Modern Renaissance Dupe

Modern Renaissance Dupe

The Modern Renaissance Palette was probably one of the most popular eyeshadow palettes this year! Practically everyone and their dog had one. My Instagram was plagued with stunning photos of the palette and the different looks. I managed to get my hands on the Delicious Palette from W7 and honestly it looks so similar. I don’t have the real one but I’m just going to be reviewing this as a palette in it’s own right.

This palette would be perfect for autumn. It has such a variety of warm tone shades that can create so many different looks! I love all the berry shades as they look stunning on their own or fluffed into the crease. This palette is primarily matte shades but there are a few shimmer shades too which means you can create like a full glam eye look. The combinations are endless so I think this would be a great traveling palette. It won’t get too mucky like the original as the packaging is cardboard as opposed to suede on the real one. It also has a shade that suits my eyebrows perfectly.

As for the quality of the shades, they are extremely well made for the price. They blend nicely and also have a good colour pay off. The shimmer shades blew me away. I honestly didn’t have high expectations. Typically cheaper palettes have shimmer shades that are very chunky and scratch the lid. I’m sure we all remember those pans you used to get in magazines. Imagine that texture. Well these ones are creamy and smooth and resemble nothing of those fish scale like shadows. The eyeshadow catches the light nicely. I have also used these shades as highlighters which isn’t highly practical but they did look nice!

The brush was something else I didn’t really expect. Palettes of this price range tend to include those sponges that are binned after 4 seconds. However this one came with a blending brush much to my surprise. The brush has a fluffy end and a flat tapered end and it works so well. The fluffy end blends shadows through the crease seamlessly. The flat end can be used to pack shadows on to the lid. I haven’t even touched another brush for this palette. This is a big step for me as I tend to be a bit of a brush snob!!




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  1. The colors and pigments do look quite nice. I have heard of the modern renaissance palette a lot. This looks like a great dupe xx corinne

  2. I love the Modern Renaissance but it’s always great to find a dupe especially when it’s not exactly cheap!! The colours in this one look spot on and I just love the mixture of pinks and oranges with warm browns xx

  3. Oooh I’m loving those Autumn shades, especially that red (bottom row, 3rd from the right). I kind of wish I had one of those but I’m really bad with my eyeshadow palettes; I have so many but I always revert back to my Naked no.2. Oops.

  4. Those colours are gorgeous!!x

  5. I didn’t believe this wasn’t the real thing at first! You’re writing style is so lovely and so is the look of this palette, pink/red shadows are so in right now!
    Zara xx

  6. This is such a great dupe, I need to pick one up! Loved this post X

  7. I love the look of this palette. I tend to prefer lighter shades when it comes to eyeshadow but the darker colours are definitely very pretty! Great post! 🙂

  8. I feel like it’s missing a few shimmery shades but it looks really nice! How much was it? I have to try W7 products ASAP, they’re so affordable! xx

  9. Sophie says:

    What a gorgeous palette! I’m pretty impressed that you got such a good brush with it!- x

  10. Courtney Hardy says:

    That palette is so pretty! I love it.

  11. I own the ABH palette which I love. this palette looks so similar. I like shimmer shades a lot and I see very few of them in this one. The swatches are pretty. It is always good to have dupes to pricey palettes 🙂

  12. Ellie says:

    It’s a pretty good match I’d say! Thank you for your comment Corinne have a great week xx

  13. Ellie says:

    It’s such a beautiful range of colours isn’t it? Have a great week xx

  14. Ellie says:

    I paid £6 or thereabouts! So really very afforable, sorry I forgot to include that in the post! W7 just do some great products at great prices have a wonderful week xx

  15. Ellie says:

    Thank you Courtney! Have a great week xx

  16. Ellie says:

    Ahh it’s so good to hear from someone who owns the palette and can confirm it does look pretty similar. Thank you for your comment have a great week xx

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