NuMe Silhouette Straighteners Review

So, recently I purchased a new pair of straighteners from the brand NuMe. I had heard of this brand before but was yet to try their products. When Ingrid Nilsen released a new video on her channel which included a coupon code for these straighteners I grasped the opportunity with both hands and decided to treat myself to a new pair using the coupon, which by the way was an amazing discount. It allowed me to buy these straighteners for only $17 where as they usually retail at somewhere around $139 ish (tbh I can’t remember exactly).
As I live in the UK I did end up paying around $12 for shipping and $5 for tax so overall it didn’t even come close to the price I could have paid for a decent pair of straighteners in the UK. So your can’t really argue.

The straighteners did take about 10 business days to arrive which did worry me slightly as  I had anticipated them arriving on my doorstep within 5-7 business days but the company did reassure me  that this was completely normal. I was given a tracking number but was only able to view where my package was while it was still in the USA. But hey ho it was worth the wait in the end.

So on to the actual product, the straighteners look premium when they come out of the package, I ordered them in black and they look just like GHDs. In the package a heatproof drawstring bag was also included which makes them easy to transport and pack in a suitcase. They also included a plug adapter which was very helpful because I had completely forgotten that I was likely to need that. The product its self has a wide temperature range which means that anyone with any thickness of hair will be able to use the straighteners in any way they want to.


Below are some photos of the straighteners which will give you a feel for the look of the product:DSCN0596



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