Perfume Emporium

Perfume Emporium

As we all know, I’m a perfume addict. But we didn’t need this post to tell us that. Smelling good is one of life’s best gifts, and now we can harness natural smells and spray them on our bodies. It seems like an obvious concept, but no really, changing our body odour is dead cool. If I want to smell like flowers, I can. If I want to smell like sweets, I can. All with the power of perfume! So if that little intro hasn’t proven that perfume is the best thing since sliced bread then just take a look at the bottles they come in! Cute or what?

In this post I’m going to be showing you my personal favourite smells. As you are all aware, scent is a case of preference so go and smell these for yourself before buying. But in my humble opinion, these are the best smells to grace this earth, but I guess you know others may disagree so lets just go for it anyway!!

Marc Jacobs- Dot

First of, look at the bottle. Just soak it all up. How beautiful is that piece of art. Side note- genuinely spent 30 mins working out how to get the lid off but once I did ohh my gossshh. It smells divine, it isn’t too sweet which I personally don’t like from a perfume as they can get a bit sickly but this has the perfect balance of fruity and floral notes. According the the main man himself it is, “A signature floral heart signed by beautiful jasmine and the elegant base of vanilla with musk leaving an addictive trail.”  That totally gives it justice, its like a hug in a bottle.

This has become my everyday perfume and when people smell it they are always like it smells like you. That just goes to show how much I wear it that people are able to tell its me from my scent. I’m not 100% sure if thats a good thing or not?!?

Kate Spade- Walk on Air

Did you really think I would have been able to produce a blog post without talking about this one?? My friend got this for me, its dead cute the little roller ball is so handy as you can throw it in your bag and not think about it. The pen like shape again makes it so convenient, and wearing perfume should always be convenient. As for the scent, it is very refreshing and floral it is said to be,  “a light, white floral mix of lily of the valley, magnolia and crinum lily” The lily scent is so nice and the smell lingers all day which is what I need from a perfume as I’m not one to have to reapply constantly. Magnolia is another scent which is quite prominent and so in my opinion makes it great for all year round and isn’t season specific. I am just in love with this perfume and I will be needing to repurchase again once its all gone!

Chanel No 19

Ok so with this perfume there is a bit of a backstory. So I stayed with my Auntie for a week in Germany in May and she has always worn this perfume, I don’t know why but on this trip I started to notice it more and really loved the smell. My friend and I went shopping later in the week and so I was like oh can we just nip in to Debenhams to smell this perfume. So I picked it up and we both agreed that it smelled horrible. About a week later my mum came home with a little small size she found in a charity shop for me for £2. It smelled just like the one my Auntie was wearing. I have used it ever since and even though its a sample it looks like I have barely touched it! The only problem is there is no roller ball or spray so it can be tricky to apply. This perfume lasts all day. And when I say all day I mean all day. I can get home at night and still smell it as strongly then as when I applied it. If that’s what you need from a perfume I would recommend this one!

As for the scent I would say it is more musky than floral or sweet. The website says, “The voluptuous scent of a bouquet of Iris blends with the freshness of a breeze of Vetiver roots: an enveloping, powdery fullness softened by White Musk notes” I am secretly quite impressed with how well I described that before googling it!! Chanel is like one of the most well known perfume brands and even though the prices are high they are so worth it.

Bath and Body Works- Japanese Cherry Blossom

In my younger years I would wear nothing but The Body Shop’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Body mist, it was my favourite spray for years and one bottle lasted such a long time. A few years ago I upgraded to Bath and Body Works, I got this set as a Christmas present. It is notoriously difficult to get hold of Bath and Body Works in the UK. The best places are definitely, depop and amazon, and the USA at a real push. If you go often or have family there, boy are you lucky! This set contains lots of travel minis. I particularly love the mist and the lotion I think they are just amazing. Of course what we are all here for is the smell. It is gorgeous I really adore this scent. It smells exactly how you would imagine just better. The products are of such a high quality despite being so low in price. It lasts for such a long time and the lotion really moisturises so well. So yeah not much else to say just certainly worth a look and the pouch is to die for!



The following is just more pictures of the products for you to peruse at your own leisure!!



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  1. I’ve loved Dot by Marc Jacobs for so long, I’ve been constantly getting samples of it but I’m yet to buy myself a bottle. A few of my favourite perfumes are Si by Giorgio Armani (but the intense version as it’s so much stronger) and Jimmy Choo’s perfume too…ahh I love them both.

  2. Ellie says:

    It is lovely, its certainly my go to perfume! I’ve heard good things about the Jimmy Choo, I have a friend who uses it. I will have to look into the Giorgio Armani one!! Thank you for your comment, have a lovely week. 🙂

  3. I love Dot so much! I was so close to buying a bottle at Christmas, may have to treat myself on payday!! Lovely pictures as well!!

  4. Aaaah I love Marc Jacobs. It’s my go to perfume.

  5. Eloise says:

    Dot is a perfume I’ve been eyeing up for a while now- it smells so nice! The Japanese cherry blossom sounds amazing as well so I’ll definitely be looking out for that in the future! Great post 🙂 xx

  6. Ellie says:

    It’s 100% worth the hefty price tag! I say go for it girl! Treat yourself 🙂

  7. Ellie says:

    It’s wonderful!! You gotta love a bit of Marc Jacobs thank you for your comment have a lovely weekend

  8. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 I really can’t recommend them both enough have a lovely weekend

  9. I love the look of the bath and body works ones, great post 😀

  10. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your comment!! They’re are lovely

  11. i’m the exact same as you, i’m obsessed with my cologne, my friends actually laugh at how much i spray of it haha! great post x


  12. Japanese Cherry Blossom is literally my favorite scent! I always stock up on it whenever I get a chance because it’s never a bad smell. I can use it for anything. (: The other ones you’ve mentioned I’ve heard of before but never smelled. Thanks for sharing.

    Single Vegas Girl

  13. Ellie says:

    Omg my friends are the same they are like are you really spraying again?!? Glad you liked it thank you for your lovely comment!!

  14. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment! I totally agree it is so versatile

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