Jazzy Jumpsuit – How To Style Wide-Legged Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are really tricky to get right. They have to cling to the right places and be baggy in the right places. Often it’s difficult to find a jumpsuit that will be flattering, but when you do, it feels amazing. Jumpsuits have a lot of leg work to do, considering they are just one piece of fabric. So here’s how I wore this navy jumpsuit I picked up at TK Maxx.

At first the tiny wee straps really scared me as it meant a lot of skin would be on show. So I decided to build myself up to that. I first wore this at a meal out with my German class and it seemed like it was a hit. I wore it with a short white t-shirt, gold hoops and Birkenstocks. Because who doesn’t love a good pair of Birkenstocks? I had planned to stay out after the meal and go out with a few friends, so I reckon that I would have been fine getting into bars with this outfit. As fate should have it, I wasn’t feeling well and decided that heading home would be the best idea. But I still felt hella cute at the meal.

I bought this jumpsuit from TK Maxx and it was more on the pricey side for what I usually spend on clothes. I paid £20 for it, but for cost per wear it is so worth it. The jumpsuit is made out of a linen kind of material which means it has a tendency to get quite wrinkly but that just adds to the effect. Best thing is that it is so easy to iron! I know I’m getting old when I buy clothes based on how easy they are to wash and iron. It has a cute little tie around the waist which means it is simple to get the desire shape from the jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit also came with me on our trip to Copenhagen. I have to say that it packed really well, even though I forgot the tie around the middle! This was when I finally plucked up enough courage to wear it without a top underneath. It was also way too hot to wear with a t-shirt. The jumpsuit is so light and because the trouser legs are wide and flowy it doesn’t get too hot. You can style this with a cute little necklace because the neckline is so bold. You can also style this up or down with heels or flats for a day or night time look.


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  1. Super cute! Love the gathered waist. It’s so true that it’s so hard to find a jumpsuit that not only fits right but that can be easily styled. The Birkenstocks give it a casual look, love it!

    Loren | Plaid & Sugar

  2. Great post! Love this jumpsuit it’s so nice

  3. Aw thank you so much! I’m a little bit obsessed

  4. The waist bit is my favourite bit too! Thank you for your lovely comment

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