Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Vegan. You’ve all heard of it, you might know one or you might even be one. The one question us vegans know all too well is “what can you even eat??” Yes like we’ve never heard that one before. I can actually see where some people are coming from when they ask as for people who aren’t vegan the concept may seem a little difficult. I thought I would write a post about my favourite vegan breakfast meals. Fingers crossed this will help those of you who aren’t vegan and are curious and those of you who are vegan and want a bit of variety in your lives.

Okay so kicking this post off we have every milenials favourite: avocado toast! Well in fact this is an avocado bagel! Combining two of the trendiest food items ever. This is honestly less than 5 minutes of a job. All it requires is an avocado and a bagel and there’s no points for guessing you mash up the avocado and put it out the bagel. I like to add a little salt and pepper to my avocado  and of course toast my bagel. So not only do you have a yummy and healthy breakfast but also an incredibly instagrammable meal.

Next up we have another toast meal. This one again is incredibly simple. It’s peanut butter and banana on toast. Peanut butter is full of healthy fats and protein that keeps you full for much longer. For those of you with a sweet tooth this is perfect. The banana gives you all the sweetness you need and the combination of carbs and protein keeps you fuller for longer. I saw that Paul Hollywood was selling a toastie just like this in his shop. So why not save yourself a few pounds and make this for yourself.

As for something a little cooler. This smoothie bowl is so much fun! Perfect for summer days when you fancy something a little colder and a little sweeter. The combination of fruits leaves a sweet treat. This is again pretty easy to make. I buy packets of frozen smoothie mixes, add some soya milk and blend it all together until its a kind of thick consistency. You can then add what ever you fancy on top for a little oompf. I love doing a summer fruits bowl with banana on top. Buying frozen fruit is so much more economical too!

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of porridge to warm you up on the inside. Porridge can be made vegan buy cooking with dairy free milk. Just be aware that as vegan milk is generally thinner it may need longer to cook and thicken up. As I can be lazy in the morning, sachets are so easy to cook. All you need to do is stick the oats and and the milk in the microwave for three minutes and you have a perfect bowl of porridge. Again adding some fresh fruit on top adds something different too the bowl and gives your breakfast a variety. My favourite combos are banana and almond butter and strawberry and banana. The combinations are endless which means you never get bored of eating porridge and its full of protein too!


So there you go some vegan breakfasts you can try out and for those of you who aren’t vegan here is an insight as to the kind of things we eat!


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  1. Courtney Hardy says:

    These are really good ideas. The avocado bagel sounds so good.

  2. They all look so healthy and yummy but for now i’ll stick to my chocolate cereal haha!

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