Balm Ballistic

Balm Ballistic

Lip balm is essential for any girl with dry lips. As we enter the colder months its even more important to keep you lips hydrated. EOS is a brand that I’ve loved forever and have featured in previous blog posts. This brand is fairly new to the UK and is often very expensive for this reason. So naturally I bought a load in America where it is so fricking cheap. Honestly it cost like $2.97 for one sphere balm and here it is ¬£6.50 what is up with that??

Sphere Lip Balms

Okay so lets get this rolling (pun intended). I already had three of these they just happened to be the ones that were left from packets I’ve been given before! The green one is melon it came in a pack of five along with loads of other flavours! I picked up the coconut one and the vanilla mint both from selfridges. Yes, I paid the price. So when I was in the USA I decided to buy the blueberry one as it was the only one I needed to fill my collection of the spiral balms. I also chose to get another sweet mint because holy lord, this is the most amazing lip balm EVAAAARRRR!!

These lip balms are so great. They aren’t greasy at all and leave your lips so hydrated and don’t need topping up too often. I also love how it has little indents/grooves in the packaging which means you can get a good grip on it. So ya know if you’re really desperate you ¬†could probably easily chuck this at someone.

*Sweet Mint
*Coconut Milk
*Vanilla Mint
*Blackberry Nectar

Stick Lip Balms

The stick lip balms don’t seem to be widely available in the UK in comparison the the spheres. I’m sure amazon will stock them though so you might find them there. I picked up two packets of these as I thought they would be handy to have. I chose vanilla just as I had looked everywhere for this one in the sphere form but struggled to find any that hadn’t been used in the shop. It smells amazing. I could honestly eat it, it smells like ice cream and I’m all about that life.

It’s good value for money with the sticks. You get two in a packet and they are priced at $3.88 but of course there’s tax on top of that! Tax on top really threw me when I was in Florida. I also picked up the strawberry sorbet flavour. I knew I’d like these ones from having previously owned the sphere. The sticks are basically the same formula as the spheres so if you haven’t tried them you’ll know you’ll like them.

Hand Cream

You can never have too much hand cream… right? Well that was my thinking when I bought yet another American hand cream. I love this hand cream. My friend bought me one when she went to London before EOS was accessible in Boots and elsewhere. I instantly fell in love with this one. The packaging is so simple and easy to use and as its silicone it means you can just throw it in your bag and not worry about it exploding everywhere. The amount of product you get is also so deceiving. The bottle looks small but in reality it goes forever. The flavour of this one is berry blossom which is lush. As it claims it certainly does have a fast absorption rate and doesn’t make you want to fan your hands around forever to get it to dry. So overall 10/10 would recommend.

*Berry Blossom Lotion


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  1. Courtney Hardy says:

    I love Eos lip balms, they are so hydrating!!

  2. Strawberry sorbet lip balm = dream! I wish they did the stick lip balms in the UK, they seem much more practical than the circular ones. Great review, thanks for sharing. Chloe x

  3. I’ve never tried EOS lip balms, but the packaging is so cute!!
    Fab post lovely!

    Love, Melissa x

  4. The fact prices in America are so much cheaper for exactly the same products in the UK annoys me SO much! Argh! I’ve used the EOS balms once years ago but really can’t remember how I found it – think I might get another! My lips are incredibly dry at the minute – I absolutely swear by carmex, honestly a life saver! x

  5. I’ve never actually tried Eos products before, every time I’ve tried to justify spending money on them I just can’t! But my regular lip balm is starting to run out, and you may have just convinced me to pick some up x

    Rachel |

  6. I really want to try these but the price of them in the UK puts me off, loved this post!

  7. I have never tried anything from the brand although i have heard a lot about it! Glad to read your happy with the products xx corinne

  8. I’ve never tried an Eos lipbalm but I see them everywhere and really want to try one. The blueberry sounds so good and I’m a sucker for cute packaging like this. Just need to get to America now so I don’t have to pay as much! Haha xx

  9. I am obsessed with EOS! I have the coconut milk one too, I won’t lie I picked it up mainly for the colour haha

  10. I would never pay UK prices for these but I always pick them up in the US. They usually have a bargain bin of the spheres in Walmart. I’m going to look out for the sticks when I’m back next month xx

    Jay |

  11. Jennifer Grieve says:

    I love EOS and this has given me the biggest urge to go out tomorrow and buy a load haha, they look fab!

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