12 Hours in Malmö – A Short Day Trip in Sweden

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, and since 2000 it is arguably the most accessible place in Sweden for visitors from mainland Europe. Thanks to the Oresund Bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden, Malmö has certainly become quite the tourist destination. Whether passing by on your way further North in Sweden, or simply as a day trip from Copenhagen, here is everything you need to know about the city of Malmö.

Accessibility and Transport Links

As I have already touched on, Malmö is easily accessible from Copenhagen via the Oresund Bridge which boasts car and rail links. By far the cheapest and most interesting way to cross the border is by bus. Remember to bring your passport, as we learnt the hard way! We booked a Flixbus leaving early morning and were safely back in Denmark by tea time. The inspiration for our trip was most definitely my eagerness to cross the bridge after watching a discovery channel documentary detailing its construction. What awaited us in Sweden was merely an added bonus. The journey takes roughly an hour and is relatively comfortable so is a good opportunity for a nap!

Malmö Castle

Perhaps foolishly, I was overwhelmed with the excitement of crossing the bridge (I’m a geek, I know!) and didn’t do an extensive amount of research on the town and so we turned up in Sweden with few ideas as to how we could pass the day. Our first instinct was to get our bearings. We strolled up to the Castle for a look around the museum and aquarium which was exciting. This is quite a lengthy walk, which we did twice (keep reading to find out why), but it was definitely worth it. Upon our arrival we saw that citizens of the EU under the age of 19 got into the exhibition for free. Much like Denmark, Sweden uses its own currency, which meant we had to get to grips with yet another krone of some description. Thankfully Sweden isn’t as pricey as Denmark, but it is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. The exhibition at the time was about sustainability in day to day life which suited us really well. It was so lovely and we even managed to speak to some Swedish school pupils!

Malmö City Walking Tour

From there we headed back into the inner city for a bite to eat before starting a three hour walking tour of the city. Our guide was so informative and we learnt lots about the history of Sweden and modern day traditions. One thing I am definitely on board with is Swedish concept of “Fika”. During the day the Swedes take a bit of time out to indulge in a pastry and a coffee. It is so serious that some Swedish people even switch off all forms of technology. Does anyone else also really want Fika to catch on in the UK? Fika literally translates as “to have coffee” but it has grown to become more of a way of life. This may also explain the abundance of coffee shops on every corner in Malmö!

On the walking tour we had explored the botanical gardens, the streets of Malmö and the Turning Torso. Our tour guide also took us back to the castle for a fab view of the Turning Torso. Unfortunately it is just offices and residential flats with no viewing tower but it is a sight worth seeing. I really couldn’t recommend the walking tour enough. We used Malmö Walking Tours, which was entirely free, but tips were welcomed. This took up the bulk of our day and so it was a cheap day out in Sweden. Due to the range of nationalities on our tour, including two fellow brits and two Germans I enjoyed chatting to some of the others and of course practising my German (Sorry Tasha!).

Swedish Shopping

After we parted ways, we had only an hour before it was time to catch the bus back to Denmark. So we took the opportunity to have a look around the shops. We also needed a little sit down after over 3 hours walking in 30 degree heat! My inner fashion blogger was keen to check out H&M as after all it is a Swedish brand. Swedish H&M certainly exceeded my expectations. So we perused the shops for a while before grabbing an ice cream and a drink. Of course I had to eat Swedish Glace ice cream in Sweden, it would have been wrong not to!

Our day trip to Sweden was so much fun. I’m not sure I would spend longer than a day in Malmö but it was a good taste of Sweden. Sweden made my 3rd Scandinavian country and really just ignited my love of nordic countries. I will definitely be back in Sweden and hopefully sooner rather than later!


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