Feet Duvets?

Being a fashion blogger, life can seem to be all high fashion and glamour. Honestly I can assure you it isn’t. I may tweet, blog and instagram about the latest crazy trends and high heels tall enough to snap your ankles but life isn’t always like that. Life is busy for everyone and sometimes we might not feel like dressing up nicely and making an effort and that’s okay.

It may feel like you have standards to uphold. Trust me, when you look good you feel good but that doesn’t always have to be like that. After a long week at work and college wearing a white lacy top and a pair of heels on a Saturday is the last thing I want to be doing. Prioritising comfort is sometimes we fashion maniacs forget about. All too often have I planned an outfit for travel just so I’ll look good in the Instagrams at the airport. I have realised this is the wrong way to be looking at things. Dressing uncomfortably for one shot on instagram that might get, I don’t know 100 likes is so not worth sitting and being uncomfortable on a long haul flight.

Comfort is key and despite what you believe us fashion bloggers don’t look like we do online 24/7. Prioritising comfort has been something I have been trying to do more recently. Whether it’s going out wearing bed socks in my boots or dressing in a hoody it is nothing to be ashamed of. So to proove this point today’s post is going to be all about a pair of slippers. Yes you heard right a pretty unconventional post from me but hopefully it puts across a message.

When I describe these slippers, I always say they are like oven mits for your feet. They are little boot slippers with feathers in them and gosh you have never seen anything more comfy. It is like walking on pillows and having your feet wrapped warmly in little duvets.

I picked these up in IKEA for just £8 which is such a great deal. These slippers hardly ever leave my feet when I’m at home. It feels so awkward to wear my shoes in the house. My feet are always cold, probably poor circulation or something and these keep my feet lovely and toasty. I don’t know how I lived without these before. And they are soooo cute! I saw another blogger sharing these on her twitter and knew I needed them. Fingers crossed I can share the gift of warm feet far and wide with this post. IKEA never seem to keep things instock for long periods of time so I’m tempted to go and stock up!!

Treating your body with care and letting it chill out every now and then is so important. Why not buy duvets for your feet and be comfy all the time??


A young blogger from the North West of England, blogging about everything from Fashion and Beauty to Education and Travel. Hoping to start a career in the language industry very soon!

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