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Last year I decided to make a post showing you all of the fashion I was loving in each month. I thought why not make this a yearly thing, I know it is 19 days late and my first blog post since September but better late than never! It really doesn’t feel like 2 minutes since I last wrote a post like this, but equally a lot has been going on this year so hopefully this post (a long with a few more that I have planned) will give you a much needed update! Stick around until the end to check out a widget with all of the products or similar ideas. * Affiliate Links


My year started off with a rejection letter from Oxford, which was devastating to say the least. Just a day later I was on my way to Berlin with my classmates.This of course meant wrapping up warm! Northern Germany in January is very very cold. I was still obsessed with my Sainsbury’s TU coat that you will have seen making an appearance all of last year and all over instagram, with my trusty red hat, scarf and gloves and combo. Berlin was definitely one of the highlights of my year!


February was the first time I ever visited Durham University which is where I am currently living and will be living for the next 3/4 years! My typical outfit was pretty much the same, consisting of my red scarf and my trusty winter jacket. In February I also went to an exhibition about the moon in Preston which was pretty cool and I wore this comfy t-shirt and black jeans. I was definitely prioritising comfort over fashion in this instance with mock exams looming, but I quite liked the outfit nonetheless. I had also just bought these new Puma shoes which have rose gold toe caps which were so comfy. As they are slightly platformed they are also great for those of you like me who are vertically challenged.


March was a big month for me on my blog as I landed my biggest collaboration to date with UNiDAYS which you can read about if you fancy!! V proud of it, in case you didn’t know haha! As part of the collab I took my Mum out for a mother’s day afternoon tea and my pink phase was still in full force. I was loving this flowery top and pink cardigan. The cardy was actually a charity shop steal that my mum picked up years ago and it has remained in my wardrobe since. Pink is really in fashion you know!


April meant the beginning of A-Levels starting with speaking exams for French and German. Unfortunately, they ended up in the same week but what can you do?!? I was prioritising comfort over fashion in this period of exam preparation but thanks to global warming it was actually quite warm so I cracked out my new Birkenstocks. Yes, they are pricey but definitely the best purchase I have ever made! In April I also got a new pair of mom jeans which were SO comfortable. They were from the kids section in New Look, we love cheaper clothes, and they were the perfect height for once! I just paired this outfit with a burgundy cardigan and a white t-shirt so it is easily recreated


In May exam season was fully upon us and my new found love for mom jeans was still around. In order to jazz up an ordinarily simple outfit I paired the jeans with a stripy shirt. I love this shirt but my goodness is it such a pain to iron. The blue tones are also so much fun, and I definitely felt like Beverly Goldberg in this outfit. It is honestly so 80s yet so chic if I do say so myself. Again this is a mega cheap outfit and is easily reinterpreted. I also left sixth form and began my monstrous 3 month holiday, which was so bitter sweet.


June marked my very first ‘parentless’ trip. My best friend and I headed to Copenhagen and Malmo for a 5 day getaway. Of course I had to crack out the cute lil summer dresses, but by far my favourite was this pink number. It is made from a really light crepe material which meant it was super light during the dreaded European summer heatwave. It also had a cute little waist tie and made for the perfect addition to an already pretty perfect dress. I wore my Birkenstocks the whole trip and managed to get Birkenstock shaped tan lines on my feet which was obviously so much fun! June was also the month that I cut my hair much shorter which I’m still loving 6 months on.


July was of course the inaugural interrail trip across Europe! This meant again a lot of comfort over fashion and a lot of summer dresses. I spent a lot of the holiday in my classic oversized Harvard hoodie, available at a Boston Logan Airport near you and of course my fat backpack in true interrail style. I lived in leggings almost the entire 12 days as who wants bare legs on itchy train seats. The trip was so much fun and of course there is lots of content up on my blog from everywhere that we visited! Shock horror but I wore exclusively Birkenstocks for the entire trip which were unbeatable.


In August, it was finally my turn to celebrate my 18th Birthday. In true fashion blogger style, I bought several new outfits and milked by birthday for all it was worth. My first outfit that I wore out for lunch in Liverpool on my actually birthday. I bought this cute little tie up top from Glamorous in the Trafford Centre for only £8 which I think is such a steal for the quality and the use I have had out of this top since. I just paired the top with my trusty light wash F&F jeans and some espadrilles. My pink suede biker jacket also added a nice little layer. As for the weekend celebrations and my first proper night out, I wore a cute little navy jumpsuit!


In September I was enjoying my last month at home before university and if you follow me on instagram you will have seen my 10p train ticket voyages across the North West. I was loving my green pleated skirt which I paired with my trusted black fluted sleeve t-shirt and puma trainers. I even wore this combo on my little excursion with Erin (aka the biggest blog crossover you have all been waiting for). Of course as we got further into September, it got colder and colder, so that meant that I had to adapt the outfit with a pair of tights to keep me warm.


October was the start of a new era for me as I began my degree at Durham University. This October outfit is my matriculation outfit. It is by far my cheapest outfit and I’m v proud of how good it looked. The dotted shirt costed only £1 in the H&M sale and the skirt was originally from Boden but I got it for £2.50 in TK Maxx bringing the thus far total to a whole £3.50, yes you heard that right. That’s cheaper than most alcoholic beverages in our countries capital and only 50p more expensive than a Tesco meal deal. The gown is courtesy of Durham University (not spons) but unfortunately is only available to those enrolled, sad reacts only. Tres in fashion.


November marked our first college ball in Durham. It was Ladies’ Night, where you guessed it, the ladies asked the men. My date was a fashion diva and said I had to wear a dress that matched his bowtie. That meant dress shopping for me! I bought this lovely burgundy coloured dress with a tight pleated skirt. The dress was beautiful. I just wore it with some simple gold jewellery and a some nude heels, my feet still haven’t recovered! The day before I also bagged this pearl bag for only £1 in Primark.


Finally, December! I had 4 weeks off over Christmas which was a well needed break after 10 weeks of hard work. I was also still dying of freshers flu at this point. My outfit for December is this long skirt from Next, it was only £4 from the Next outlet. It has cute little hearts. I paired it with a simple black top which was gifted from Femme Luxe Finery. I wore this on Christmas Day, you know, when you dress up to sit on the sofa and watch TV.


A young blogger from the North West of England, blogging about everything from Fashion and Beauty to Education and Travel. Hoping to start a career in the language industry very soon!

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  1. How are you finding Durham? It’s my home town so I love to see how others find it! I love this fashion review and love the skirt from December – can’t believe it was £4! Such a bargain!

  2. Kayleigh Zara says:

    Your college ball dress is absolutely stunning and I really love the colour! I also really like the outfit for your December post, it’s got such a festive feel to it x

    Kayleigh Zara

  3. Not to be overlooked, tights are an amazing way to wear skirts into the colder months and I am guilty of practicing it practically every day. I love the gowns you wore to Lady’s Night; such pretty colors and cuts!

  4. Ah thank you so much Kayleigh! I loved the colour of the dress too 🙂 Hope you have a great week x

  5. Ah no way!! Durham is so nice, it’s incredibly steep for somebody used to living by the sea but all of the locals are so lovely! Thank you so much, I think the skirt is my favourite too. Hope you have a wonderful week x

  6. Thank you so much for your comment! Tights are a great shout, I also really liked my dress! Hope you have a fab week x

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