The IT Girl Trend

The “IT” Girl Trends

I am by far no means socially accepted in terms of clothing. Trendiness isn’t something I aspire to achieve, don’t get me wrong, I love fashion but I’m more interested in finding my own style. My sister on the other hand is dead into current trends amongst the youth (a talk of them as if I’m not one!). She owns every single coloured beanie imaginable and several bomber jackets. We are chalk and cheese to say the least! This outfit I put together I actually really liked, I felt confident and as if I kinda fit in but let’s be real, this was a major shock to the system. Skin tight tops have never really been my thing but this one I liked, it has a high neck which I also really enjoyed.

This is going to look like a sponsored post but before we go any further let me firstly just say that my whole outfit was purchased from New Look and to be honest I hadn’t noticed until I started writing this. They are the first stop for on trend clothes. If you have seen someone aged between like 12 and 17 wearing an outfit that is classed as ‘trendy’ most likely its a compilation of New Look, River Island and Topshop, dependant on budget.

Recently New Look have been stepping up the game, they have had more pieces that my kinda style like but also there is still a balance with clothes which are really not my style.

To mix it up a bit from my usual fashion posts, I thought I would put together an outfit that could suit the majority of youths who are all about those trends!

I chose to wear, jeans which are actually from the kids section at New Look, if you are like sizes 6-10 I reckon you could probably fit in the childrens section. And who doesn’t love that? cheaper clothes all round! As for the top, it is one of those babygrow sort of tops that fasten between your legs which is perfect as your top never comes undone. But going to the loo is another story. And of course I had my favourite Fjallraven Kanken backpack on because, who wouldn’t??

Enjoy 😉



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