YSL Mascara Review

Mascara is just one of those items that really completes a look. Without a little eye makeup I for one hardly look awake. I have long and straight eyelashes so I’m always on the hunt for a good black mascara that will hold a curl. It’s just one of those items I love buying, I think I seriously have an addiction. Thinking about my collection right now I probably have around 5 mascaras in the go. That’s not crazy right?

As a blogger finding nicely packaged products is always a bonus as they look great in instagram photos. This YSL mascara ticks all the boxes. It’s pretty, it’s as black as my soul and it holds a curl. This is the only product I’ve ever tried from YSL and to be honest they have done a fab job. They are a higher end brand but I don’t mind spending lots of money for products that I know work. YSL is available in lots of department stores and online but I actually managed to pick this up in TK Maxx for such a discounted price. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for this but it was around the £20 which is still pricey but in the world of mascaras it is probably mid range. Crazy, I know!!

The mascara it’s self works so well. It stays on all day and doesn’t flake everywhere either. This is a serious pet peeve when it comes to mascaras. My usual routine with this mascara is to curl my eyelashes and than apply one maybe two coats depending on how I’m feeling. It doesn’t clump you lashes together so you can put quite a few coats on if you want to. I can’t tell if this mascara is one of those fibre ones or whether it’s just a little stringy. I have to say I’m usually not a big fan of fibre brushes on mascara I tend to prefer plastic ones but this one works well. It is quite slim which means that I can properly get into all of the nooks and crannies. You can also coat your bottom lashes too with this same mascara and not smear black everywhere!

I love how this mascara is so easy to wash off. It removes with just a little water and cleanser. I never ever buy waterproof mascara I get too angry trying the remove it!! Please tell me I’m not the only one haha!



Sound Asleep

Sleeping is so important and getting our brains to shut off after a long day of work and get some hard earned rest isn’t always easy. Sleep is something I feel like a lot of struggle with, just dozing off can sometimes feel impossible. I read an article about this body lotion from Lush that lots of insomniacs swear by. I certainly wouldn’t class myself as an insomniac but if it helps them it probably could help me!

So on one of my recent Lush trips I decided to try out the lotion to see what all the fuss is about. My gosh it smells amazing. I always want to say it smells like biscuits. That is usually my first instinct but I can’t explain why I think that haha!! The main ingredient is lavender. This is something pretty common in sleep products for it’s sleep inducing properties. The spin on this is that is also has a vanilla kind of scent to it too which doesn’t make it smell like pure lavender.

The cream seriously helps. I used this for the first time and woke up 1hr30 late!! I tweeted about my experience and I think Lush was also pretty impressed that I was this knocked out by their cream. The purple colour is so pretty too! It makes it so much cuter. I only got the small pot but I know that next time I will be picking up the larger tub. This is going to become one of my staple items. My fitbit tracks sleep and you can always see how the quality of my sleep improves when I use this.

The cream is so soft and hydrating. I love the way it makes my skin feel so smooth and relaxed. The flavours really relax your muscles and make you so much more chilled out. I usually rub this on my arms legs and chest area. I often put a little bit under my nose as I feel like it helps me drop off much faster.

Of course as it is a Lush product, it is cruelty free and vegan. The whole branding of the company is amazing.Lush is a brand I will always continue to support and write about because they create such high products and campaign for the animals!!

If you fancy a little help sleeping this is the product for you. Some of you on twitter were telling my how the pillow spray is also so good so I’ll get back to you on that!

Checkered Trousers

There’s nothing like stepping out of your fashion comfort zone. I too may be scared at first but if you love a piece of clothing so much you can feel amazing. This is totally how I feel with this pair of trousers. Btw where I live we have always called ‘trousers’ ‘pants’ and I know it’s completely wrong . It’s sort of ingrained in my head. So if I do slip up a little take my apologies now!!

