this scrub are just the right size. Not too big and not too small, they scrub the skin and leave it feeling soft. The vitamin E adds a little something extra and I really think it has plumped my skin slightly. Exfoliation is key in keeping a youthful and bright look. Of course exfoliation isn’t necessary every day which means you get even more for your money. A little goes a long way as this can be quite abrasive.

I also picked up the Vitamin E eye cream. Eye cream is something I have wanted to try for a bit because prevention is always better than the cure. The rich creaminess of the eye cream leaves. Your under eyes feeling smooth plump and wrinkle free. A tiny bit goes a long way which means you can just use your ring fingers to tap this in. The scent is quite fresh and so cools your eyes in the mornings. This will help to combat any puffiness you wake up with in the morning. I like the bottle it comes in too because it means you can squeeze out the perfect amount and it’s great for travel.

The final product I chose is the moisturising day cream. I don’t know how great this product is, I’ve been using it for a few months and generally have seen a huge difference in the quality of my skin. I am kind of worried that this is breaking me out but I will report back on this theory. The cream feels so smooth and rich and so goes under makeup perfectly. Again the scent is so fresh and it retains its cool temperature which means it really wakes you up in the morning.

Overall I have been incredibly impressed with this range and so I really want to try out more of the products. Also at superdrug these products are often on 3 for 2 or similar deals which makes them all the more affordable!


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  1. Courtney Hardy says:

    That stuff sounds so good. I want to try it.

  2. It’s so good I would highly recommend!

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