Ferry Meadows Caravan Site – Peterborough

This camp site is beautiful, wild and fun. Ferry meadows has a one way system like lots of other caravan club sites. It has clean facilitates great showers and good toilets. There is a little playground for kids between 5-10 and a little bit of grass to play a game of rounders, tennis, baseball….etc. Lots of space to cycle around, but be safe wear a helmet.  Beware rabbits about and grey squirrels… don’t frighten them away. A convenient shop that sells everything from sweets to shower gel. The shop is also reception. In the local area is nene park just as you come out of the barrier,from the west site. Nene park is a great place to walk your dog. it has a boat to ride on I liked that a lot. A mini train too. I haven’t been on that though so I can’t describe it in detail. Here are some pictures of nene park:

Wood carving
Wood carving outside Nene park
Nene park
Nene Park
Bike riding in Nene Park
Bike riding in Nene Park

About 10 minutes away is a bronze age centre called Flag Fen and it was exciting. Lots about a long long long long time ago. I recommend it, it is very fun. It is interesting especially for children. I’ll let you figure out the rest.

I would mark Ferry Meadows 8/10 It was great but the warden was a bit funny.


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