Ted Baker Skirt

Ted Baker Skirt

Skirts are probably one of my favourite items of clothing. I saw this skirt in TK Maxx and instantly knew I needed it. The hefty price tag did put me off a little bit. I decided to hold off a little bit until it was reduced. A few months later I bagged this for just £19. The skirt is Ted Baker so a steal really. It feels so premium and nice to wear.

The skirt is kind of puffy and has some gorgeous volume around the edges. It is also a silky material so looks so nice in lots of different outfits. I have worn this skirt with thick black tights and a jumper before and it has looked really nice. With this outfit I was away catching some sun so I chose to wear it with this little chiffon top and some sandals for a pop of colour. The skirt is of course the statement piece and the other bits compliment it well. A v neck looks really nice with this skirt but so would a regular neck line.

The pleating on the skirt gives it such a feminine look. I love how you can both dress this up and dress this down. Funnily enough when I was over in the US this was current season in the Ted Baker shops so we must be a couple of seasons ahead if I found this in TK Maxx. The sizing must run a little large as I picked this up in a UK size 4 and I am usually a 6 or 8.

The rest of my outfit is very much budget friendly. As for the top I got that from Lidl. Yes Lidl, they do great clothes! And my sandals were £9 from M&S. Biggest tip for you, shop out of season and you will be able to pick up great deals like this!


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  1. I really love Ted Baker clothing! That’s such a great buy and it looks great with the outfit you put together!

    Molly |

  2. Ellie says:

    Thank you Molly! I’m so in love with this skirt ❤️ Have a wonderful week x

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