Bobble Hot + Bobble Iced

For such a long time, I have been a fan of Bobble products. My reason for liking them so much, is the premium feel to the product and the standards at which the products perform at. So far, I have purchased the Bobble Hot for hot drinks, it has a unique shape to help minimise heat loss through conduction to ensure your drink stays as hot as possible for longer. In addition, I have also purchased the Bobble Iced for iced drinks, it comes with a straw which feels really premium, I pretty much use this for any cold drinks. Another benefit to these bottles is the price. They are really cheap for the quality you get. I am aware that at other stores, they can be a bit more pricey but for both bottles I paid £4.99 each at TK Maxx.

Bobble bottle 1 Bobble Hot
This bottle has been a god send. I used it almost everyday in winter. I found it particularly useful when I was wanting to take a hot drink with me to school on the bus. It was always hot by the time I had got to school and sometimes still hot at my first lesson almost 1.30hrs later! The only problem with this bottle is it has a tendency to get liquid in the vacuumed part which can be tricky to remove. Other than this it is the best hot drinks bottle I have used!

Bobble bottle 2Bottle Iced
Well where to start with this one! I enjoy using this bottle so much. I feel as though it encourages me to drink more because I feel good when I’m drinking from this! The colours blend seamlessly and the shape is really nice! I also really like the rubber holder around the middle of the bottle. The bottle is really useful at this time of the year because of the heat and having a nice bottle really keeps me hydrated. The bottle also holds a lot of liquid that I can drink throughout the day. The only downside to this is that the lid can be tricky to get on securely.

Let me know in the comment what your thoughts are on the Bobble products..

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