Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Not only is Red the name of one of the world’s greatest albums but also it is the name one of the world’s greatest colours. The trend has been popping up all over lately, most stores carry something red. I adore Red. I think my love for the colour sprouted from nail polish its always been the most flattering of nail colours. It all developed from there and let’s jump to the present where more of what I wear is becoming red.

Recently, I came by a red coat and I just fell in love with it. Red isn’t a conventional colour for a coat, but its vibrant and bubbly personality had me reluctant to ever remove it from my body. The style of coat is a more of a formal looking coat with large black buttons down the front, it has puffed up shoulders which I am really a fan of too. One of the best parts is it has secret buttons on the inside which keep it shut but are invisible! Tell me you haven’t heard of a more amazing fashion invention.

Red has been a solid constant in my recent fashion journey, and will continue to stay a main part of my outfits for the foreseeable future. The following photos are pictures of my favourite red outfit which consists of a flower printed blouse, a coat, a cute little necklace, blue jeans and of course red nails.

ps I’ve been belting out TS the whole time I have been writing this!


dsc_1626 dsc_1595 dsc_1603 dsc_1730 dsc_1733

Shirt- F&F at Tesco
Coat- F&F at Tesco
Jeans- New Look
Nails- Ted Baker
Necklace- Not sure but its kinda like momiji

Happy New Year everyone! I’m going to be doing my best to upload as regularly as possible across all my platforms this year.


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  1. What a lovely post! I love the colour red!

  2. Ellie says:

    Thank you!! Its just the best 🙂

  3. Lovely post! I loved all the outfits and your blog is amazing 🙂
    Amy xx

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