Vienna in 48hrs – Interrail Travel Diary

Vienna was definitely the stop of our trip that I was most excited for. It’s the Austrian city of music and culture and I just couldn’t wait to be living out the Sound of Music lifestyle. Spoiler alert I have to say that Vienna was probably my favourite stop on our trip and may be my current favourite city?!

Travel & Accommodation

We came straight from our day trip to Salzburg and unfortunately this was the only day of our entire trip where the rain was intent on ruining our plans. Our hostel was literally a 5 minute walk from the train station so we really couldn’t have chosen a better place. It also only took us a 15 minute lime scooter to get into the centre (yes, even this far into the trip we were still obsessed with lime scooters!). Unfortunately as I was still under 18 at the time we had a few problems checking in. Unbeknownst to us, I needed a later of parental permission and our room was also leaking. But thanks to some pretty ropey german on my behalf and some lovely staff in the hostel we were able to get everything sorted out.

Food & Drink

Our first night in Vienna consisted of us attempting to get our bearings and chilling out as we were pretty tired after a long day of travelling and walking around Salzburg. We found this pretty amazing restaurant called L’Osteria. It’s pretty much a cheap and cheerful italian. We had no idea that there were chains across all of Europe. The food was so good and in true Ellie fashion I ordered pizza and an aperol spritz, so predictable!

Vienna City Centre/ Opera Tickets

The next morning after grabbing a couple of croissants we headed into the inner city. As I say we were still pretty besotted with lime scooter so we decided to ride into the inner city. The weather was beautiful just so bloody hot! Our first stop was the opera house to buy some tickets to a string quartet and music evening. They were pretty reasonably priced for what was included but definitely more of a splurge on our part! Thanks to Vienna’s easy to negotiate metro system we were able to get around the city qualm free. If you are in Vienna for more than a night or two it is well worth getting a travel pass which entitles you to use the metro and the trams.


The architecture in Vienna is just so beautiful. I could have spent the whole time looking at the buildings and exploring the city. Most visit worthy stops include Albertinaplatz to see the statue of Franz Joseph I, and Stephansplatz. Vienna is the most instagrammable city ever! There was so many cute places to just sit and enjoy the view. For the 19475th time I proclaimed once again that I would like to spend my year abroad in Vienna.

While we were visiting there was a festival on so we managed to get some good veggie germanic food at the food stalls. It was here that I had a weird linguist experience. A group of young French speaking children were upset at the amount of time I was taking to fill up my water bottle and must not have thought that I would be able to speak French. Obviously I couldn’t have let this opportunity go to waste. I politely replied in French telling them i would just be a moment longer! It is safe to say they were very shocked to find that I could understand everything there were saying.

Art & Culture

From there we took the metro across the city to visit the Belvedere Palace and Gardens. This is where Der Kuss by Gustav Klimt is shown. I had really wanted to see it but there was a huge queue and the tickets were also incredibly expensive. Having already forked out for an opera ticket, I decided this would be something to save for my next visit to Vienna.

After our busy day of sightseeing in the city centre we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before heading out again to L’Osteria. After our second visit to the italian we left for the Vienna Barock Orchestra. It was effectively a string orchestra with some opera singing and dancing. It was fantastic, I really couldn’t recommend it more! At the interval we grabbed a glass of prosecco at only €2 which was lethal! As we weren’t allowed to take videos or photos I don’t have many pictures actually inside the concert. Afterwards we had a walk around the main shopping street and took some cute photos.

Vienna was definitely by favourite stop on our trip, I would absolutely love to go back as soon as possible! If you are interested in our previous stops make sure you check out my other interrail travel diaries.


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  1. Vienna looks amazing! The architecture is just so gorgeous!! And I am so jealous of that pizza, looks delicious! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

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