Topshop Highlighter Review

Topshop Highlighter Review

There is nothing like glowy and healthy looking skin. Adding a touch of highlighter to your skin can really complete your look. 2017 was really the year of blinding highlights and it’s certainly not something that I want to leave behind! I love trying new highlighters whether cream, liquid or powder. I picked up this one from TK Maxx for just £5

It is a topshop branded highlight. I have to say for a high street shop the quality is impeccable. I was quite sceptical about the yellow undertones not suiting my pale skin but in small doses it can look really nice. If you apply too much, which is easily done, it can give you a Homer Simpson kind of cast. Not attractive, but if used correctly you get a beautiful looking glow on the skin!

I love the formula of this highlight. It is a powder but is so incredibly smooth that it feels like a cream. It is soft to touch and glides on the skin easily. The highlighter is so highly pigmented and pays off on the skin really well. It lasts pretty much all day long and can blend nicely with blush and contour shades. I feel like if you have darker skin this would suit you really well. I stepped out of my comfort zone with this shade and to be honest I have really loved it. The pigments reflect the light perfectly and give you a nice healthy glow.

The packaging is also pretty nice. On the cheap side, I dare say but it isn’t an expensive product. The shape of the compact resembles something high end and it feels like a premium product especially with how good the actual shade is. The white plastic isn’t particularly practical as it does get dirty so if you are a perfectionist with your makeup steer clear of this one. The packaging is however really robust and so works for those of us who are a bit more clumsy. One small downside is that it doesn’t include a mirror which would be helpful!

The quality of this product really impresses me. Topshop is a brand that seems to have it all figured out. I am really looking forward to trying out more of their products. Can we also just talk about how photogenic this highlighter is too! A blogger’s best friend 🙂


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  1. Courtney Hardy says:

    The highlighter looks so pretty! I love it.

  2. Thats such simple packaging i think i kinda prefer it?! But that looks so good for topshop and even better for £5! I remember when Topshop lip bullets were a major hype a few years ago, didnt realise they did other kinds of makeup!

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