Rimmel Salon Pro Review

For today’s post I thought I would review the Rimmel Salon Pro Nail varnish. I feel as though I am in the position to review these nail products now as I have used the products several times over the past year and I feel as thought I can give you a good enough review of them now!
So to begin with in case you didn’t know Salon Pro nail polishes are gel nail polishes that can be created in the comfort of your own home with salon like finishes. The products come in a gazillion different shades and they even partnered with Kate Moss to create these, so if Kate Moss approves what’s not to like about them?!? Without a doubt , these nail paints are by far the best I have ever used, I am pretty rubbish at painting my nails with normal nail polishes but with these it seems so simple as the applicator is wide enough to cover the whole width of my nail and it never goes gloopy on your nails. The shine it leaves behind looks like you’ve just walked out of the salon and it lasts for weeks without chipping and I am certainly not light with my hands!
To go into detail about the products I have invested in, I have purchased the “jazz funk” one around this time last year and the bottle is still half full, this colour is a bright fuchsia kind of colour and it looks glorious on your nails. And the second salon pro I have bought is entitled “Hooray Henry” this is a bright blue colour that looks just like the sky!! Although I have only ever purchased two, I know that other people have been raving about them too.
Here are some pictures of the paints when they are on the nails (BTW the pink one is my sisters are hers was on a lot longer than mine):
Hooray Henry!

Jazz Funk

Let me know which of the Salon Pros are your favourite in the comments below

Ellie xx


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