How to Revise 2015

How To Revise 2015

As us UK kids have been back to school for about 3 weeks now I thought I would do a post about tips and tricks for this coming school year. I thought it would be best to do a post about how to revise. This topic has always stumped me and I would dread it when a teacher would announce to the class that we have an upcoming test that we must revise for, because frankly I don’t have a problem with revision itself but I never new how to revise. But my techniques have developed further and I feel confident writing about this matter.

1. So my first way of revising is writing out lots of key terms and important information in coloured pens. I love using coloured pens because it makes my work much more organised and I can see what I’m looking for straight away. My favourite pens are these Ink Joys pens from Papermate, I bought this mini packet as they are perfect for putting in my school bag and they aren’t too bulky.

2. The next way I like to revise is mainly targeted at language students and being a self confessed language geek I really enjoy furthering my knowledge, so for further revision,I buy foreign magazines. The magazine featured in the picture below I actually bought while I was on holiday in Germany, however I know that a range of foreign magazines can be purchased from WH Smiths online. But equally if you have a relative in a different country you could ask them to send them over. I love using this technique because I can choose the topic of the magazine so I already know a little to do with the topic area so it really improves my language skills.

3. Lastly, for revision, I like to use this app called Cram. It is perfect for all revision, it allows you to create flash cards on any area needed. Its so handy because we are allowed iPads in school now so I can quickly go through my flash cards 10 minutes before a test to refresh my memory. I also like this app because you can play games to remember the definitions of words, I find this really helpful and beneficial to my learning. In addition you can add hints to the flash cards so if you are struggling you can have a quick peek and instantly be reminded of the definition.

I hope this helped, and especially if you have started GCSEs this year or are doing important test during this school year!

Ellie xx


A young blogger from the North West of England, blogging about everything from Fashion and Beauty to Education and Travel. Hoping to start a career in the language industry very soon!

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