Hand Cream Top Picks

Hand Cream Top Picks

We all the know that feeling of having awfully dry skin but nothing to do about it. I have recently started carrying hand cream with me. I take it everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. Having cracked hands is one of the worst feelings ever and with the cold air I feel like I’m so much more susceptible. I’m going to be talking you through some of the hand creams you need to keep your hands alive. After all, they are pretty important.

This first cream is from Dirty Works which I think is available in Sainsburys. I will try to leave links at the bottom of the post. This cream is so think and almost salve like. If you let it, it would stand in peaks on your hand all day. The cream is so dense which is perfect for maximum hydration. It contains shea butter and cocoa butter which not only helps with the hydration but also makes it smell amazing. Honestly if it was edible, I would eat it. I love how the cream is also really soft so it leaves your hands plump and in tip top condition. The packaging is so cute too which makes me love carrying it around all the more!

Next up is a cult favourite. Hand Food by soap and glory. I can see why this hand cream is so popular within the beauty community. Like the previous one, it also has shea butter but this one is also infused with macadamia oil and marshmallow. If that doesn’t sound like a dream, I don’t know what would! I think Soap and Glory know they are on to a winner with this one when the packaging says “the most astonishing hand cream ever”. It is pretty good but my only complaint is that if you don’t use it for a little bit it goes really watering and almost oily. Normally this hand cream is far from greasy but it has a tendency to go a little oily on me. Moral of the story just use it all the time! The bottle is perfect for travel too!

It comes as no surprise to you that Bath and Body Works is featured in this post! That is because they make such beautiful creams. Shea is again an integral ingredient and keeps your hands in great condition. Japanese Cherry Blossom is probably my favourite Bath and Body Works scent although there are too many to choose from. It was obvious that I needed this as soon as I walked in to the shop! Again clocking in at just 70g it is perfect for travel and on the go. The scent is out of the world it is such a delight smothering this cream all over my hands. It is another one which lasts for a long time and often people will ask me what that lovely smell is!

My last hand cream is probably the most travel friendly and it lives in my school bag 24/7. The scent on this one is blossom which is of course one of the best scents for hand cream. Clearly! I love the pink packaging and how flexible it is.  This whole tube could last me a year and that’s using it almost everyday. It is so pigmented, if you can say that about hand cream,  I don’t know but you get the picture! Just a word of warning you really only need a tiny bit otherwise you will be left feeling pretty greasy all day.

*Dirty Works

*Hand Food






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    These picks sound so good and moisturizing.

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