Iceland, the land of fire and ice. I can solely confirm that this nickname is very fitting and the contrast between them is remarkable. During February, I was fortunate enough to visit Iceland as part of a GCSE Geography trip, the trip was focused on our recent topic on glaciation. The country is so beautiful and by far the most picturesque place I have visited on the Earth to date.
We flew with Iceland Air and they were by far the best airline I have flown with, even in economy and this is coming from someone who has flown business class Swiss air. The aircraft we flew on was a Boeing 757-300 for all you plane enthusiasts out there like me! The cabin was mood lit with the colours of the Northern Lights with got us all excited for our trip, all the cabin crew were so nice and free drinks were available which is not common on airlines nowadays. On arrival in Iceland, we headed straight for the Blue Lagoon which was such an amazing experience, the sensation of having a warm body yet a cold head was actually really soothing. My skin also felt amazing after the silica masks which are provided. We were all very glad to be relaxed in the lagoon after a long day of traveling. We headed to our accommodation in the evening and went for a walk along the bay which was amazing albeit a little cold. Reykjavik is one of the weirdest places I have been to purely for the fact that it is the capital of Iceland yet is so sparsely populated it feels like a rural village, only the infrastructure hints at the fact that it is indeed the capital city. The next few days consisted of waterfalls, volcanoes and of course geysers,some of the best the world has to offer. One thing that certainly stood out for me was the black sand beach that we had the privilege to visit. The waves were so tall and brutal that the coastline was cordoned off and guarded by police due to the sheer force of the waves and the fact that someone had recently died on the beach. The waves originate in the Arctic circle and you can certainly tell from their height and force. Our second and third night in Iceland was spent in a Southern town named Vik, the hotel we stayed in was very Icelandic in its looks as it was a series of log cabins which made the whole vibe of Iceland for me! In addition, Vik is very rural and has little light pollution compared to Reykjavik so was the perfect place to see the Northern lights and we were fortunate to catch a glimpse of them, although it was only faint and didn’t last particularly long but still its better than everything visible in the UK.

It was only right that during my stay, I participated in tasting the local delicacy which was a yoghurt called Skyr, it was the most delicious yoghurt I have ever tasted. Our tour guide described it as an adult petit filous which was the most accurate description. Arla do make their own version which I tried when I got home but it doesn’t compare to the real deal. Waitrose do now stock the yoghurt fortunately, however when I went to my local store (which is 40 mins away) they didn’t have any!

Iceland is the most amazing place on the planet that I have had the oppurtunity to visit and you can bet that I will be back again soon!


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