Elegant Earrings

Elegant Earrings

If you follow me on my social medias it will be no surprise to you that I’m an earring addict. I can literally have lengthy conversations about different styles of earrings. Finding new places to go earring shopping is always high on my list of priorities. I just love picking out new studs or hoops or whatever it is an flaunting them. Recently, I spotted this shop and just had to see what they had on offer. So clearly Lovisa has become my number 1 place to shop jewellery.

Lovisa always have brilliant deals and sales on in store. As if I need another incentive to buy yet more earrings but it does lure me in. The company is an Aussie start up that have recently moved into the UK which is why they only have an Australian website.  So most of the items I’ll be talking about are from a 5 for £5 deal. Which is you ask me is a true bargain.

The first pair I picked up are these cute little hexagons. I’m a sucker for anything geometric and they are rose gold too which tops it all off! These little studs look so pretty on the ear and are the perfect size. They are not too big that they hang off your ears but also large enough to be seen. I feel like these earrings are perfect for so many occasions. They will go with such a variety of outfits and as they are pretty subtle don’t make too much of a statement. I wear these to college all the time just to slightly jazz up my outfit or if I am wearing other rose gold jewellery.

The next pair of earrings I purchased are a little more dainty. They are these little almost porcelain like flowers. Somehow they remind me of the Marc Jacobs’ perfumes and it seems like they would fit that branding well. I love how these are a little bit more out there and yet are so feminine. I really wanted a pair of more plain coloured earrings and these fitted my brief perfectly. They are larger than some of my other pairs but definitely don’t feel chunky on the ears or weigh me down. I love the little rose gold edges to the flower and as we have already established I’m a bit rose gold obsessed.

This pair again fits my geometric desire for earrings. Maybe I should have taken A level maths after all I clearly show such a liking to it. Again this pair looked so dainty and cute I couldn’t not have them. They are a nice variation of a normal gem stud and the square around it adds a nice little touch. These are again so comfy to wear and as they drop down past the lobe look really pretty. They are so detailed even to the pattern on the square part which I love. And of course they are rose gold, a pattern appears to be forming here!

I needed this pair just as they gave me all the Dina Tokio vibes. I have never owned this kind of earring before but I love the style so now want more! This is again a variation of a normal stud with the back being larger than the front. As these are generally small you do have to wear them a little more loosely to get the full effect which is majorly stressful! These are actually gold and I don’t know if I’m dreaming this but I feel like gold makes me look a bit more tanned which is always a bonus. These are probably the most comfortable of all my earrings because when you lie down you don’t have a metal post jabbing into your head.

The final pair of earrings I got in the 5 for £5 deal are in fact hoops. Of course they follow my geometric obsession and again are hexagons. Large hoops are something I have never worn so these were a big step up. I am in love with them though. They look so good when I wear my hair up in a bun and they can be a statement piece. I am also a fan of this silver colour but they also make these in gold too. The clasp on the back is nice but be warned if you close it too fast it clamps your ear pretty hard. You do know they will never just drop out which is reassuring though!

My other pair of hoops had made me a bit cocky I think! So I chose these when I went back into the shop a few weeks later. They are huge star hoops and kinda reminded me of some of the new collection Kate Spade jewellery. They are so festive and they go with all of my winter outfits. I chose these in gold and they also had a matching necklace which I do wish I had picked up! These have quickly become my favourite pair of earrings and my only complain is the clasp on these. It is purely just a loop that the bar sits in but they have a tendency to pop open! I picked these up as part of a 5 for £10 deal on some of their more premium items. My mum used the other 4 items as gifts!



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  1. I’m a big earring lover myself, and these are such good value! I love the star hoops, they’re so gorgeous and the flowers!!
    Kate xx

  2. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment Kate!! Earrings are such a great accessory the star hoops are probably my favourite too!!

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