Makeup Madness


Makeup Madness

Makeup, makeup and more makeup!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I am impartial to a nice eyeshadow palette or a glossy highlighter. The majority of my pay check each month inevitably gets spent on makeup of some sort, and I couldn’t be happier with the little collection I have grown. Over the past 2 years I have tried the cheap to the expensive and I feel like I now have a collection of some of my go to products for a wide variety of looks!


I’m all about versatility. So as you many be able to tell from these products I like to be able to use my products in so many different ways. Each of the palette I own has such a broad spectrum of colours and textures so I can create a variety of looks.

1. NYC Lovatics Eyeshadow palette:

This palette is so pretty and so inexpensive. For the quality of the eye shadows it’s such a win! Although I’ve never owned a Naked palette it really reminds me so much of the kinds of colours. It’s has a wide range of light shimmery shades to more dark and matte shades. The colours blend gorgeously on the lids and they last for such a long time.


2. Tanya Burr Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrows are everything. Eyebrows are the epitome of the more recent part of the 21st century and every makeup brand has something to help us accentuate those hairy little brows! Tanya’s kit is perfect. I love the hot cocoa colour for my eyebrows and I love pebble for contour believe it or not?? The highlight it absolutely gorgeous as well and you can use it not only on the brows but also the eyes and cheeks too. One criticism, I would love it to have a wax incorporated but you can’t have it all!

3. Beauty Blender

ah of course this is a must have for applying any kind of makeup to the face! If you haven’t heard of a beauty blender have you been living under a rock for the past 5 years? Side note- have you seen those “ask your boyfriend what this is called” thing going round on social media gosh it’s hilarious. The beauty blender is the perfect size and the texture is amazing for applying foundation and getting in all the crevices of the face.

beauty blender

4. Freedom Cheek Palette

I’ve done a full post on this palette and let me summarise: It’s. Amazing. Literally best thing since sliced bread! What an English phrase. It’s so pretty and I love the formula and I’ve never had a better highlighter. Even if you have a lighter skin tone I wouldn’t be put off by the darker shades. I use a large khabuki brush and swirl it in all the colours to get just the right shade. The blush shades a gorgeous. The darker shade looks really good with more bronze tones on the eyes. The lighter one is more of a day to day blush. Without a shadow of a doubt it’s the best £6 I’ve ever spent on makeup.

freedom highlighting and blush palette

5. Urban Decay Setting Spray

So once you’ve finally mastered that insta makeup face you want to keep it on all day so that your friends can marvel at your brilliant artwork? Well I’ve got your covered with this one. This setting spray feels so refreshing on the face and it really does boost the longevity of my makeup. I use this everyday and it is so nice. After I’ve used up all this little bottle I’m going to have to invest in a larger size. Nothing else really to say about it other than you just must try it.

urban decay all nighter setting spray




A Classic Navy

A Classic Navy

Navy is the new black. You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. 2017 will be the year navy makes its comeback! Nowadays, I think almost everyone owns something navy coloured whether jeans or a jacket its kind of a given. I think this colour can look so flattering on so many skin tone. And of course it contrasts well with my blonde hair and pale skin so I’m quite the fan. I picked out this lovely skirt recently to wear to an event and let me tell you it was one of the best £30 I have ever spent. The quality of the skirt is just premium and its a delight to wear.

Out of my large array of clothing items I would say I wear skirts the most. They are so lovely and I feel they really accentuate your waist and hips and they come in such a wide variety too! Having always loved skirts, it wasn’t really a shock to anyone when I bought yet another one. I didn’t have anything quite like this though so I thought it would be well used and I was certainly right. The skirt is fairly long and I don’t have any other skirts like that therefore it really was necessary. A long skirt is nice as it can show off  your waist but have your legs covered.

I purchased this skirt from H&M for just £30 which I think was quite reasonable although there will be cheaper alternatives out there. It has a bobbly texture which I love as it gives it more of a rustic feel. Overall its just a lovely skirt to wear! As the skirt is quite loud itself I just paired it with a plain black t-shirt. I threw on a string of beads and a pair of tights. It worked so well together. The patent shoes I have are to die for! They really sparked my obsession with heels as they are a good transition shoe from flats to heels.

Anyway here are some pictures of how I styled this look!! Enjoy 🙂

The Queen of Skincare

The Queen of Skincare

Having suffered from bad skin for literally all my life, I’ve tested quite the range of skincare products. From the cheap to the expensive. The available to the unavailable. Groundbreaking technology to good ol’ ingredients. There has pretty much always been something wrong. As with everything, its all subjective and I totally get that. Not every product works for everyone. But, it’s just kinda frustrating. However hopeful I have stayed, few products have adapted well to my skin.

Until now.

