The Queen of Skincare

The Queen of Skincare

Having suffered from bad skin for literally all my life, I’ve tested quite the range of skincare products. From the cheap to the expensive. The available to the unavailable. Groundbreaking technology to good ol’ ingredients. There has pretty much always been something wrong. As with everything, its all subjective and I totally get that. Not every product works for everyone. But, it’s just kinda frustrating. However hopeful I have stayed, few products have adapted well to my skin.

Until now.

Cleanse and Polish

Liz Earle has really changed by skin story. Now I know it sounds cliche and trust me I have read every single article and post about skin there is, but this seriously helped me. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t vanished spots and corrected dark circles, but I didn’t expect it to. Just using the hot cloth cleanser I have been able to make my skin feel more healthy and plump. It has made my skin look more like, well, skin. Before my face was so tired and dull and now after using this it looks more radiant. Obviously it isn’t a miraculous recovery or anything but I have noticed a difference. The face wash is so energising, I love the scent and how it applies on to my skin.

The deal with this that makes it special is that you apply the wash with your hands and wipe away with a muslin cloth. The cloth really draws out impurities in my skin and makes by skin feel fresh and lively.  Finally, you finish with a quick rinse of cold water and you’re good to go!

Can I also quickly mention how good this cleanser is at removing makeup? It’s really astonishing, it gets rid of every scrap of mascara that could possibly be on my face. The cloth can be popped into the wash and you’re good to go again!!

The results are really addictive and I can’t wait to try more from the brand.

The Book

A friend of mine gave me Liz’s book for Christmas and it has really inspired me to continue treating my skin well and gives more of the biological information about the skin. It truly is very cool! But sometimes I get a bit woozy – I’m bad with biology 😉



Even Boris loves a bit of Liz Earle!



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