Too Faced Takeover

Too Faced Takeover

It’s no doubt that Too Faced is one of my all time favourite brands. The quality of their products is fabulous for a not so expensive high brand. What would you even call that? Good value for money? I don’t know but you get the picture. I have been obsessing over Too Faced for years but the arrival of the Sweet Peach Palette really sparked my interest in the brand. Of course I had to have, it so low and behold it was purchased. This post isn’t just going to be about the Sweet Peach Palette (already written that one.. got you there didn’t I??) but instead about some of my favourite bits from the brand!

First up we have the Melted Metal Liquid lipstick. I know what you’re all thinking another god damn liquid lipstick. Well yes you’d be right but it is amazing. It fits my 3 liquid lipstick requirements which are: 1. Pink 2. Long wearing 3.See 1 and 3. This is basically all I look for in a liquid lipstick and this one certainly does the job. The colour is stunning and suits my pale complexion. It is also a little sparkly but not OTT. I am that big of a fan of this lippie I even wore it to prom so if that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what would. So yeah 10/10 would recommend

Next we have the Better Than Sex mascara. A bloggers favourite and of course one of the most argument provoking names for a mascara, yes you wouldn’t believe the twitter feuds this one has caused. Despite remaining incredibly quite on the debate, I do have a lot to say about the mascara. I love the consistency of this mascara, it’s neither too clumpy nor too liquidy and removes well. One of my pet peeves is the flaky bits you get at the end of the day but with this one you need not worry. Too Faced have really nailed down a solid formula for this product and it continues to be a blogger’s favourite. They have also made this in a waterproof variety now too for all those emosh days where you need just a little extra eyelash protection. The wand on this one also gets a big shoutout too.

The Cat Eyes palette is literally one of Too Faced’s most under rated products. Who wouldn’t want eyeshadows and eyeliners all in one place. The looks you can create are so pretty. The shades are so buttery and blend nicely on the lid. I think this palette would be perfect for like a weekend away where you don’t want to have to pack up your 12 different singles and 4 eyeliners for a ‘light’ look. It gives such a minimalistic look to your makeup and it’s one of too faced’s cheapest eyeshadow palettes. If your thinking about exploring their products more this one might be a good starting option. Of course, you can check out my full review of it here. Did you really think I would pass up the opportunity to add in a cheeky self promo there?? I think not

Continuing on the topic of eyeshadow palettes, I am also a big fan of the Love Palette. The shades in this one are stunning and there is such a wide selection. You could go for a simple everyday look to full drag makeup with this one set of colours. It also come with an eyeliner which is a nice touch but I can’t say I’m a fan. As with all Too Faced eyeshadow the shades are really creamy and blend nicely. I do have a bone to pick with this palette purely over the packaging. It is far too bulky and the mirror only moves 90 degrees so it is practically impossible to use. This palette is one of Too Faced’s older palettes and the packaging on their more recent products is far far better.

Without boring you with all the details once more, the Sweet Peach Palette remains a staple in my makeup draw. You can read it’s extensive review here if you fancy! Plug plug plug!!!

*Better Than Sex Mascara

*Melted Metal Liquid Lipstick

*Sweet Peach Palette



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  1. Too Faced are one of my favourite makeup brands too! Their Melted lipsticks are incredible, my favourite of which is a matte formula in the shade Child Star, it lasts all day! I’ve never tried their Better Than Sex mascara but really want to because it’s raved about all the time! Lovely post x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. Ellie says:

    Ooh guess I’ll be making a trip into Debenhams tomorrow to find that shade it sounds lovely! The mascara is so good! Thank you for your comment Erin have a great week xx

  3. I love Too Faced eyeshadow but would you believe I STILL haven’t tried better than sex?! I’ve only been meaning to for about three years…x


  4. I love the packaging of too faced it’s so cute and pretty. Would you believe I’ve never tried the better than sex mascara!! I know awful but it’s definitely on my list of things to try as I’ve heard only great reviews. X

  5. Ohh I loved reading this post. Two faced is one of my favourite brands, I especially love the look of the sweet peach palette xx

    Kate |

  6. Two Faced is one of my favourite brands! the quality of their make up is amazing! 🙂 I bought the Sweet Peach palette when I was in America in the summer and I’m in love with it!

  7. I reeeally need to try more from too faced!

  8. Courtney Hardy says:

    That eye shadow palette is so pretty!!

  9. I’ve heard such great things about Too Faced but didn’t get the chance to try out any of thier products! I really want to try the Sweet Peach pallete!

  10. I’ve never really gotten into many Too Faced products, but I do really love their Melted lipsticks as well as the Hangover Rx primer. They are so good!

    Ashlynn |

  11. Bettie says:

    I absolutely LOVE too faced! I have a few of their melted matte lipsticks! I really want to try the better than sex mascara! X

  12. I love the Better Than Sex Mascara and the Cat Eyes palette! I also swear by their Born This Way foundation!

  13. Ellie says:

    Wowzers! It’s such an amazing mascara you’d love it

  14. Ellie says:

    Oh you must try it it’s a brilliant mascara! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  15. Ellie says:

    The sweet peach is probably my favourite too! I love all the looks you can create

  16. Ellie says:

    The quality is certainly some of the best I’ve ever had! The sweet peach is so good isn’t it??

  17. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your comment Courtney!

  18. Ellie says:

    Ooh you really should its such a great brand 🙂

  19. Ellie says:

    The peach palette is basically a must have! Thank you for your comment

  20. Ellie says:

    Ooh I’ve heard such great things about the Hangover primer I think that is going to be put on my next shopping list! Thank you for your comment

  21. Ellie says:

    The melted matte lipsticks sound so good my friend raves about them! I’ll have to try them out 🙂 Thank you for your comment

  22. Ellie says:

    Ooh the Born This Way Foundation looks so good but I can never find a good colour match! Thank you for your comment xx

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