Salzburg – Interrail Travel Diary

Austria, Austria, Austria!!! What can I say, it really was the hidden gem of our interrail trip and has left me wanting more. Having lived literally on the Austrian Border I can’t believe that I barely appreciated the beauty of this country. Our first taste of Austria was just a day trip. En route from Munich to Vienna, we decided to stop off in Salzburg and gosh were we pleased!


The train from Munich to Salzburg is not long, which makes it an ideal day trip from Bavaria. Watching out of the window as the German/Austrian countryside whizzes past made this journey one of the more relaxing ones. The journey goes by so quickly that when we arrived in Salzburg, it took Sarah at least 15 minutes to realise that we were no longer in Germany!

Mirabell Garten

Surprise surprise, we turned up without a plan. We soon found out that one of the best things to see in Salzburg is the Mirabell Gardens. I’m sure that you will have noticed a theme in the sorts of places we visited which mainly revolved around gardens (e.g Amsterdam & Munich). Unfortunately our day in Salzburg wasn’t blessed with typical Austrian sunshine, instead we were met with showers. Despite this, the gardens really didn’t disappoint. There is a huge expanse of greenery to enjoy and some interesting fountains. This is however a tourist hot spot so if you are looking for the perfect instagram shot, avoid this area! The gardens also boast a cool looking house and an indoor arboretum which is on the smaller side but offers much needed shelter. We probably spent at least 45 minutes here before heading out further into the city.

Mozart’s House

As the classical music junkie that I am, we couldn’t not go to Mozarts House. During certain times of the year it is in fact possible to go inside, but we didn’t have chance. It was interesting to look at the outside and read about his life on the plaque attached to his house. The fact that we were standing outside of the building where some of the world’s best music was created was also very surreal. I’m sure many of you know that Salzburg is a very musical city and it in fact where the Sound of Music was filmed, so visiting at least one musical attraction is a must. The city also offers Sound of Music film tours where you can see exactly where everything was filmed.


From there we popped into a little cafe to grab something to eat and decide what we wanted to do next! After extensive googling I have found the place we went which was called Bäckerei Cafe Fuchshofer . The range of Austrian pastries and good coffee made it felt authentically Salzburg. We did however enjoy a little bit of family drama as a mum was telling off her son for not studying hard enough right there in the cafe. Who doesn’t love cake and drama?!?

Scenery & Top Places to See

After a quick little sit down we headed for a walk around the city. I think that Salzburg might be the best place I have been to ever? maybe just! It was so quaint and all of the locals were so friendly. If we had had more time I would have spent much longer here! Places worth visiting are the castle, the Lindor chocolate shop (why not!) and the Eisgrotte. Walking over the lock bridge is also good fun, and reading all of the messages on the locks is interesting too. Salzburg is situated on the Danube river and is just inside of the Alps which means the views are just insane.

I’m going on the record now to say that I really want to do my year abroad in Austria for definite if no Salzburg exactly. Bold comment I know, but I hope that shows how much of an impact the place had on me!


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  1. Your photography is amazing and it looks like such a lovely place to visit and travel to! Definitely added it to my travel list for 2020!

    Ayse x

  2. Austria looks so beautiful! Your photography and descriptions made Austria seem so beautiful; I just want to visit! ❤

  3. Aw thank you so much Ayse! It’s such a wonderful part of the world I couldn’t recommend it more x

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Paulina! Austria is definitely one to put on the bucket list!

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