Balm Ballistic

Balm Ballistic

Lip balm is essential for any girl with dry lips. As we enter the colder months its even more important to keep you lips hydrated. EOS is a brand that I’ve loved forever and have featured in previous blog posts. This brand is fairly new to the UK and is often very expensive for this reason. So naturally I bought a load in America where it is so fricking cheap. Honestly it cost like $2.97 for one sphere balm and here it is £6.50 what is up with that??

Sphere Lip Balms

Okay so lets get this rolling (pun intended). I already had three of these they just happened to be the ones that were left from packets I’ve been given before! The green one is melon it came in a pack of five along with loads of other flavours! I picked up the coconut one and the vanilla mint both from selfridges. Yes, I paid the price. So when I was in the USA I decided to buy the blueberry one as it was the only one I needed to fill my collection of the spiral balms. I also chose to get another sweet mint because holy lord, this is the most amazing lip balm EVAAAARRRR!!

These lip balms are so great. They aren’t greasy at all and leave your lips so hydrated and don’t need topping up too often. I also love how it has little indents/grooves in the packaging which means you can get a good grip on it. So ya know if you’re really desperate you  could probably easily chuck this at someone.

*Sweet Mint
*Coconut Milk
*Vanilla Mint
*Blackberry Nectar

Stick Lip Balms

The stick lip balms don’t seem to be widely available in the UK in comparison the the spheres. I’m sure amazon will stock them though so you might find them there. I picked up two packets of these as I thought they would be handy to have. I chose vanilla just as I had looked everywhere for this one in the sphere form but struggled to find any that hadn’t been used in the shop. It smells amazing. I could honestly eat it, it smells like ice cream and I’m all about that life.

It’s good value for money with the sticks. You get two in a packet and they are priced at $3.88 but of course there’s tax on top of that! Tax on top really threw me when I was in Florida. I also picked up the strawberry sorbet flavour. I knew I’d like these ones from having previously owned the sphere. The sticks are basically the same formula as the spheres so if you haven’t tried them you’ll know you’ll like them.

Hand Cream

You can never have too much hand cream… right? Well that was my thinking when I bought yet another American hand cream. I love this hand cream. My friend bought me one when she went to London before EOS was accessible in Boots and elsewhere. I instantly fell in love with this one. The packaging is so simple and easy to use and as its silicone it means you can just throw it in your bag and not worry about it exploding everywhere. The amount of product you get is also so deceiving. The bottle looks small but in reality it goes forever. The flavour of this one is berry blossom which is lush. As it claims it certainly does have a fast absorption rate and doesn’t make you want to fan your hands around forever to get it to dry. So overall 10/10 would recommend.

*Berry Blossom Lotion


Disclaimer: All opinions are entirely my own, this post is not sponsored however the links with a (*) are affiliate links which means I earn a tiny amount if you click or order the product!

Bath and Body Works Review

Bath and Body Works Review

Bath and Body Works is a brand that has always interested me but it is very difficult to get hold of in the UK. Re sellers often ask ridiculous prices on account for “shipping and customs charges” so purchasing from outside of the US is often completely unrealistic. Having only ever tried the Japanese Cherry Blossom products I was keen to try other products from the brand.

So when I was in Florida I of course didn’t miss the chance to pick up some of the range in a few other scents. I’m going to be talking you through some of my first impressions of the things I picked up

Fine Fragrance Mists

I was incredibly lucky to be in the right place at the right time when it came to these sprays. Bath and Body Works were having a $5 on all large sprays which is such a great deal. Usually they retail at $14 so $9 off is definitely worth it. The sprays have failed to disappoint. My favourite is by far the warm vanilla sugar as it is such a comforting smell. I get so many compliments when I wear this and a little goes a long way.  I also picked up A Thousand Wishes which I got as they had sold out of Japanese Cherry Blossom everywhere. It is quite similar to it however I would say that A Thousand Wishes is much less sweet smelling and it is more of a ‘masculine’ smell in my opinion. These sprays are so worth the price and if you are ever in the USA they are so worth picking up.