I love the paper bag trouser trend at the minute. I love hunting for a new pair to add to my collection. This pair ticks all the boxes for me, cute little frilly bits, paper bag style, check and three quarter length. I always go for three quarter length as I feel like it gives me the illusion of longer legs and at a whopping 5ft3 I need every extra deceitful inch. The check pattern is also so flattering, the lines are white and green which contrast perfectly with the black.

I picked these up from Pretty Little Thing, I had never shopped there before. To be honest I was really impressed with the quality of the products. The tie at the front means you can sinch in your waste as much as you want. The frilly waist band is a nice touch too and something I haven’t seen on many paper bag trousers.

Pretty Little Thing also have loads of offers on all the time from voucher codes to student discount you can get money off all year round. They seem like a good company to shop with. I’ll definitely be trying out more of their products soon.

I usually style these trousers with a plain black roll neck. My favourite ones are from GAP because they are cheap and such high quality. A necklace ties this look all together, I love my french connection accessories. This outfit works for so many different occasions, I’ve worn this to my office job, to college and for a video interview. I always get lots of nice comments when I wear these which is always a win!

Rimmel Vox Box Review

Recently Rimmel were kind enough to send me some of their products via an Influenster Vox Box. If you don’t know what Influenster is, it’s basically an online beauty community where you can review products and test others. You don’t even have to be a blogger to sign up so literally anyone with social media accounts can participate.

The products they sent over were part of their new range and it seem sot be all about the sparkles! In the box there was a mascara, three lipglosses, two liners, a pack of tattoos and of course a nail polish. Rimmel are known for their fab nail polishes and this one is stunning too. The box is stunning and so are all of the products too! I’m kind of in love with the whole theme and packaging of the products.

So let’s start with the eyeliners. Yes these are my absolute favourites. I have honestly never had such great eyeliners. The brush is a winner on this one. It’s really long so you can basically cover your whole eye in just one swipe which is always a win. Lazy girl hacks for eyeliner. It makes it perfect for winged eyeliner as you can basically just stamp it on the edge of your eye, connect the lines and bobs your uncle. The black one is so black and it dries completely matte which is another perk of the product. As for the gold one the formula isn’t quite spot on but I imagine it is pretty hard to get gold eyeliners just right. I am a big fan though. It looks really nice as a double winged eyeliner with the black one.

Next up are the glosses. These are known as the lip art lipsticks. They are completely glossy and metallic so if you were much more creative than me you could definitely create some fancy looks with these. I love the different colours they do. They aren’t conventional lipstick colours but this really makes it all the better. The colours are gold, silver and a rose gold sort of colour. My favourite is definitely  the rose gold colour. They layer on the lips really nicely and the shine lasts all night. My friend wore it to a party and her verdict is that it was pretty fun. The sparkles are top notch too.

As for the mascara, I’m a bit of a mascara junkie and so I know the best formulas when it comes to eyelashes. This one ranks pretty well. It is really black and I love the brush on this one too. I always prefer the plasticy brushes as I feel like there is so much more control with how you can apply the mascara and focus the volume. This mascara seems to add a lot of volume to my lashes and makes them look so much longer. It does have a tendency to smudge as the formula is on the liquid side which isn’t always a criticism. You get a lot of product for your money as this tube is hella large.

The temporary tattoos are a cute little touch too. Nothing says 2006 like a pack of festival tattoos. Unlike the ones you used to get at parties in the noughties, these ones were actually decent. The black and gold theme is really nice it gives temporary tattoos a chicer and more classy feel. These last well too. You have to actually scrub it off to remove it so there’s no problem with these just like falling off…

Overall I have been really impressed with these products. It’s just a major shame they aren’t a cruelty free brand but if that’s not something that influences your decisions then these products are definitely for you!!

Highlighting Drops

Highlighting has become such a major trend this year and last year. Smothering yourself in glittery creams has been seen as high fashion. To be honest I’m all about this trend. A little bit of glow never hurt anyone. Traditionally highlighters have always been powders but more recently the makeup industry has dappled in adding the sparkle to liquids. The most famous is certainly the Cover FX drops that were stunning but overpriced. I have found these two dupes which I’m going to be reviewing for you!