Cleanse and Polish

Liz Earle has really changed by skin story. Now I know it sounds cliche and trust me I have read every single article and post about skin there is, but this seriously helped me. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t vanished spots and corrected dark circles, but I didn’t expect it to. Just using the hot cloth cleanser I have been able to make my skin feel more healthy and plump. It has made my skin look more like, well, skin. Before my face was so tired and dull and now after using this it looks more radiant. Obviously it isn’t a miraculous recovery or anything but I have noticed a difference. The face wash is so energising, I love the scent and how it applies on to my skin.

The deal with this that makes it special is that you apply the wash with your hands and wipe away with a muslin cloth. The cloth really draws out impurities in my skin and makes by skin feel fresh and lively.  Finally, you finish with a quick rinse of cold water and you’re good to go!

Can I also quickly mention how good this cleanser is at removing makeup? It’s really astonishing, it gets rid of every scrap of mascara that could possibly be on my face. The cloth can be popped into the wash and you’re good to go again!!

The results are really addictive and I can’t wait to try more from the brand.

The Book

A friend of mine gave me Liz’s book for Christmas and it has really inspired me to continue treating my skin well and gives more of the biological information about the skin. It truly is very cool! But sometimes I get a bit woozy – I’m bad with biology 😉



Even Boris loves a bit of Liz Earle!


The Orange Dress

The Orange Dress


The first time I laid eyes on this dress, I just knew I had to have it in my collection. It just felt like pure luxury for a fraction of the price. Its colour is kind of a burnt orange shade which I was yet to accumulate a dress in. It seemed like the perfect match.

The dress is kind of a jumper dress and so is made from the softest wool you have ever felt. Its the sort of wool that stays soft and isn’t ever scratchy. I decided to get it in a bigger size so that it felt more oversized and snuggly. The dress was purchased from Forever 21, who, in my opinion have very small sizing, so its not even like its swamping me! The roll neck goes up to the perfect hight too (just enough to cover my double chin! ;)). Looking at it, I really don’t think you would be able to tell it was a forever 21 piece. And I really don’t think that you would say that I paid £20 for it! Yes, you heard right £20. What a bargain if I do say so myself.

The dress hits my mid thigh and thats for a pretty short girl so if you were taller you might not get away wearing it with tights but whatever floats your boat!! I like it with black tights and black heels or some little red boots but it really is very versatile. I love how soft and cosy it is and it will definitely keep me warm transitioning from winter into spring. Although the colour is autumnal it will still look nice around this time of year.

So as for pictures, my sister and I had a little photoshoot at a hotel we recently stayed at so you may seen this in a few upcoming posts!!


Perfume Emporium

Perfume Emporium

As we all know, I’m a perfume addict. But we didn’t need this post to tell us that. Smelling good is one of life’s best gifts, and now we can harness natural smells and spray them on our bodies. It seems like an obvious concept, but no really, changing our body odour is dead cool. If I want to smell like flowers, I can. If I want to smell like sweets, I can. All with the power of perfume! So if that little intro hasn’t proven that perfume is the best thing since sliced bread then just take a look at the bottles they come in! Cute or what?

In this post I’m going to be showing you my personal favourite smells. As you are all aware, scent is a case of preference so go and smell these for yourself before buying. But in my humble opinion, these are the best smells to grace this earth, but I guess you know others may disagree so lets just go for it anyway!!

Marc Jacobs- Dot

First of, look at the bottle. Just soak it all up. How beautiful is that piece of art. Side note- genuinely spent 30 mins working out how to get the lid off but once I did ohh my gossshh. It smells divine, it isn’t too sweet which I personally don’t like from a perfume as they can get a bit sickly but this has the perfect balance of fruity and floral notes. According the the main man himself it is, “A signature floral heart signed by beautiful jasmine and the elegant base of vanilla with musk leaving an addictive trail.”  That totally gives it justice, its like a hug in a bottle.

This has become my everyday perfume and when people smell it they are always like it smells like you. That just goes to show how much I wear it that people are able to tell its me from my scent. I’m not 100% sure if thats a good thing or not?!?

Kate Spade- Walk on Air

Did you really think I would have been able to produce a blog post without talking about this one?? My friend got this for me, its dead cute the little roller ball is so handy as you can throw it in your bag and not think about it. The pen like shape again makes it so convenient, and wearing perfume should always be convenient. As for the scent, it is very refreshing and floral it is said to be,  “a light, white floral mix of lily of the valley, magnolia and crinum lily” The lily scent is so nice and the smell lingers all day which is what I need from a perfume as I’m not one to have to reapply constantly. Magnolia is another scent which is quite prominent and so in my opinion makes it great for all year round and isn’t season specific. I am just in love with this perfume and I will be needing to repurchase again once its all gone!

