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YSL Mascara Review

Mascara is just one of those items that really completes a look. Without a little eye makeup I for one hardly look awake. I have long and straight eyelashes so I’m always on the hunt for a good… Read More

Highlighting Drops

Highlighting has become such a major trend this year and last year. Smothering yourself in glittery creams has been seen as high fashion. To be honest I’m all about this trend. A little bit of glow never hurt… Read More

The Body Shop Blogger’s Event

In September I was invited along to a bloggers event hosted by The Body Shop I know, I’m bad at keeping on top of writing blog posts!! It was really so sweet of them to invite me along and… Read More

Glossier Review

Glossier Review Glossier has been all the rage within the beauty community over the past few months. The arrival of the brand in the UK has meant that us British makeup junkies can get our hands on the… Read More

NYX Best Bits

NYX Best Bits NYX is pretty new to the UK and boy, are we glad it’s here! The brand allows you to create professional makeup looks with few products and at a cheap price. The company began stocking… Read More

Pixi Products

Pixi Products Pixi seems to be a beauty bloggers best brand. Products that work, and that are completely photogenic. The brand is fairly new to the UK but makeup is hard to get a hold of. Pixi skincare… Read More

Colourpop Review

Colourpop Review If you haven’t heard of Colourpop have you been living under a rock? It seems like over the past few years this brand have made a grand enterance on the budget beauty scene. But of course… Read More

Skin Deep

Skin Deep I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again but skincare is more important than makeup. It’s so much better to have a nice base to build on even if you intend to still wear makeup…. Read More

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips Lips are an integral part of your face. Some are thin and some are thick but globally people spend money to enhance their lip whether it be to change the colour o condition. This blog post… Read More

Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes So we all know Too Faced is one of the world’s best makeup brands and there is no question about it. From the Better Than Sex Mascara to the infamous Sweet Peach Palette Too Faced has… Read More