Travel Sized Mists

These little sprays are perfect for on the go. The deal was 3 for $12.50 which again is a great price as they retail for $6 each. I like the idea of these as you can try out a scent before fulling going for the larger bottle. Also it saves valuable suitcase room! I went for French Lavender and Honey, Magic in the Air and Poolside. The lavender is a very refreshing scent almost reminds me of a melon kind of smell. It is very summery and would work well as a day time perfume. Magic in the Air smells like a real perfume it is an almost floral scent with a hint of vanilla. It is a very light scent but like all of their fragrances lasts all day! Finally Poolside is a sweet citrusy kind of a scent. It is much heavier than the others but is still very pleasant. You really only need one or two pumps as it can become a bit too sickly!

Travel size body mists


The Pocketbacs are probably one of Bath and Body Works’ most signature product. Again there was an offer on which allowed me to buy 5 for $6. You’ll notice I only have 4 here though as I gave one to my sister. I chose to get the French Lavender PocketBac to match the spray. The scent is exactly the same. All of the PocketBacs leave your hands feeling refreshed and like you have just washed your hands. Sorry I’m Late (such a cute name) has a cinnamon kind of aroma and honestly I was drawn to it as it basically smells exactly like cinnamon buns which I’m slightly obsessed with. The Vanilla Peppermint is from the essential oils range and so has a much stronger and distinctive scent. It smells like something they would use in a spa and who wouldn’t want that in the comfort of your own home. Finally I chose Green Tea as I am the biggest tea addict ever! This one is so nice and refreshing and almost calming.


This pouch is so cute! I was the last one in the shop so I’m so glad I managed to grab it before they all sold out! The picture is so cute and of course it suits my blog so well. It was very reasonably priced at only $5 and I’ll get lots of use out of it. It is currently used to store my pocketBacs and lipbalms. I can’t wait to use it for other things. And if I can’t find another use it will always look good in instagram photos!! Follow me on instagram here.

Head in the Clouds pouch

Hand Cream

Finally I picked up this hand cream. I really couldn’t go to the US and not get a hand cream. Japanese Cherry Blossom is probably my all time favourite scent. Hand creams like this are always so handy to have with you or to throw in your bag. I also prefer the texture of this over the lotions and use it for my legs after I’ve shaved. The cream moisturises my hands well and I know it is going to be a big help in the winter.

Japanese Cherry Blossom hand lotion

That’s all I picked up at Bath and Body Works and if anything this little haul has only fueled my desire for more products. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get hold of some of the Christmas products this year on Amazon or The Bath and Body Shop!


Wet n Wild Makeup Review

Wet n Wild Makeup Review

Wet n Wild is a brand common to our American counterparts but a brand that is increasingly difficult to get hold of here in the UK. When I was on holiday over in Florida I definitely didn’t want to give up the chance to pick up a few of their products.

A bit of a background about the brand. They are a completely cruelty free makeup brand that started in New York in 1979 before relocating to California in 2003. The brand is easily available in most American ‘drugstores’ and a very reasonable price! Nothing I bought was over like $7!

In this post I’m going to be going through some of the products I bought and my opinions of them.


Photo Focus Foundation

Foundation is one of the most important aspects of makeup and getting the perfect one can be difficult. I was interested to see how this foundation applied and wore throughout the day as it has such a low retail price of $5.99. I did manage to find a shade that matched my pale skin which proved difficult with other American beauty brands. The foundation comes in a square bottle that has a spatula in it. Clever idea, I know. The spatula is helpful to getting enough product out however my germaphobic ways lead me to question how sanitary it is to apply straight to your face. I choose to apply a bit to the back of my hand  in order to try and limit contamination. Generally it is a good foundation. It applies nicely with both a beauty blender and a brush. The foundation is very light but has a medium kind of coverage. The formula is a glowy consistency and can feel a little greasy but once set with a powder is perfect. The downside to this product is the scent. The perfume is strong. Think the apple scent of Alberto Balsam mixed into a skin product. For the price though, it is a very good foundation.


MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick

This lipsticks are amazing. Honestly one of the best lipsticks I have ever tried and for less than $5 it is such a great deal. The pigmentation of these lipsticks is so good. They apply incredibly opaque with just one swipe and as the name would suggest last for such a long time. The colours are stunning and suit all different skintones. I picked up two but wish I had bought more! The range of colours isn’t particularly broad but there are still plenty to have some choice. The colours I purchased were ‘Rebel Rose’ and ‘Nudist Peach’. They were the two most nude/neutral tones. Although I like both I would have to say that I slightly prefer Nudist Peach just as I feel it goes better with my skin and blue eyes. Peach colours pop on pale skin and it looks amazing with a neutral eye and a light layer blush. The lipsticks feel very comfortable on the lips but can cling on to dry patches as many matte lipsticks would but a quick layer of lip balm underneath will sort this right out! The packaging feels so premium it reminds me of the Jeffree Star lipstick packaging. For such a cheap product they certainly deliver when it comes to appearance. It has a doe foot applicator which a tapered tip that allows you to get right into the nooks and crannies of your lips with ease! I really want to buy some more shades of these so I think another trip to the USA is needed! (any excuse for me)

MegaGlo Contouring Palette

A cool contour shade is essential for someone like me with a complexion rivalling casper the ghost. I really struggle to find any shades that don’t look orange or too warm as it can take a nice makeup look to a bit of a makeup mockery. Contouring is a tricky skill as it is so if you’re using poor products its going to make your task 10 times harder. With this contour palette I’ve found that it is incredibly easy to apply and blend it looks nice on the face and doesn’t bunch up like other products I have tried. It gives a chiseled look to the cheeks but could also be used to add a bit of warmth to the rest of the face if you were to use it as a bronzer. The size of the palette is also massive. This is necessary when it comes to contouring as the brushes used a typically large. As with the other Wet n Wild products, the price is very reasonable for the product you receive. The contour shade is very pigmented which is even better so a little goes a long way. The highlighter isn’t my favourite as it is matte, I tend to use it to set my under eyes. It brightens slightly but isn’t anything magical.

Large Eyeshadow Brush

The colour scheme on these brushes are every bloggers best wish! The pink and white makes it look so aesthetically pleasing and perfect for the instagrams! This brush is perfect as an all round eyeshadow brush. It fits into the crease perfectly and would allow you to blend colours in easily. It also has handy little grooves in the brush handle which means that it is easy to hold and it allows for a variety of grips on the brush. I have also checked and the grooves will work for left handed people!! This brush is quickly becoming one of my favourite eyeshadow brushes and comes with me wherever I go. It works out at costing less than £2 and my only regret is that I didn’t buy all of the set. It is so soft and blends like a dream so naturally I’m lusting over the rest of the collection!

I have been very impressed with Wet n Wild’s makeup products and it really has left me wanting more! Let me know if you’ve tried any Wet n Wild products and which ones you enjoyed 🙂


Jamberry Nails Review

Jamberry Nails Review

Nail art is such a difficult art to master. Your canvas is so small so creating a masterpiece is so difficult. Nail art is something that has always interested me but as I have the art skills of a potato it is something I have always struggled with. Around 3 years ago I ventured into nail wraps, thought they were pretty mediocre and just stuck with painting my nails. However, Laila over at Jamberry nails offered to send me some samples of their nail wraps to try out. I had heard such good reviews of these wraps and they certainly lived up to my expectations.

Where these wraps differ to other nail wraps I have tried is that they are more of a plastic material as opposed to more of a paper kind of formula. This means that they easily bend over the nail and blend in making it look much more seamless.

Application is so simple. There’s no need to go at them with a pair of scissors to try and get the desired shape. Instead with the Jamberry nail wraps you can use a nail file and with downward strokes the excess wrap will separate easily from the nail. There is a video on the Facebook group to show how to apply the wraps. You can find that here.

The wraps last for such a long time. I’ve been wearing these on my nails for 5 days now and although the nail polish on my other fingers have chipped the wraps still look pristine. There is such a variety of nail wraps you can choose from suit everyone and their needs. From just taking a look at their website you can really see how committed they are to creating and designing a useful product.


I decided to do an accent nail when trying these out. I painted my nails a hot pink kind of colour. The polish I used is ‘Aloha’ from the Barry M Coconut range and it worked perfectly with the wraps. I applied ‘Sweet Summertime’ to my ring finger which is a clear plaid wrap so added a feminine and summery vibe to my nails.

