Lotion Loving

Lotion Loving

Body lotions are a must in the winter and especially in England. The air is so dry at the minute and my skin is really suffering. Lotion is the only thing that is keeping my skin moderately in tact at the minute. As I’n sure you could probably guess I have tried quite the assortment of body lotion and here are some of my favourites!

The first one is this Bilou cream. I love how easy this is to apply, it is in a can with a nozzle which makes it mess free. The scent is pretty sweet but also nice. It produces a thick cream. The cream sinks into the skin and leaves you feeling nice and soft. I have written a post about all of the matching shower creams before. This body lotion has been a stand out product for me. It works so well in conjunction with the shower creams. I feel like this is the perfect lotion for after shaving. A fizzy berry flavour is also available in this range but I much prefer this scent!

The next cream is this lotion from Victoria Secret, this was a gift from a friend and I adore it so much! It smells amazing it is such a light and lovely scent. There is also a matching spray which is so nice too. This cream is so cold and refreshing. As the scent is nice and light it is perfect for the mornings. It wakes you up and gets you ready for the day! There is nothing I love more than products that are cold after a nice hot shower. Again this is perfect for post leg shaving. The lotion is also really long lasting. It sinks into the skin but you know it is still working all day long. Sometimes with creams it feels like they just sit on top of the skin and you just end up washing it off in the shower!

My last favourite body lotion is one I have repurchased so many times! It is from Ted Baker beauty so is often difficult to get hold of because this isn’t always easily accessible. I got this from Boots during the Christmas season as it usually comes in a gift set. This lotion is another fresh scented one. It says it has violet and vanilla in it as well as fruity top notes. This blend makes for a lovely light scented body cream. The cream is much thinner than the others but it still does a great job at sinking into the skin. The lotion is another colder cream and so feels like it wakes the skin up and reduces inflammation. I love the packaging of the bottle but would you expect anything less from Ted Baker.

*Cotton Candy Lotion

*Ted Baker Lotion



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