Chanel No 19

Ok so with this perfume there is a bit of a backstory. So I stayed with my Auntie for a week in Germany in May and she has always worn this perfume, I don’t know why but on this trip I started to notice it more and really loved the smell. My friend and I went shopping later in the week and so I was like oh can we just nip in to Debenhams to smell this perfume. So I picked it up and we both agreed that it smelled horrible. About a week later my mum came home with a little small size she found in a charity shop for me for £2. It smelled just like the one my Auntie was wearing. I have used it ever since and even though its a sample it looks like I have barely touched it! The only problem is there is no roller ball or spray so it can be tricky to apply. This perfume lasts all day. And when I say all day I mean all day. I can get home at night and still smell it as strongly then as when I applied it. If that’s what you need from a perfume I would recommend this one!

As for the scent I would say it is more musky than floral or sweet. The website says, “The voluptuous scent of a bouquet of Iris blends with the freshness of a breeze of Vetiver roots: an enveloping, powdery fullness softened by White Musk notes” I am secretly quite impressed with how well I described that before googling it!! Chanel is like one of the most well known perfume brands and even though the prices are high they are so worth it.

Bath and Body Works- Japanese Cherry Blossom

In my younger years I would wear nothing but The Body Shop’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Body mist, it was my favourite spray for years and one bottle lasted such a long time. A few years ago I upgraded to Bath and Body Works, I got this set as a Christmas present. It is notoriously difficult to get hold of Bath and Body Works in the UK. The best places are definitely, depop and amazon, and the USA at a real push. If you go often or have family there, boy are you lucky! This set contains lots of travel minis. I particularly love the mist and the lotion I think they are just amazing. Of course what we are all here for is the smell. It is gorgeous I really adore this scent. It smells exactly how you would imagine just better. The products are of such a high quality despite being so low in price. It lasts for such a long time and the lotion really moisturises so well. So yeah not much else to say just certainly worth a look and the pouch is to die for!



The following is just more pictures of the products for you to peruse at your own leisure!!


Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Not only is Red the name of one of the world’s greatest albums but also it is the name one of the world’s greatest colours. The trend has been popping up all over lately, most stores carry something red. I adore Red. I think my love for the colour sprouted from nail polish its always been the most flattering of nail colours. It all developed from there and let’s jump to the present where more of what I wear is becoming red.

Recently, I came by a red coat and I just fell in love with it. Red isn’t a conventional colour for a coat, but its vibrant and bubbly personality had me reluctant to ever remove it from my body. The style of coat is a more of a formal looking coat with large black buttons down the front, it has puffed up shoulders which I am really a fan of too. One of the best parts is it has secret buttons on the inside which keep it shut but are invisible! Tell me you haven’t heard of a more amazing fashion invention.

Red has been a solid constant in my recent fashion journey, and will continue to stay a main part of my outfits for the foreseeable future. The following photos are pictures of my favourite red outfit which consists of a flower printed blouse, a coat, a cute little necklace, blue jeans and of course red nails.

ps I’ve been belting out TS the whole time I have been writing this!


dsc_1626 dsc_1595 dsc_1603 dsc_1730 dsc_1733

Shirt- F&F at Tesco
Coat- F&F at Tesco
Jeans- New Look
Nails- Ted Baker
Necklace- Not sure but its kinda like momiji

Happy New Year everyone! I’m going to be doing my best to upload as regularly as possible across all my platforms this year.

Feeling Festive

Feeling Festive

December is here once again and so that means, CHRISTMAS! I can’t say I’m over my head in love with Christmas but I do love the festive feeling. For the past couple years I have been so busy around this time of year and Christmas has seemed like just another day of the year. This year I have trying my best to feel as festive as possible the closer to Christmas we get.

Tip 1

Baubles are a must! These little baubles can be hung from a tree and they always make me feel festive . Of course we do have large baubles to decorate the big tree. I love having these in my room just to remind me that dsc_1831Christmas is looming and when I’m working away at my desk I look over at them and feel much more festive. You could even make this jar a decoration in itself by adding lights or more ribbon. This little baubles are available at so many places like Amazon,  you could also find these at your local garden centre. I’ve had these ones for years, I’m pretty sure they moved to Germany and back with us!

Tip 2

Fairy lights are cute all year round but at Christmas when its dark outside, they feel even more magical! I tape these on my bannister, they make me feel so festive and they really add to the Christmas vibes. Its so surprising what you can achieve with just a string of lights. Not only do they look good but they are also practical as you can use these as mood lighting. This makedsc_1832s them the ideal piece of decor to add to your room during December. Fairy lights are a staple item for us bloggers as they work so well in so many photos and make your background look much more Tumblr. If you don’t know where to find fairy lights: One, I’m ashamed of you 😉 and two, check home bargains and of course trusty Amazon!