You can view the full collection here (go ahead and take a look I’m sure you’ll find one you love!)

As you can see you get a really professional looking manicure which lasts for such a long time! These nail wraps would be perfect for special occasions like a wedding as they look so premium but they are also fun for everyday. To keep up to date with the jamberry nail community follow Laila on Instagram here.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you 🙂



Kimono Love

Kimono Love

Just like western fashion is making its way further into the eastern hemisphere, it appears that parts of Asian fashion are becoming popular in the west. One example being kimonos. More and more people appear to be wearing kimonos during the summer months – and rocking them!

I’m definitely fond of the kimono trend and have completely got on board with it and embraced it. They are honestly just so practical. They go well with everything. From shorts to jeans as well as over a bikini at the beach. Not only are they stylish but act as a little cardigan if it’s too warm to crack out the winter woollies.

A kimono can create lots of softness within an outfit too. You can whip it on over a pair of trousers and a shirt to give an almost flowy appearance to an otherwise structured outfit. It allows you to create many different shapes with an outfit that go beyond your normal shapes and textures. This is what makes them so versatile and easy to style.

I picked up my kimono from New Look last year and I feel like so many girls bought it because it is so pretty!! Although its obviously sold out now you can find one very similar and equally as nice from missguided. 

I usually style my kimono with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. If you didn’t already know my current favourite jeans are from Miss Selfridge they are literally so comfy its unreal!! As for my t-shirt, I really like this one as its very thick and good quality, it has a nice cut on my neck  and is very flattering.


Jewellery Jealousy

Jewellery Jealousy

I have literally just stared at the word “Jewellery” and now I can’t work out what’s right..  Little disclaimer, I’m pretty sure this is the British spelling but I’m not 100%. Anyway I feel like a piece of jewellery can really jazz up an outfit. Whether it’s adding a ring or two or a statement necklace. You can make accessorising your own and make it as bold or subtle as you want. There is also such a variety when it comes to jewellery, gold, silver, diamonds, chokers. You name it. I’m going to be talking you through my favourite pieces of jewellery that I wear all the time.

For me a watch is a simple and practical way to make an outfit look much more luxury. I like investing in my watches as they last me forever, look so elegant and well, let you know what time it is! By far my favourite watch that I’ve owned is from Olivia Burton and I have a full review of that watch here.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade does some cracking jewellery. So not only has she nailed down bags but also jewellery now! The first piece of Kate Spade jewellery I got was a cute little silver bangle. It has scalloped edges and my Dad calls it a cookie cutter and you can really see why. My parents bought this for me as a present for doing really well in my exams and it’s barely left my wrist since. The scalloped edges make it so feminine and elegant and as it has no crazy patterns or bold colours it goes well with everything.

You can find  a similar one here

I have also been lucky enough to be given a Kate Spade necklace for my birthday. It is gold chain with a clear gem as the pendant it lies beautifully on my chest so  you can use it with low cut tops to jazz up your outfit further. The cut of the gem is also stunning and stands out well against my Casper the ghost like skin. The necklace can be paired with more neutral outfits but also more jazzy printed tops like this outfit I shared with you a few months ago.


The freedom range at Topshop have some brilliant pieces. I love this almost concertinaed rose gold bracelet that my cousins bought me for my birthday. It it very minimalistic which I clearly like from my jewellery. As it is one of those stretchy ones it has a cute lined pattern on it which adds something a bit different. Rose gold is everywhere at the minute and I have been enjoying wearing this with my favourite balloon sleeved shirt which I might do a post on soon! So keep your eyes peeled. I really feel like at least one item of rose gold jewellery is necessary in anybodies jewellery box.

Similar item can be found here


I know that buying from this shop can be quite controversial as they do sell counterfeit products. However they have a good range of cheap jewellery. I think these earrings that I bought cost maybe 50p. Which you can’t really argue with. They are very small and dainty and I often have problems with being allergic to earrings as they make my ears a funny colour but these don’t. I bought these on a whim and they have certainly paid off. As well as these white ones I also have a larger pair of blue ones which are also very nice. I prefer the white ones as I feel like they are more feminine and go better with my style. You can ask anyone and they will agree that I have this pair of earrings in the most. Hoops are also in at the minute and I have a gorgeous set with I believe were from Argos. I know who would have thought to go to Argos for earrings??


