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Millions of people across the world own a smartphone and install apps on a regular basis, so I thought it would be beneficial for me to write about some of my favourite apps for you!

1. Pacer- For starters, I love this app. I came across this app when I was looking for a pedometer app for my phone as the built in one doesn’t work. The pedometer is really useful and accurate. I then noticed some of the other features of this app, you are able to go for a run and it will track your progress and at the end tell you how far you have run and how may calories you burnt. I find this app very useful as I try to be as active as I can!

2. Line Learner- This app is amazing! I loved it that much that I even bought the pro version. It allows you to record lines to listen back to them to try and help you learn lines you need to know. As I don’t really do as much acting as I used to, I tend to use this app to learn vocab for my language lessons. One of the features I really like, is the ability to slow down or quicken how fast a line is read back to you! Overall, I think this app is really useful and is definitely  worth paying for.

3.Square Size- I use this app to edit my photos that I want to post to my Instagram(which is @headintheclouds.me.uk). Its features allow you to make your picture into a square shape so it is suitable to be posted to Instagram. You can also apply different effects to your pictures and make the borders different colours. I think this app is an essential for anyone wanting to edit their pictures to perfection!

4.Pronounce- Following a similar pattern of languages, I find the Pronounce app very helpful. When I am trying to figure out how I need to say something for my MFL lessons, I use this app. You type in what you need to say and it pronounces it for you. In addition you can also speed up or slow down how fast the app says what you need it to say. Personally I use this app for my own research however you could use it to converse with someone from another country if you are a troubled in this field.

5. Geometry Dash- As for a game, I enjoy playing this game however bad I may be at it. I’m sad to say I can’t get past the first level. I like how simple it is but is also fun to play and doesn’t require too much brain power so it is suitable to play throughout the day and it can be played by anyone of any age. The music is quite irritating though, so I recommend playing it with the volume down!

What are your favourite apps? Let me know on twitter or in the comments below so I can check them out!

Ellie XX


A young blogger from the North West of England, blogging about everything from Fashion and Beauty to Education and Travel. Hoping to start a career in the language industry very soon!

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