First up is this little pot of joy from Barry M. It cost me £5 give or take. At Superdrug you may also be eligible for Student Discount which slashes off a whopping 10%. The shade I bought in this is Pearlescent. It certainly is pearly and shiny looking. As it is the lightest shade they do it doesn’t look to bad against my really pale skin. They have quite a good shade range so you will be able to cover yourself in every shade of glitter. This mixes really well into foundations and other base products. For example I can mix this with my dermacol to make it just a little bit thinner. It can take an otherwise matte foundation to a more dewy finish.

The major problem with this is that it is pretty oily. It can get all over your hands and trust me this is not easy to clean off again. I can also see how the scent might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I really hate it. To me it smells like those grim Sour cream and chive Pringles but my sister doesn’t think it does! This does work well and gives you a nice shimmer and Barry M is cruelty free which is always great.

The other drops I bought were from Revolution. I had been searching high and low for these products but every time I went into Superdrug they only had the darker shades. Finally I found them in a shade that would suit me. These are supposed to be direct dupes for the Cover FX highlighting drops. The bottle on this one is definitely much better quality than on the Barry M ones. It has a really metallic finish which you can see all day. It blends out pretty easily providing you haven’t already powdered your face. They do not go on well over powders. As they are so pigmented I would recommend just putting a bit of product on the back of your hand and working from there.

The downside with these ones is that the Pipette doesn’t work particularly well so I think when I get to the end of the bottle I’m going to struggle getting all of the product out. These drops do however have a much more pleasant scent than the Barry M. I have tried these in a foundation and they don’t work too well.

Both products do their jobs well but if I were to recommend one it would be the Revolution ones. If you have tried both do let me know what you think of them and which is your favourite!

*Barry M 


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The Perks of Being a Wallflower Review

This book has been on my list for absolutely ages! I saw that the film had come out and decided I wanted to read the book first. Um so I googled it and that film came out in 2012. I really mean it when I say I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages! So now I’ve read it, I can give you a review and also I can watch the film. I definitely enjoyed reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the ending was so cute!

Originally I thought it took a little too long to get into the plot of the book. It is split into sections and as you read, you realise how valuable the first part is to the understanding of the novel. Charlie is the main character in the book and he is a freshmen but makes friends with people older. He talks of his struggle to fit in and his conflict with his family. I feel like Charlie’s submission to peer pressure and his want to fit in is such a relatable trait in today’s youth.

Stephen Chbosky is a really talented author. He writes the book in such a way to make it seem like it is Charlie’s diary but also makes you feel present. It is a really nice touch making the book a collection of letters to a friend. This lets us feel like as the reader we are really a big part of Charlie’s life. It’s as if he is sharing his life with us.

Charlie is a relatable character to so many young people and his story of acceptance and speaking up is so influential. The title of the novel really does a good job at exactly describing Charlie’s temperament. We see how he evolves through the book from a shy and reserved character to a more outgoing teenager. This is something to mention, the book is more of a ‘follow the characters’ book as opposed to a real plot line. Don’t get me wrong there is still a plot line but more emphasis is placed on how Charlie changes and the influences from his friends and family.

If you study Psycology or English Lit this will probably be an interesting read for you. You can probably get inside of the head of the writer’s head better than I can. If you have read this book or watched the film I’d love to here your thoughts!!

Pretty in Pink

Pink is my favourite colour. Probably always has been and probably always will be. Blush pink has to be the best sort of pink. Pull and Bear recently had a sale so I decided to pick a few things up from there. One of the things I went for was this pink jumper and less than two weeks later I was again tempted  by these gorgeous Dorothy Perkins boots!

