A White Shirt and Jeans

A White Shirt and Jeans

Correct me if I’m wrong, but a white shirt and pair of blue jeans are just a staple item of clothing. Its so easy to dress this outfit up or down, for adding a pair of heels and a bling necklace to wearing converse and a slouchy cardigan. How I dress up this outfit really depends on my mood and what I’m doing. On the day I shot this I was feeling particularly adventurous and I had just got a new lipstick so of course that was major inspiration!

This post is largely going to be picks of me in my favourite white button down and high rise jeans. I can’t think of anything  better to wear on a Saturday morning, its my go to outfit and fits all occasions.

I dressed my outfit up, as you know, I was feeling good after all! To do that I actually made an effort with my hair by curling it with my NUME straightening irons, which I have a separate review on. I also swiped on my new NARS lipstick in the shade Hot Voodoo and can I just say this is the lipstick of angels. It’s heavenly and I get excited to put it on! Yes of course, it was another TK Maxx find. The metallic shade goes perfectly with my blonde hair and pale skin as it contrasts well and the shimmer in it really stands out. What I also like is that it stays on all day. And when I say all day,  I mean ALL DAY! I worked a 7 hour shift in this and could still see it afterwards. That is some serious lipstick.

Anyway, here are some photos of me in my casual weekend attire and of course a flower crown to pull the whole outfit together!

dsc_1479 dsc_1482 dsc_1486 dsc_1491

note to self, don’t wear a black bra under a white shirt!



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  1. I love this outfit, really suits you! And the lipstick is to die for!!! Absolutely love it hun 🙂 – Meg x

  2. Ellie says:

    Thank you so much! I did feel pretty cool in it 🙂 Nars just does lipsticks right!!

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