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As you all know, jewellery is one of my favourite things. I love how you can instantly jazz up an outfit by just adding a necklace or a ring. I’ve recently tried to brand out the shops that I shop at and have rediscovered French Connection. The shop would probably be classed as upper high street brand as the prices are exactly in everybody’s price range, but equally it’s no Gucci. I picked out these two necklaces from French Connection and have really enjoyed wearing them!

The first of the necklaces is this ring one. It is a long gold chain which is rather chunky. It is thick looking so can be more of a statement necklace or more subtle depending on how you wear it. Also you can change the length of the drop easily with the clasp at the back. The circular pendant is also a nice little touch and it isn’t something you usually see on a necklace. I love the gold colour too as it goes so well with my darker coloured clothing. There are little imperfections on the necklace which gives it more of a rustic feel and means that if it does get scuffed it’s no big deal. This was also really cheap as there was a sale on at 60% off!

The other necklace is this wishbone looking one. It is more of a stick with a circle. Yes I did a great job explaining that one!! But scroll down to see the photos and you will understand. This one is silver. I love silver jewellery as it usually goes so well with my hair and skin colour because of how fair I am. Again there is so much flexibility with this necklace. You can make it a choker like necklace or a longer one. I like wearing this with colourful clothing as it sort of ties the whole look together nicely. Last month I wore this necklace to a party with a red top and I got lots of compliments.

French Connection is becoming my next best place to shop for jewellery. The workers are so nice and I love how they present all of their products so nicely!!



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  1. Courtney says:

    That necklace is so pretty. I love the shape of it.

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