Checkered Trousers

There’s nothing like stepping out of your fashion comfort zone. I too may be scared at first but if you love a piece of clothing so much you can feel amazing. This is totally how I feel with this pair of trousers. Btw where I live we have always called ‘trousers’ ‘pants’ and I know it’s completely wrong . It’s sort of ingrained in my head. So if I do slip up a little take my apologies now!!

I love the paper bag trouser trend at the minute. I love hunting for a new pair to add to my collection. This pair ticks all the boxes for me, cute little frilly bits, paper bag style, check and three quarter length. I always go for three quarter length as I feel like it gives me the illusion of longer legs and at a whopping 5ft3 I need every extra deceitful inch. The check pattern is also so flattering, the lines are white and green which contrast perfectly with the black.

I picked these up from Pretty Little Thing, I had never shopped there before. To be honest I was really impressed with the quality of the products. The tie at the front means you can sinch in your waste as much as you want. The frilly waist band is a nice touch too and something I haven’t seen on many paper bag trousers.

Pretty Little Thing also have loads of offers on all the time from voucher codes to student discount you can get money off all year round. They seem like a good company to shop with. I’ll definitely be trying out more of their products soon.

I usually style these trousers with a plain black roll neck. My favourite ones are from GAP because they are cheap and such high quality. A necklace ties this look all together, I love my french connection accessories. This outfit works for so many different occasions, I’ve worn this to my office job, to college and for a video interview. I always get lots of nice comments when I wear these which is always a win!


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  1. These look so pretty! I’ve bought about 5 pairs of these and all of them just havent fitted me! Im such a weird leg shape like im so small in height but my legs are long and my hips are quite big so the petite tend to be too small and the normal range are too big! I can’t win!! But i do really want these!!

  2. These trousers are an absolute dream! They are so incredibly pretty. I would totally wear the heck out of them. And they look really good on you! ~

  3. These look so good on you! My body shape sadly doesn’t really suit paperbag trousers which is such a shame because I’ve seen so many amazing pairs this winter x


  4. Cally says:

    I love these trousers! They’re super flattering and perfect for so many occasions I’ve got a light pink pair and they’re absolutely gorgeous
    Love, Cally xx

  5. These are really nice trousers, they suit you so well! I would definitely wear them if I had a pair, they are really cool! xx

    Bexa |

  6. Caroline Venables says:


    These are really nice. I need to update my trousers, I either wear jeans or leggings. Great post x

  7. I absolutely love those! They can be paired up with something totally plain and comfy but it still look like a lovely outfit because of the frill. I might have a look for some of these! xxx

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