Tip 3 

edited-8-hello-decemberGet a new desktop background. If you are anything like me, I live at my desk trying to produce videos and posts. By adding a more festive looking photo to your computer screen you are easily boosting your Christmas excitement. Its such an easy thing to do! So simple and can have such an effect on you. This tip could be simulated all year round, say if you were looking forward to summer or halloween! I found this image through a quick google images search and saw a few I liked!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m back now after a break for my exams but hopefully I’ll be writing much more in the new year.

Ellie xx

The Peach Edit

The Peach Edit


It seems like every well known makeup brand is giving this peach thing a bit of a spin. Following the rise of the infamous Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, peach has become quite the trend. Around this time last year it was speculated that the release of this peachy goodness was imminent. I knew I needed one of those in my collection! Watching America get all the goodies before us is so hard, I was desperate for the palette but had to wait until Debenhams stocked it. Two months down the line and I finally had my hands on my very own peach palette. It was the first high end eyeshadow palette I had bought, I was over the moon. This single purchase really fueled my need and desire for any cosmetic with peach coloured aspects.

Almost 6 months, I have quite the collection of peach coloured items and I thought I would show you a few of my favourites. The post features both Too Faced products and Dior products. I have fallen in love with both of these brands and can’t really fault any of their products. As you can see from the photos, a lot of the products are nearly gone!

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Too Faced are bringing out a bigger peach collection I am so excited I honestly can’t wait for that to drop at Debenhams!

Here are pictures of all the products:

edited-1-sweet-peach edited-2-sweet-peach

too faced better than sex

too faced better than sex

dior lipglow

dior lipglow


sweet peach palette

sweet peach palette

dior lipgloss

dior lipgloss

The IT Girl Trend

The “IT” Girl Trends

I am by far no means socially accepted in terms of clothing. Trendiness isn’t something I aspire to achieve, don’t get me wrong, I love fashion but I’m more interested in finding my own style. My sister on the other hand is dead into current trends amongst the youth (a talk of them as if I’m not one!). She owns every single coloured beanie imaginable and several bomber jackets. We are chalk and cheese to say the least! This outfit I put together I actually really liked, I felt confident and as if I kinda fit in but let’s be real, this was a major shock to the system. Skin tight tops have never really been my thing but this one I liked, it has a high neck which I also really enjoyed.

This is going to look like a sponsored post but before we go any further let me firstly just say that my whole outfit was purchased from New Look and to be honest I hadn’t noticed until I started writing this. They are the first stop for on trend clothes. If you have seen someone aged between like 12 and 17 wearing an outfit that is classed as ‘trendy’ most likely its a compilation of New Look, River Island and Topshop, dependant on budget.

Recently New Look have been stepping up the game, they have had more pieces that my kinda style like but also there is still a balance with clothes which are really not my style.

To mix it up a bit from my usual fashion posts, I thought I would put together an outfit that could suit the majority of youths who are all about those trends!

I chose to wear, jeans which are actually from the kids section at New Look, if you are like sizes 6-10 I reckon you could probably fit in the childrens section. And who doesn’t love that? cheaper clothes all round! As for the top, it is one of those babygrow sort of tops that fasten between your legs which is perfect as your top never comes undone. But going to the loo is another story. And of course I had my favourite Fjallraven Kanken backpack on because, who wouldn’t??

Enjoy 😉



dsc_1450 dsc_1408 dsc_1445 dsc_1459 dsc_1444 dsc_1458

Flower Power

Flower Power

I have been pretty into wearing printed clothes at the minute especially this top! It is just gorgeous, it hangs lovely on the body and the fabric is to die for. Pretty sure this is from New Look but there are so many brands that will have a similar kind of thing as lets be real its a wardrobe must have. It has this slit back which isn’t too revealing but adds some class to the shirt. Also there is no need to go braless because I may have boobs the size of tennis balls but there is no way I’m going out without one on. For the most time, I wear this outift with jeans and a big fluffy cardigan and just a pair of converse, but I can make it look a bit more formal by adding a pair of heels.

I LOVE HEELS! (yes, I just discovered how to make my words bold. easily amused!)

They make my legs look so much nicer and at a whopping 5ft3 a few adding inches isn’t always a bad thing. I picked up these heels from M&S, they were the only pair left and they were in my size, so I if thats not fate I don’t know what is. They had also been reduced like 60 times or something as I bagged these for a meagre £5. Heels go with pretty much anything and with them being nude you are really adding to your options!

Anyway I love this outfit but the hair didn’t quite go how I was planning but hey ho life goes on and I did still get some pretty decent photos of the outfits that I’m happy with so let me enlighten you:

dsc_1532 dsc_1553 dsc_1548 dsc_1542 dsc_1537