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Sheet masks seem to be the weapon of choice for your average millennial, behind avocados of course. But nevertheless their popularity has been booming as of late and naturally this isn’t without due cause. Being the skincare freak I am, I couldn’t say no when ProCoal offered to send me a pack of their sheet masks.

Image of ProCoal Sheet Mask Packaging

The masks are made from charcoal and what blows my mind about these masks is that they hold an entire bottle of serum. A. Whole. Bottle. Of. Serum. If that’s not value for money I don’t know what is. They aim to plump and hydrate your face but also to help tame any acne that may be manifesting itself on your face, hence the name ‘Instaclear Control Mask’.

For those of you who are really into skincare the active ingredient is salicylic acid. This acne blasting acid is found in this mask from all natural sources like white willow bark extract. I can’t admit that I have any idea what that is but it sure does sound like it would work. The other active ingredient is rice bran extract which is supposed to help with anti-ageing. Although I am fortunate in that I’m still relatively wrinkle free I do think that purely from this mask’s ability to plump your skin that it would also help with anti-ageing.

As I mentioned above the mask contains 25 grams of serum. It is also free from parabens, silicones, sls, mineral oils and paraffin. Basically meaning you still get all the good stuff just without all the nasty stuff. It is cruelty free which is a huge tick in the box for me. . So you can enjoy the pleasure of having nice skin, knowing that no animals have been harmed as a result.

My experience with the masks have been overwhelmingly positive. The face mask brought a very much soothing element to an otherwise dry and sensitive face. I love a sheet mask that embodies all of these natural minerals as it just means there is no fuss. The only thing I did struggle with was getting the mask off the backing paper as it has a tendency to stick to itself and I was worried it would rip. I enjoyed how ergonomic the face mask itself was as all of the holes and slits for the grooves of your face fit nicely. My favourite part are the slits beneath the chin. This means that you could attach them higher up giving yourself an ‘at home face lift’. I bet you weren’t expecting that when you started reading this post.

Overall very good mask I would repurchase and you can do so here.

AD- This product was provided to me by ProCoal free of charge but all opinions expressed within this post are my own.


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