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Nail care is easy to neglect. There’s no lying that my nails don’t rank high on my list of priorities. I have recently made more of an effort in looking after my nails. I’ve always been plagued with weak and brittle nails – Thanks Mum! But I’ve accumulated a list of products, tips and tricks to keep my nails in tip top condition.

First nail polish is a nice accessory but it isn’t always great for your nails. It stops the cuticles breathing and can leave them worse than they were before. There’s no doubt that I am a huge fan of having polished nails but most of the time you will see my rocking the varnish free look. In some ways my job in hospitality helps here!! Having a good nail varnish remover on hand is always important. Giving your nails even just a couple of days a week to breathe and soak in some vitamin D will help them grow and become stronger. My favourite nail polish remover at the minute is this miniature one I got in my Essie advent calendar.

I love using cuticle cream and nail creams. I had one from boots which was amazing. It grew my nails so strong and long but I seem to have lost it but I’ll try to leave a link at the bottom of the page. Keeping the nails hydrated is one of the best ways to stop them drying out. I use Pawpaw oitment and slather that on my cuticles a couple of times a week which keeps my fingertips feeling their best. I picked this up in TK Maxx for like £2 and I use it for everything. It is such a versatile product and if you can’t justify it for your nails alone try using it on your lips too.

Keeping your nails short and squared off is the most practice shape in my opinion. A file and a good pair of clippers is essential for keeping your nails in tip top condition. I have recently been turned to nail cubes. They have a file a buffer and a few other bits on them. A lady at The Body Shop was telling me about them and then I managed to get my hands on one in my advent calendar. Buffing your nails is so good for strength too. It also increases blood flow in your nails and promotes growth. I also find it so therapeutic to chill out and give my nails a good file and buff.

With a little bit of patience and TLC your nails will be looking so much stronger and healthier in no time. And let me know if you have any

*Pawpaw ointment

*Nail Cream

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  1. Courtney Hardy says:

    These are good tips. I’ll have to use these.

  2. I got those little minis from the essie advent calendar! But i’ve never used cuticle creame so i really need to try that out!

  3. Ellie says:

    It’s definitely worth giving them a go!! Glad you enjoyed x

  4. Ellie says:

    Yes that’s where i got them from too! That advent calendar was amazing I loved it so much ❤️ Thank you for your comment x

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