An Abundance of Katherines Review

Right first, how do you actually say the title of this book is it Kath-er-reens or Kath-rins? This puzzled me throughout the book but I kind of saw past it and just got on with reading this bundle of joy!

So just to start out with, this book is amazing and you should all read it. I was not keen on reading “The Fault in Our Stars” but I have heard good things about it, but I thought I would give this book a go! After all it only cost £1.25 or something ridiculously cheap like that!

In a quick summary, this book is about a young prodigy named Colin and when it comes to dating he a has a particular taste. He only ever dates girls named Katherine! Throughout his life there have been 19 Katherines he has dated and they have all dumped him for different reasons. The book is about the adventure Colin and his best friend Hassan take to a place called Gutshot, Tennesee where they meet new people and create new memories. Colin’s cause for adventure was to try and forget Katherine No.19 and get on with his life. The novel explains how his previous life has helped him to become the person he is today and how he has learnt from his mistakes.

I love the way this book was set out and how it flashes back and to the present again. I feel as though we got to know Colin throughout the book and empathise with him, but he can also be a bit cringey at parts too! Throughout the book it feels as though you are stood there with Colin the whole time and you really learn more about his situation. Another a point is, the amount of facts in the book. Its almost as if John Green has created his own type of book, a cross between a fiction book and a non fiction book! I loved reading  the footnotes that included little facts to feed your brain with.

Although this book was sensational, I kind of forgot the meanings of the words that Hassan and Colin say to each other such as “dingleberries” – Like I literally have no clue what this means so you really have to pay attention when reading this book, no falling asleep half way through!

In general, I adore this book and you should all go read it right now!

If you have anymore book recommendations for me leave them in the comments!

Ellie xx


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