Colourpop Review

Colourpop Review

If you haven’t heard of Colourpop have you been living under a rock? It seems like over the past few years this brand have made a grand enterance on the budget beauty scene. But of course only in the USA. Us Brits have had to wait for Colourpop to implement international shipping so we can get our hands on these lovely lippies. Colourpop are renowned for their matte lipsticks are are now starting to brand out into other kinds of lipsticks and eye makeup too.

Recently Colourpop had a free international shipping day combined with a 3 for $12 on all lipsticks. So I took the opportunity and ran with it. I nailed my choices down to 3 lipsticks and an eyeliner for good measure. I knew that to pay no import duty the value of my package must not exceed £15. In total I paid $18 which converts to £14.01. When it arrived I was greeted with a card telling me there was a fee to pay. It turns out that instead of valuing each lipstick at $4 they used the usual value of $6 so I was required to pay import duty. It still worked out much cheaper than buying from a UK stockist where each lipstick can be £10!


I am completely happy with all of my products so the price I paid was

completely worth it. The shades I bought are flitter which is a pink metallic, speed dial which is a dark nude and echo park which is also very similar.

Flitter is probably my favourite and is marketed as an ‘Ultra Metallic’ it goes well with a pink eye look. Speed dial is more of a terracotta peach colour and is ultra matte. I find that this one stays on my lips the longest and isn’t too drying. Echo park is a cool toned pink/peach colour and is a satin lip.

As for the eyeliner, I went for  black and I am very impressed with the consistency of the product. I just need to nail down my precision!


Speed dial

Flitter, Echo Park, Speed Dial

Echo park



Lacey Days

Lacey Days

My obsession with white is clearly continuing as I’ve recently fallen in love with this top from Lipsy. It is no secret that I am a big fan of white but I have decided to mix it up slightly from my White Shirt and Jeans post, which if you haven’t read is my favourite post on my blog. Cropped tops aren’t usually something I tend to go for and in the words of Dina Tokio I like to ‘keep it covered’.

The top is from the Michelle Keegan collection with Lipsy which is available at next. I got this from an outlet store so it was very reasonably priced at £4. Okay, by reasonably priced I mean a complete bargain. And who doesn’t love a good bargain? It has this lace detail over the whole top and an under top to make it more opaque. I feel like the scalloped edges are also a nice feminine touch! This top really does go with so much and can be dressed up or down. I have worn it to the beach with my friends wearing a pair of scalloped shorts. It also goes well with a pair of jeans and some gold jewellery.

As for my jeans I’ve always been pretty loyal to New Look jeans from the kids section. But shock horror, they have changed their fabric and they are that see through you may as well be wearing cling film. I’m disappointed to say the least. Anyway, I’ve found my new favourite jeans from Miss Selfridge. They are a light colour so complement my white crop top perfectly. They are also pretty stretchy so are perfect for travelling or on the go. When New Look fails you, just turn to Miss Selfridge for the answer.

My shoes are from M&S and they are years old now but are still doing me well! They are a lovely nude colour so go perfectly with anything white or neutral toned. I feel like a pair of nude shoes are a wardrobe staple and it is so worth finding a pair you trust. As a nude shoe addict, I can recommend both M&S and Tesco for shoes and they have never let me down!


Skin Deep

Skin Deep

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again but skincare is more important than makeup. It’s so much better to have a nice base to build on even if you intend to still wear makeup. I would love to be able to have clear beautiful skin, the kind you see in magazines. In reality it’s just not possible but there are a few products I enjoy using that can calm and soothe my skin as much as possible.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera will be your best friend. During the summer months especially it has gotten me out of a few sticky situations. From sunburn to hair growth, aloe vera can do it all. Recently I’ve been enjoying this organic aloe vera gel that I got from Bodycare. Very cheap but very effective. Hands down I owe a lot to this gel, it got rid of my sunburn in a matter of days (a saviour 3 days before prom!). The scent of this particular one is pleasant as often the scent of aloe vera gels can be too artificial or overpowering. It dries very fast too. My best tip for getting rid of sunburn quickly is to keep it in the fridge and apply to your skin when really cold then dry with a fan. It gives you some much needed sweet relief! It’s organic too, what more do you want?!

