The Right Lip Balm

If you are looking for the best lip balm. You have come to the right place, I’m going to be talking about some of the best lip balms A Môn avis.

Allure So to get us started I am going to mention the famous Maybelline Baby Lips. These are a favoured option among many people at my school for the size convenience an its moisturising properties. Maybelline have released many ranges of Baby lips such as the electro ones and the dr rescue along with the standard ones. My personal favourite is the mint green lip balm of the original range. I like this one as it leaves my lips well moisturised and gives a tingly feeling with is quite satisfying. Another reason as to why I like this balm is because of how it is never greasy and doesn’t feel heavy on your lips.

EOS LIP BALMSMoving on, another balm which is popular among the teenagers of the USA and Britain is the EOS lip balms. There are so many different varieties to chose from and another flavour is released every few months. The great thing about these lip balms is their shapes, most of them are a spherical shape with a screw on lip. They are compact and easily thrown into a bag whilst on the go. My personal favourite flavours are the sweet mint (all about that mint) and the coconut milk. The packaging for the coconut milk balm is very attractive as it is a light pink colour and has swirls across it. Another advantage to EOS lip balms are the grooves made for your fingers to be put into. They are really convenient and make it easy to use.

nivea lip balm Nivea lip butters have definitely made their way into the hearts of lip balm lovers nation wide. In particular I am a fan of the raspberry and rose edition. The balm is a very creamy consistency and is packaged in a metal tin which is nice to touch and keeps the product cool and stops it from melting. These lip balms are very soothing yet one downside to this product is the stickiness of the product. Therefore you end up with lots of the product on your finger after application. However I still really like this balm! This is a flavoursome product so it tastes really nice (but don’t eat it if possible)!

So to finalise before this post gets far too long, if you are looking for a really hydrating lip balm go for the Maybelline baby lips particularly the original range. If you are looking for a non-greasy lip balm that can be kept in a bag throughout the day I would recommend an Eos lip balm of any sort. Finally if a creamy lip balm is the way ahead for you, try the Nivea lip butters.

What is your favourite lip product?

HYDRATING= Baby lips
CREAMY= Nivea Lip butters 


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