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Sleeping is so important and getting our brains to shut off after a long day of work and get some hard earned rest isn’t always easy. Sleep is something I feel like a lot of struggle with, just dozing off can sometimes feel impossible. I read an article about this body lotion from Lush that lots of insomniacs swear by. I certainly wouldn’t class myself as an insomniac but if it helps them it probably could help me!

So on one of my recent Lush trips I decided to try out the lotion to see what all the fuss is about. My gosh it smells amazing. I always want to say it smells like biscuits. That is usually my first instinct but I can’t explain why I think that haha!! The main ingredient is lavender. This is something pretty common in sleep products for it’s sleep inducing properties. The spin on this is that is also has a vanilla kind of scent to it too which doesn’t make it smell like pure lavender.

The cream seriously helps. I used this for the first time and woke up 1hr30 late!! I tweeted about my experience and I think Lush was also pretty impressed that I was this knocked out by their cream. The purple colour is so pretty too! It makes it so much cuter. I only got the small pot but I know that next time I will be picking up the larger tub. This is going to become one of my staple items. My fitbit tracks sleep and you can always see how the quality of my sleep improves when I use this.

The cream is so soft and hydrating. I love the way it makes my skin feel so smooth and relaxed. The flavours really relax your muscles and make you so much more chilled out. I usually rub this on my arms legs and chest area. I often put a little bit under my nose as I feel like it helps me drop off much faster.

Of course as it is a Lush product, it is cruelty free and vegan. The whole branding of the company is amazing.Lush is a brand I will always continue to support and write about because they create such high products and campaign for the animals!!

If you fancy a little help sleeping this is the product for you. Some of you on twitter were telling my how the pillow spray is also so good so I’ll get back to you on that!


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  1. Courtney says:

    That stuff sounds so good. My muscles are always kind of tight so i should use that stuff.

  2. I feel like although i dont struggle to fall asleep, i just really want to try this and see what it does!

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