Cleanse and Polish Dupe

One of the world’s most hyped face washes has to be the Cleanse and Polish. The face wash was amazing it left you feeling nice and refreshed whilst also not making face washing a chore. The muslin cloth was a brilliant help. I do have a whole separate post on the cleanser so I’ll spare you the details. Aldi have been selling their own version of the wash so I thought it would only be right to give you a full review of it!

In the box you receive a full size face wash and a muslin cloth. Basically just like the Liz Earle cleanser. This one however is a squeeze bottle and the real deal is a pump action bottle. I can‘t say I have a preference really. My first impression of the product was how much it smells like the Liz Earle face wash in that it feels like it contains the exact same herbs and spices. The wash is also a cream similar to the Liz Earle. I would say it doesn’t froth up quite as much.

The price of this product is just £4 and so it is overall good value for money. There are of course a few bits where you can tell the quality doesn’t quite match Liz Earle. The muslin cloth is kind of a bit scratchy compared to the cleanse and polish one. This isn’t a problem for me but if you had sensitive skin I could see how it might be. Also it isn’t as tough on eye makeup removal. In all fairness with the kind of money you’ll be saving you could just pick up an eye makeup remover.

The dupe is such a great product and on the whole feels very premium. Lacura are certainly giving Liz Earle a run for her money. The cleanser does a really good job at leaving the skin ready and prepped for any additional skincare you may wish to do. On the back of the product it gives you detailed instructions of how to best use the product which is a nice little touch. You don’t tend to see that on cheaper products. I have tried the face wash alone without the cloth and I can confidently say it works so much better with!

I always love finding products that will save you a little bit of money and still do the job. The wash from Lacura is almost an exact copy of the Liz Earle one even minor details like scent are considered.



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