The jumper is a high neck and is ribbed. I paid £10 for this top which is probably mid priced for a jumper like this. It is quite thin so isn’t always so warm but it does it’s job. The top is so soft against my skin which is probably why I like it so much!  As for the colour, this is what drew me to the top in the first place. I don’t have anything like this in my collection so I knew I needed it. I also love how versatile it is. The top goes well with jeans and skirts so you really can dress it up or down. I would say that the jumper is good quality for what you pay. Pull and Bear have a great reputation for making clothes that last. As this piece is so versatile it will really last me through many winters.

I paired the jumper with a pair of trousers which are kind of like jeans but just a little more structured and they have a cropped leg. Cropped legs are perfect for me as they make me look a little bit taller. When you are just 5ft3 you need every inch you can get! These are another of my Tesco steals at just £5. The darker blue colour of these trousers look really nice with the lighter colour of the top and shoes and makes it pop even more.

As for shoes, I picked these up online at Dorothy Perkins. I had seen them and fallen in love. Seriously, I was thinking about these boots for weeks before I caved and bought them. They have a great colour range too. So if pink isn’t your thing then you will probably be able to find one that will suit you. There are little rose gold detailing on the boot which compliments the pink colour nicely. They are quite high which I always love because any height I can get I’m going to take. I wore these to college once and it was just my look that it was icey so didn’t end particularly well. But they were more comfy than I had anticipated. If you are a seasoned heel professional you would definitely be able to wear these all day!

To go with this look I just wore some  plain gold jewellery and went again for plain makeup. I feel like it’s best to let the top and shoes be the main parts of this outfit!

*Boots (on sale)



Best Brushes

Brushes are so important for creating a seamless and flawless makeup look. Gone are the days where we would apply foundation with our hands and eyeshadow with those little spongey tips. Here are some of my favourite brushes that have become serious staples in my makeup bag.

The first one is this artis dupe that I picked up in Primark in the sale for £2. It has such a great surface area and it is so dense. I love this for blending my foundation in. It takes literally 5 minutes to fully blend out my foundation. I also love how the product only ever sits on top of the brush and it never gets clogged in the hairs. The brush also washes really well. Sometimes with brushes they just aren’t their self after a quick shampoo. It handles Dermacol well which makes it my favourite brush.

Another of my favourite brushes is this contour brush from Real Techniques. Real Techniques are such a big deal in the makeup community and you can see why. They are so incredibly soft and good quality. This brush is so versatile. I have used this for concealer, contour and loose powder. It fits perfectly under my eyes so it is perfect for seamlessly blending concealer and setting it with powder. I love it for contour too as it is kind of tapered at the top making it perfect for fitting in your cheek bones.

This next one is another Real Techniques brush. This time it is the foundation brush. You can use this with lots of foundations and particular for liquids. The brush is so dense and so none of the the product gets absorbed. This brush also blends so quickly. Besides using this brush for foundation is also works well again for pushing powders into the skin. With dermacol you need a loose powder to set everything down. This works brilliantly as well!

The final brush is this wet n wild brush I picked up in America. It is pink and white which I love as it is so chic and feminine. The brush has little grooves in it which make it so easy to hold on to. I love using the fluffy top of this brush for blending into the crease and the side for packing shadows onto the lid. This is such a cheap brush too, it only cost around $2. Again this brush is so soft and cleans well. It has retained all its fibres and doesn’t go funny colours with the eyeshadows. It has retained its bright pink colour the whole time I’ve had it!

*Foundation Brush

*Contour Brush (on sale)

*Eyeshadow Brush

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Laura Geller Set Review

TK Maxx is a beauty junkie’s hotspot for the best beauty buys of the year. They always have some of the best beauty deals from both high end brands and drugstores. I managed to bag this gorgeous Laura Geller set for just £25 which is such a bargain. It would be perfect as a gift as it comes in such beautiful packaging.

The set is called Candlelight. It contains a bronzer/foundation, a blush shade, a lipstick and a little brush. All this for £25!! This set it the first I have tried from Laura Geller and it has left me wanting to try more.

