Autumn Appropriate Lipsticks

Autumn Appropriate Lipsticks

The change between summer and autumn always seems to be the most noticed and widely publicised. The calendars flick over on to the first of September and that’s it, my timeline, news feed and any other sort of image related social platform is swamped with the arrival of pumpkins, leaves, tea, cosy nights, films and pretty much anything orange. To mark the pumpkin emoji awaking after its 3/4 year slumber, I decided to do an autumn appropriate lipsticks post about all the lippies I will be wearing and loving for the next couple of months. If you like this kind of thing, let me know and I might do more seasonal posts like this!

There will be a gallery of all the lipsticks on at the end of the post

The Berry Toned Red

Is it really autumn if your favourite berry lipstick doesn’t make its yearly debutimg_2927 after long year of it playing second best to the prettiest pinks and nudes. For my berry lipstick I love this Ted Baker, which apparently has no name. I think so many skin tones would be able to pull this off including my sheet white complexion. It resembles a Taylor Swift esque lipstick (you knew I was going to mention her somehow?!) with its vibrant red and the more purpley undertones complement blue and green eyes well. It has a good formula and glides on the lips with little tugging, which is always a bonus. The packaging is very simple slightly disappointing for a supposedly high end brand as the lid doesn’t even click on properly every time. This came in a set I was gifted at christmas and was available at boots a while back.


The True Purple

A true purple is like the MVP in autumn as the vampy lip is finally accepted for all. The purple I have is Kourt K by Kylie Jenner. It was such a palaver getting this lipstick, it literally took months to come but I’m kinda glad I’ve got it now. At first I wasn’t sold but it has grown on my and I am beginning img_2923to warm to the colour (excuse the pun). I love how matte this is and your lips hydration isn’t compromised. One thing I would say is it’s so difficult to remove but on the other hand it stays on all day, so its a small price really. The lip liner is dead useful otherwise you lipstick will be half way down your chin in like less than an hour. The colour can be toned down also, I tend to mix it with my palest concealer and it creates a pretty pinky mauve , for when I’m not feeling that brave. This again is such a good true purple for autumn and reminds of the dark and cosy nights to come.

The Plum

During the autumn time, the plum lip makes its come back with every cosmetics company on the planet trying to perfect their formula to make ‘the best plum lipstick’. When September rolls around yet again, its always good to be armed with a beautiful plum lipstick like this Ted Baker chubby stick, which has a similar tone to the Kylie Jenner kit but I would say has more red unimg_2924dertones and is less vibrant and much more subtle. It is also a glossy finish in contrast to the matte lip kit, its always good to mix it up a bit every now and then. I am a big fan on this stick as it never seems to dry out and the chubby stick packaging makes it easy to take on the go. I have found that the nib gets blunt quickly and it becomes less and less precise with every use which i would say is pretty annoying as I end up with one lip arch higher than the other and with a lipstick colour like this there is no room for mistakes as every slip of the hand is visible.




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  1. I’m a lipstick junkie so these were some great choices! Currently about to look them up! I love the post, great content❤️

  2. Ellie says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

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