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You all know that jewellery is one of my weaknesses. I love a new rose gold chain or a pair of flashy earrings to spruce up an outfit. Adding even just a pair of plain studs can dress an outfit up. I am a real advocate for splurging where it is worth splurging so these rings from pandora are worth the hefty tag they hold.

I went into Pandora with the intention of having a look and maybe buying a ring and yet I left with 2 rings….oops! The second one was on sale, what was I supposed to do??

Both rings are daisy patterns which was completely unintentional but apparently I really like flowers. The first one I chose was the band of daisies. I wear it on my middle finger as I think it looks best there. I have never had rings from Pandora before so the sizing baffled me. But let’s be real it doesn’t take a lot to baffle me!!  Unfortunately I think my fingers had swollen in the heat of the shop. So the rings were too large once I got to them at Christmas, but they were easily exchanged. The rose gold detailing on this ring is so pretty and it goes with everything. I feel so classy when I wear this and much higher class than I ever will be. Who knew a ring could do so much for your confidence haha!

The second ring I bought was basically exactly the same ring just with one daisy.  I couldn’t resist picking this one up too. I feel like it looks so dainty and feminine so compliments my whole fashion sense. The rings are both so incredibly comfortable to wear and most of the time you barely notice they are there.

For me I really understand the desire to splurge when it comes to accessories. With clothes you can always find dupes and clothes of similar quality for half the price. When it comes to jewellery I really see the value of spending a little extra. Jewellery is so timeless. You can wear the same accessories day in and day out. The same can’t always be said for clothes. And I’m sure others would have something to say if you wore the same clothes everyday for a year! Jewellery just adds something a little extra to an outfit and nobody even bats and eyelid if you wear the same rings for months on the trot.

Jewellery quality can really be seen with the price you pay. I’ve had rings and earrings from cheap high street shops that have looked so tacky and really not lasted. When you spend more on jewellery you really see the difference in the product. It lasts longer, looks better and often there is more variety.

Pandora is my first stop for a new piece of jewellery. I tend not to react badly to the metals in the jewellery, however often my skin goes a little black for the first few weeks. The staff are so nice and helpful. I have never had a bad experience with this brand and will continue using them! Pandora have really won my affection. I keep finding myself on their website lusting over other rings and charms!

*Shop here

*Shop here


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  1. Courtney Hardy says:

    These rings are so pretty. I love the flower details!

  2. Vivian says:

    Love the pandora flower ring:)

  3. Vivian says:

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