First up in the box you get this sort of beige looking compact. For the average Brit this would probably work really nicely as a powder foundation. But having skin comparable to Casper the Ghost this is just a little too tan for me. However I have used this as a bronzer/contour and it works really well. The coolness to it makes it a pale girl’s dream bronzer. I love the little compact it comes in too. It looks so chic and the tiny mirror is a nice touch. It is plastic but feels very much robust.

The next product is the blush which is in the shade guava. It comes in this little spiral shape like the iconic Laura Geller highlighters. The shade is pretty bright but absolutly stunning and well pigmented. The first time I used this I was a too heavy handed and walked around like a clown all day.  Bright shades like these are perfect for so many people. With darker skin tones it looks more like a natural flush and with paler people the pink is more contrasted and looks equally as nice. I actually love the swirl shape of this and of course how photogenic it is! Truly a blogger’s dream product.

The box also contains a chubby lipstick. It has a sort of glossy finish and the colour is very similar to the blush. So they go perfectly together. On another note the lipstick tastes amazing like tiny vanilla cupcakes. I always find chubby sticks hard to control but as this one is a little more glossy and translucent is works. My only complaint is that the lipstick is a little hard and you have to press on to get some sort of colour pay off. Other than that it is a nice balmy lipstick.

Finally we have the brush. A travel sized kabuki brush is also included in the set. This makes these products all the better for travelling with. They are already compact but I love how you get a brush too. The brush is so soft and feels like a dream to use on the skin. To put the brush away there is an innovative twist. This ensures that none of the bristles are ruined. This works really well as we all know the pain of accidentally ripping hairs out of our brushes whilst on the go!


*Lip Crayon



*Blush (on sale)

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Stunning Stationery

Who doesn’t love a good bit of stationery?? Honestly my life would be so disorganised if it wasn’t for the use of a few colour pens and paper. Which A levels life is basically survival of the fittest. The stationery fittest. Sixth form is where potential goes to die and without the aid of a few bits of stationery every now and then I would not be where I am today. So after that depressing introduction lets get on with my favourite bits of stationery.

A cute pencil case is a must for me. I find it so motivating to have a cute little pouch sat on my desk. I secretly think my pens also enjoy being housed in chic cases. For some reason I always go for cloth pencil cases. They seem to feel a bit more rustic and homely compared to plastic. Also you can always just stick them in the wash if they get dirty. My biggest life hack is going for a makeup bag as your pencil case. You have so much more freedom and you don’t have to worry about being paid extortionate prices for a bit of plastic. The one is have been using is my Head In The Clouds pouch from Bath and Body Works. Very fitting I know! The little rainbow on the front is always a motivator and brightens your day.


Notebooks are literally my favourite things to buy. My new favourites are these from IKEA. They were in the bargain corner at IKEA which if you are not familiar with it, is a tiny bit near the till where you can buy such random stuff! I have bought a shelf and a tray for blog pictures for £1 and these notebooks were 60p each. The notebooks are so handy as they are plain paper which can be harder to find nowadays. This means you are a bit more free. I like these ones for writing up grammar and poems. Lined notebooks are of course necessary. I love the composition books that you always see American teens using. I picked up 4 in Florida for $0.50 each which is such a bargain. These books have been used for grammar notes which I always do my best to keep neat!

Folders for keeping your papers in order are also very handy. I bought this three pack of folders from Sainsburys for around £3. They are paper so don’t last as long as plastic ones. I do prefer how the opening is on the top of the wallet instead of the side. The patterns you can get are also really nice! I have also used these wallets for taking blog photos. The marble effect one is perfect for getting that perfect insta worthy shot. The pink one has held up pretty well transporting all of my English notes too and from college everyday!

Finally we have this little book of lists from Kate Spade. Kate Spade stationery is absolutely stunning! This book has come in handy so many times. I used to use it for practicing vocab but I tend to use it now for writing myself to do lists. To do lists are my best way of keeping organised. Also as they are so small and compact I can slip them in my diary and keep it with me all day. I use these little slips for planning blog content over the next couple of months. I bought these in Liberty’s but Kate Spade stationery is available more widely at shops like Selfridges.