Feeling Festive

Feeling Festive

December is here once again and so that means, CHRISTMAS! I can’t say I’m over my head in love with Christmas but I do love the festive feeling. For the past couple years I have been so busy around this time of year and Christmas has seemed like just another day of the year. This year I have trying my best to feel as festive as possible the closer to Christmas we get.

Tip 1

Baubles are a must! These little baubles can be hung from a tree and they always make me feel festive . Of course we do have large baubles to decorate the big tree. I love having these in my room just to remind me that dsc_1831Christmas is looming and when I’m working away at my desk I look over at them and feel much more festive. You could even make this jar a decoration in itself by adding lights or more ribbon. This little baubles are available at so many places like Amazon,  you could also find these at your local garden centre. I’ve had these ones for years, I’m pretty sure they moved to Germany and back with us!

Tip 2

Fairy lights are cute all year round but at Christmas when its dark outside, they feel even more magical! I tape these on my bannister, they make me feel so festive and they really add to the Christmas vibes. Its so surprising what you can achieve with just a string of lights. Not only do they look good but they are also practical as you can use these as mood lighting. This makedsc_1832s them the ideal piece of decor to add to your room during December. Fairy lights are a staple item for us bloggers as they work so well in so many photos and make your background look much more Tumblr. If you don’t know where to find fairy lights: One, I’m ashamed of you 😉 and two, check home bargains and of course trusty Amazon!

Tip 3 

edited-8-hello-decemberGet a new desktop background. If you are anything like me, I live at my desk trying to produce videos and posts. By adding a more festive looking photo to your computer screen you are easily boosting your Christmas excitement. Its such an easy thing to do! So simple and can have such an effect on you. This tip could be simulated all year round, say if you were looking forward to summer or halloween! I found this image through a quick google images search and saw a few I liked!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m back now after a break for my exams but hopefully I’ll be writing much more in the new year.

Ellie xx


A young blogger from the North West of England, blogging about everything from Fashion and Beauty to Education and Travel. Hoping to start a career in the language industry very soon!

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