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Who doesn’t love a good dupe?? Finding quality products for less always feels like such a win. Dupes have lots of purposes making you look good, allowing you to see if you’d use a product without splurging and above all saving those $$$$! Each highstreet shop has their own collection of dupes but I have to say that River Island have so many good ones to choose from. You can get lots of quality products for a fraction of the price.

Balmain Jacket

You must have been living under a rock to not know about this jacket! Celebs worldwide have rocked this jacket that comes in all colours and styles. It gives an element of chicness to an otherwise plain outfit. This would look perfect with a shirt, a high waisted pair of jeans and some knee high boots. It makes your outfit look kinda preppy which seems to be all the rage at the minute.
This black one from River Island one looks almost exactly the same as this Balmain one.
Prices: River Island – £70
Balmain £1725
That’s a whopping saving of £1025

(River Island top Balmain bottom)

Gucci Belt

Gucci Belts seem to be all the rage in the blogging community. You can’t scroll through pinterest without seeing at least 5 pictures of Gucci belts with the classically chic GG on the front. Yes I’m sure we’ve all been there, contemplating selling a kidney to buy into the trend. Why not try out this one first? The two circles give an elegant feel to the belt and seem to jazz up your plain jeans and t-shirt outfit. Seriously though look how similar they are!!
Prices: River Island – £12
Gucci – £235
Saving you £223

(River Island top Gucci Bottom)

Chanel Bag

Next up on the list we have this Chanel dupe, to be honest this isn’t as close a dupe as some of the other products in this post. I love the quilted aspect to this bag and the cute little pearls add a little something extra. This isn’t something we see on the real product but it is certainly a welcome addition!
Prices: River Island – £28
Chanel – £3480
Giving you an extra £3452 to keep in the bank

(River Island Top Chanel Bottom)

Self Portrait Dress

I don’t know about anyone else but owning a Self Portrait dress like this one is actually my life goal. Their creations are stunning and I love the lace detailing they always include in their designs. These dresses totally suit my style and if I ever bought one I don’t think I would ever take it of haha! Right I’ll stop rambling on and tell you more about the dupe I’ve found. This dress includes all the similar attributes the classic Self Portrait dresses include. White lace and circle detailing and also a few frills which makes it the perfect dupe!
Prices: River Island – £80
Self Portrait – £320
This leaves you with £240 to spend on whatever you fancy!

(River Island top Self Portrait bottom)

Chloe Boots

Finally, these boots by Chloe are another classic styles. They gained so much popularity in the last year or so and it seems like they have been duped so many times! I do however believe these ones are such a good dupe and they look incredibly similar. Normally with these boots we don’t see the heel like we do on the originals but the shape of these ones are perfect!
Prices: River Island – £30
Chloe – £850
And as if my magic *poof* another £820 in your account

(River Island top Chloe Bottom)–boots

So in total you are saving £5760 just by shopping in River Island!! What would you buy with that kind of money??

Disclosure: This post is a paid promotion by River Island


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  1. Courtney says:

    These picks are so cute!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved this! They also have a dupe for the Gucci belt in Primark which is similar to the one from River island x

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