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In September I was invited along to a bloggers event hosted by The Body Shop I know, I’m bad at keeping on top of writing blog posts!! It was really so sweet of them to invite me along and I had a great time. They were kind enough to gift me a few samples and I picked up a few bits in their sale.

The whole purpose of the event was to allow people to ask questions to the staff about The Body Shop and their products. The Body Shop is now a fully cruelty free brand. This is something really important to me. Buying cruelty free is something I’m trying more consciously to do. There are often brands I didn’t now tested on animals that I have in my collection. I really believe that there is little point throwing away a product when you realise it has been tested n animals. We are much better just learning from out mistakes and not letting products go to waste!

So moving away from that little aside, I’m going to be showing you some of the things I got at the event 🙂

First of all my most used purchase is this fan brush. I had never owned a fan brush but was desperate to try one for highlighting and what not. This one seemed like an appropriate choice as it is 100% vegan and incredibly soft. It only cost me £8 so was a great deal!

I also went for this little cleansing set. It was just £3 so basically a no brainier. The set comes with an eye makeup remover and a toner. I love that the toner has Aloe Vera in it so is so soothing. The eye makeup remover has chamomile and it is so gentile on my eyes. There is nothing worse than eye makeup remover that stings and burns!! The bottles are great for travel. They contain around 100ml which is quite a lot really. I honestly just use these at home but they would be great for on the go!

As for the little samples, I love the vitamin E cream! It is so hydrating and makes my face feel so nice and plump. It is pink too so what more do you want from your skin care. The tea tree oil is also a nice little sample. It’s helpful that it comes in a little tube so its quite easy to apply. It really helps to dry out any blemishes and it seriously works. I’m not going to lie, I honestly thought I was allergic to tea tree oil. After giving this a go I don’t know how I managed so long without it. The final sample I got was the Drops of Youth which again is very nice! It feels cooling on my skin and adds a youthful looking glow. The samples are really generous sizes and you can get at least 2 applications from each packet.

I really appreciate the invite to such a great event and I will continue happily purchasing from the Body Shop knowing they are fully cruelty free. The Body Shop also have a great rewards programme which is definitely worth signing up for if you aren’t already!



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  1. Courtney Hardy says:

    That sounds like a fun event!! It’s awesome you had a good time.

  2. Ellie says:

    Yes it was so much fun! Thank you for your comment

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