L’Oreal Hydra Energetic Moisturiser

Yes, I know what you are thinking, is that men’s moisturiser?? And to be perfectly honest, yes it is. But I really can’t fault this product. I comes from the Hydra Energetic range and it certainly does what it says on the tin! The blue colour makes you look so much more awake and alive. I am a big fan of this product and I have repurchased so many times! For a girl with dry skin this has worked perfectly for getting rid of any particularly dry patches. I have seen such an improvement in the quality of my skin since using this product. The product is very lightweight so goes under makeup perfectly and I really notice when I don’t use it. I really wouldn’t be put off by the fact that it is specifically designed for men as after all I have been defying stereotypes since 2001.

Nivea Eye Makeup Remover

I think every girl knows the feeling of standing at the bathroom sink and scrubbing away at their eyes in the hope to try and remove all of your mascara until well into the night. There is nothing worse than rubbing so hard that you can almost feel the skin disintegrate leaving your eyes red. Well with Nivea’s Eye Makeup Remover you can remove stubborn eye makeup easily. I reckon with that statement I could be Nivea’s next advertising manager. (Nivea please hire me, thanks). But enough with the cliches, it does work miracles. I love how it’s part oil and part cleanser that you mix together – easily amused, I know! The oil does a good job clarifying the skin and removing anything left on the eyes. My only complaint is that it does leave your eyes feeling slightly oily but that can be rectified with just a little water.

Eden’s Semilla Vitamin C Serum

Before I go any further please click here for a full review of this product. I have been loving the Vitamin C one especially during the summer months as I tend to lack in vitamin C as I hate all citrus fruit in existence. So I feel like it’s good to add it to your skin as an alternative. It is really moisturising and plumping so I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. This is a brand I feel quite strongly about they have such a good ethic behind them and create such high quality products. At the minute I have been enjoying adding this to my foundation to make it look more glowy and seamless on the skin. Without making this another review post purely of this product, I do urge you to read my review of this serum and give it a go if you fancy!

Pixi Glow Tonic

I’m quite late to the game when it comes to toners but at least I made it! I have been loving this toner recently, it really cleanses the skin well and makes me feel fresh and renewed, if that is possible from a toner! It is labelled as an exfoliating toner and it certainly does its job, you can feel it working on the skin to get rid of dead skin. I have relatively sensitive skin and it works so well and isn’t too harsh or irritating towards my skin. You can really understand why it is called ‘Glow Tonic’ as it does appear to give a glow that comes from within. M&S are stockists of the pixi line and they offer a small bottle of this for only £10 so you can try it in almost a travel size before splurging fully for it. One word of advice, don’t get it in your mouth, you will regret it and I speak from experience. If you’ve been thinking about buying this, just do it!

Skin care is obviously something very important to me and I do love a good recommendation from you lot so do let me know of any products you can recommend to me!!



Shirt and Skirt

Shirt and Skirt

If you have been following my blog for a little bit you’ll know that I wrote a post all about my favourite white shirt and how I style it. So this post is going to be a continuation of that one. Instead of a more casual look I’ve gone for a more of a formal look instead.

I chose to style the white shirt with a floral skirt to mix it up a little bit! The shirt is from H&M and was from the children’s section believe it or not. White shirts are available everywhere but to save a bit of money you could check the children’s section as often they go up to age 16 which would fit sizes like 6 and 8. Cheaper clothes all round! This specific shirt was only £10 so was perfectly priced.

As for the skirt, I picked this up at Forever 21 last year. It is a gorgeous floral skirt and is such high quality for a Forever 21 product. They also had a matching top available and they go together perfectly. My only complaint is that they a both only hand wash! (I accidentally put them in the wash once and they were fine though)

I love how frilly this skirt is and it is so flattering on so many body types as it pulls the waist in a flares out. When buying from forever 21 I would recommend going up a size, I bought a medium which is quite snug.

The outfit overall gives a really elegant look and feminine vibe. This would be perfect for going out in for a meal! I wore this when I was in Germany and got loads of compliments.