Freedom Blush and Highlight Palette

Freedom Blush and Highlight Palette

My Superdrug has finally caught up with the rest of the UK and now offers the Freedom brand which I am lead to believe is exclusive to them. Of course I was keen, the thought of cheap but high quality makeup is something I am all about. I picked up this palette just to try out but there was so many other things that interested me. This post is going to be my first impressions of the brand and this specific product.



The palette itself is packaged in a sleek glossy black plastic container which kind of has makeup forever vibes going. The packaging isn’t matte which is an advantage as it means it doesn’t become filthy within a week. But it will get fingerprints on it which are less of a problem as they will wipe away easily.


As for the highlighters and blushes themselves, they are just STUNNING! With a variety of different shades there is one for everybody’s skin tone. And the best thing is… it actually shows up on my pale skin. I have always found it hard to find a highlighter that would show up on my skin as they tended just to blend in and not really show up. But gosh damn, these highlighters make me feel like a mermaid or something. Also, I really love the lightest shade which is like an icey white shade and it just makes my cheeks pop. The darker shades would also work really well as bronzers!


I can see that this palette is going to become one of my staple makeup items over the coming months. I can just see that it is going to be so versatile and for £6 you can’t really go wrong considering you get 8 different pans. Superdrug is going to be happy with my spending over the next few weeks as I’m sure I’ll be back buying more 🙂


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  1. Sophie says:

    This is a really pretty palette, I have a similar one from Makeup Revolution that is 4 highlight shades and 4 blush shades which I used everyday.

    Sophie |

  2. Loved the post! Some of the shades look quite dark so i don’t think they’d work on my pale as heck skin aha! It looks like an amazing product though


  3. Ellie says:

    Thanks for your comment! Yeah makeup revolution is great too x

  4. Ellie says:

    Thank you so much! I thought they would be too dark but they come out on my ghostly skin nicely. Some I use as bronzers too x

  5. This palette is gorgeous! I’ve eyed up a few of their products but never actually picked anything up – that might change pretty soon! Great post!


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