2018- A Year in Fashion Reviews

I’ve seen a lot of posts going around the blogging community which reflect on 2018 and look to 2019 for a fresh start. I decided to take this idea and add my own spin on it and reflect on my most worn outfits of the year by each month of the year. Fashion has played a big role in my life and especially over the past year so it only felt right to do this post as my last post of the year.

January: Skirt and Black Roll Neck
I started the year of fashion out in style with this cute little woven effect skirt. When I originally bought this I had planned to wear it with the pink roll neck that I feature in February’s outfit but I soon realised that it suits black better. To bring the whole outfit together I paired this with a minimal makeup look and my French Connection necklace which again is minimalistic and elegant. At this point of the year it was still very cold and I was trying to embrace my long hair look. No makeup was needed and instead the blushed cheeks were, much to my dismay, all indeed natural!

February: Pink Roll Neck
As you all know, pink is up there with my favourite colours and so it is no surprise that pink would be featured in there somewhere but you all didn’t know it was going to come so soon. When I was planning this post I had no idea how many roll necks I own and have worn this year, but I guess they’re good for the colder season. February was actually a good month for me, I was doing well at college and was accepted onto the Sutton Trust Programme so in someway I guess my bright colours were reflecting my mood during the month of February.

March: Sainsbury’s Coat
Let me tell you, this coat has been one of the best coats I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned some pretty damn cool coats. As a self confessed coat junkie I’ve always struggled to tie myself down to just one coat but I think that this coat might be the one. I spent a lot of March in France and although the weather the other side of the channel was much nicer, my coat did come in handy. This coat is somewhat of a puffer jacket and so it keeps you nice an toasty. It also goes with pretty much everything because of its dark colour but the flowers add a pop of colour.

April: Pink Jeans and White Shirt
Again you should’ve seen this coming by now, when life’s good I crack out the ole pink jeans! April was the month of lots of firsts, I travelled to London alone, I met lots of new people and I pulled off some pink jeans. I’ve never had the confidence to wear these out of the house but they are lots of fun! I just paired these trousers with a plain white shirt that I tied in a bow. It was an effortless outfit but the disadvantage with light coloured jeans is that they attract every inch of dirt and the stress that accompanies the pursuit of getting nothing on these jeans requires a certain mindset. Anyway if you are looking to step outside of your comfort zone in 2019, pink jeans might be the fashion addition you were looking for.

May: Red Top
After I had exhausted all pink options in 2018, I swiftly moved on to red and this one stuck around a lot longer. I bought this top in a GAP outlet for about £6 which if you ask me is a total bargain. What I also love about this top is the scoop neck back because it adds a little something extra to the top. Sometimes I’m not always feeling having all that skin on show, so I add a scarf and it’s all ok. Another perk of this top is that it is a bodysuit so it stays perfectly flush against your body all day long and stays firmly in place.

June: Red Dress and Pink Metallic Shorts
With June being the start of the summer holidays for me I played around much more with my sense of fashion and that is why there is 2 different outfits being included in the month of June. Both of which include apparently the two post popular colours in my wardrobe this year: pink and red. The first one was this beautiful red dress that Boohoo sent over to me along with a matching red bag, red sunglasses and rose gold sandals. I love this dress so much and although it is off the shoulder and that’s usually not my style I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. As for my other outfit of June, I was invited to a friend’s summer party and I put together this outfit of wide legged rose gold shorts and a white shirt. This white shirt has had a good run this year and will continue to be a staple in my wardrobe in 2019. I matched this outfit with rose gold sliders, which sadly broke almost immediately so I now just use them to take the bins out. I stuck on a pair of pink sunglasses and a gold necklace and I was good to go! This was one of my favourite memories of 2018, going to that party was so much fun! I drank way too much pina colada but I still managed to make it to KFC where I told everyone and their dog that I was vegan and could therefore only eat chips.

July: Homemade Top and Pink Jumpsuit
I’ve written about this top that I made before but it’s making its vengeance and in July the season of football world cup and long summer’s nights it was rarely off my body! This top, and yes I am biased, is so comfy and the perk of making it yourself is that it will fit you perfectly. The fabric is from Laura Ashley which of course makes it high fashion, but at a fraction of a price. I also was loving this pink playsuit from Primark during the month of July. I loved the fabric and the way it sat on my shoulders. This playsuit also made an appearance during my trip to Philadelphia and although it snapped during an information at UPenn and I was devastated to say the least, it had a good run. It was worth it for the instagrams!

August: Pink Cardigan and Yellow Coat
August was a really slow month for me. I was learning to drive and I was just utterly exhausted by everything that had happened over the year so I really prioritised comfort during the month of August. I was stressing about A-Levels and university applications to come, which I know now was not worth the stress. During our trip to the Lake District I wore this combo as when your camping in one of the most beautiful parts of the country fashion is hardly a priority. I stuck on this pink knitted cardigan that I bought in France. Funny story: whilst I bought this in a shopping centre in Lyon, I watched a man in the shop get arrested and a bigger bonus was that at the till the cardigan was reduced to just €5 – another 2018 bargain. I also loved this yellow coat that I bought, not as much as my big puffer jacket but for August when it’s rainy but not cold it was perfect.

September: Trench Coat and River Island Dress
September was again another busy month. I passed my driving test and then went to London the next day. I went to London to interview with a college in New York that I am really excited about and so of course I had to dress the part. After a long day of travelling to London and an interview with Colgate, I also had a USA College Day fair to attend and a long travel back up north. I got this whole outfit from the charity shop which just goes to show you can find a lot of good quality fashion for cheap. The dress is originally from River Island and the Trench Coat was from Boden. I did get some funny looks as I travelled to London in my dress wearing my trainers and then quickly slipped into some black flats once I arrived at the venue. I also wore this to a charity dinner in November and I have to say it was a winner there too!

October: UPenn T-Shirt and Jeans
After a busy September, October was ‘relatively’ more chilled month. Of course I did have all of my mocks to revise for so I was prioritising fashion over comfort during the month of October. Due to high work loads at college, everything else took a back seat including making the effort to dress fashionable. I therefore spent a lot of the month in this University of Pennsylvania t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. These jeans are from GAP again and have served me well and at only £5 they were a bargain. Another fashion win did take place in October, my friends and I went to a vintage kilo sale which was somewhat overwhelming but I got a satin shirt for just a couple of pounds.

November: Red Hat and Scarf
As for November, my big fashion statement wasn’t necessarily in the form of clothes but instead accessories. I bagged this beret and scarf combo from Primark and I’ve been in love with them ever since. They made an appearance at my cousin’s third birthday party where I was spotted feeding chickens in my classy hat scarf and mittens set. Oh I forgot to say I also found a pair of red knitted gloves from the kids’ section at TK Maxx and at just £2.99 you can’t really complain. These bad boys were my go tos in November and I even wore these to go Ice Skating which was so much fun.

December: Duck Egg Blue Shirt
And here we are, the final month of the year and it has surely been a whirlwind of a month. From beginning the month on a one day trip to London, to spending 4 days in Oxford for my interview to finally celebrating the festive season with friends and family. This outfit has been a fabulous addition to my wardrobe during the December period as it looks somewhat put together but is also incredibly comfortable. I’m totally obsessed with this Duck Egg blue shade and pairing this with black jeans gave the outfit more of a dressed down look.


A young blogger from the North West of England, blogging about everything from Fashion and Beauty to Education and Travel. Hoping to start a career in the language industry very soon!

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