Bailey Senator Series 6 California

The bailey California is comfortable and cosy. It is a 4 birth and a single axle.

It has a fixed bed at the back, but at the very back is the bathroom.

To the off side of the bed is a four door cupboard.

In the kitchen is a four ring stove it runs on gas.

To the inside of the cooker is a little worktop .

Above that is a TV that can spin round,so you can watch TV in bed .

Next to the worktop is the door and to the right of the door are some controls, the smoke alarm too.  Near there is an ‘U’ shaped sofa that you can make into a bed . Above the sofa is lots and lots of storage . Below is an electric and gas water heater. Here are some pictures

Its a great way to get out.

Towing wise 13 pin euro socket for the electrics.

Easy to hook up . We can hook up ours in about 30 minutes or sometimes a lot less. If you have a dog or cat to take with you, an idea is to put blankets on the sofa so the cushions don’t get damaged.

My personal thought is it is fantabiroorie . Maybe I will write about my holidays .


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