Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Vegan. You’ve all heard of it, you might know one or you might even be one. The one question us vegans know all too well is “what can you even eat??” Yes like we’ve never heard that one before. I can actually see where some people are coming from when they ask as for people who aren’t vegan the concept may seem a little difficult. I thought I would write a post about my favourite vegan breakfast meals. Fingers crossed this will help those of you who aren’t vegan and are curious and those of you who are vegan and want a bit of variety in your lives.

Okay so kicking this post off we have every milenials favourite: avocado toast! Well in fact this is an avocado bagel! Combining two of the trendiest food items ever. This is honestly less than 5 minutes of a job. All it requires is an avocado and a bagel and there’s no points for guessing you mash up the avocado and put it out the bagel. I like to add a little salt and pepper to my avocado  and of course toast my bagel. So not only do you have a yummy and healthy breakfast but also an incredibly instagrammable meal.

Next up we have another toast meal. This one again is incredibly simple. It’s peanut butter and banana on toast. Peanut butter is full of healthy fats and protein that keeps you full for much longer. For those of you with a sweet tooth this is perfect. The banana gives you all the sweetness you need and the combination of carbs and protein keeps you fuller for longer. I saw that Paul Hollywood was selling a toastie just like this in his shop. So why not save yourself a few pounds and make this for yourself.

As for something a little cooler. This smoothie bowl is so much fun! Perfect for summer days when you fancy something a little colder and a little sweeter. The combination of fruits leaves a sweet treat. This is again pretty easy to make. I buy packets of frozen smoothie mixes, add some soya milk and blend it all together until its a kind of thick consistency. You can then add what ever you fancy on top for a little oompf. I love doing a summer fruits bowl with banana on top. Buying frozen fruit is so much more economical too!

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of porridge to warm you up on the inside. Porridge can be made vegan buy cooking with dairy free milk. Just be aware that as vegan milk is generally thinner it may need longer to cook and thicken up. As I can be lazy in the morning, sachets are so easy to cook. All you need to do is stick the oats and and the milk in the microwave for three minutes and you have a perfect bowl of porridge. Again adding some fresh fruit on top adds something different too the bowl and gives your breakfast a variety. My favourite combos are banana and almond butter and strawberry and banana. The combinations are endless which means you never get bored of eating porridge and its full of protein too!


So there you go some vegan breakfasts you can try out and for those of you who aren’t vegan here is an insight as to the kind of things we eat!

Marc Jacobs Contour Palette

Contouring seems to have become the beauty trend of the century. Perfectly sculptured cheeks are a must nowadays and so everyone is after that perfect bronze shade. I think I’ve found mine. Being as pale as Caspar the Ghost contouring is difficult. Either the shade is too orange or way too orange. Finding that cool toned contour is so difficult but this Marc Jacobs one has it cracked.

The palette contains a contour shade and a highlighting shade. Which is helpful as it has everything you need in one place. The bronzer shade is so pigmented you just need one little line and you have perfectly chisled cheeks. I like to apply this with a sharp edged brush and blend it upwards with a fluffy brush. This lets you have a stark line underneath with a smokey contour on top. The product is actually a powder but feels a lot like a cream which is an interesting texture. It gives you the best of both worlds. Also the amount you get is absolutely enormous. This will honestly last  years and years.

As for the highlighting shade, it appears to be like a banana powder. It is a creamy powder of an off white kind of colour. I like to apply this under my eyes and below my contour. It is sort of like a brightening powder crossed with a matte highlighter. You can use a flat brush to pack this on the face or a contour brush to lightly sweep over the top of your skin.This powder leaves you matte all day long with more of a bright and youthful looking complexion. As the consistency of this is on the creamier side there is hardly any fall out which means again that the product will last you a really long time.

This is the first product I have tried from Marc Jacobs and i have to say I am incredibly impressed. The packaging is so sleek and the metal embellishing gives it such a premium look. The huge mirror is such a nice touch too. Without a doubt this makes the palette easy to travel with as you always have a mirror and snachted cheek bones. Undeniably Marc Jacobs is a very expensive brand so keep your eyes peeled for deals across different sites. I picked this palette up in TK Maxx and really couldn’t resist it! The stock is always changing at TK Maxx so keep checking in for the best deals.

Too Faced Chocolate Chip Palette

You all know I’m a little bit Too Faced obsessed! It seems like the perfect brand, cruelty free, cute and overall fab quality. The U.K. draws the short straw here as this palette is only available at the Too Faced shop in London.

The palette I picked up is the Matte Chocolate Chip palette. If that isn’t the cutest name for a set of eyeshadows I don’t know what is! It is the baby of the all too famous Chocolate Bar. The compactness of this palette makes it so easy for travel and storage. To be honest it has all the shades you need for day to day.

I’m obviously a huge fan of big palettes but I honestly think I’m warming to smaller palettes. This little guy is cheaper than it’s older and bulkier mummy but with a great variety of shades. Usually with big palettes there are at least a handful of shades you never use. With a versatile palette you get to use every single shade and you want to use them all too!

I’ve been travelling so much more recently, hence my blogging hiatus, and this little guy has helped me so much! It means you can maximise your space in your suitcase. This palette is full of beautiful warm brown tones and also some bright pinks and whites which means you can create lots of looks with one palette.

Just like its predecessor, this palette smells just like chocolate and who doesn’t want to slather that all over your lids. The shades are so creamy and not at all chalky! They blend softly on the eyes and smoke out with hardly any effort. I genuinely think this would be a great palette for beginners as you get some beautiful shades without a huge commitment. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t exactly a budget palette but it is a good compromise.

This palette is quickly becoming a staple in my makeup bag and I love all the looks I can achieve with one compact little palette!


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Pandora Rings

You all know that jewellery is one of my weaknesses. I love a new rose gold chain or a pair of flashy earrings to spruce up an outfit. Adding even just a pair of plain studs can dress an outfit up. I am a real advocate for splurging where it is worth splurging so these rings from pandora are worth the hefty tag they hold.

I went into Pandora with the intention of having a look and maybe buying a ring and yet I left with 2 rings….oops! The second one was on sale, what was I supposed to do??

Both rings are daisy patterns which was completely unintentional but apparently I really like flowers. The first one I chose was the band of daisies. I wear it on my middle finger as I think it looks best there. I have never had rings from Pandora before so the sizing baffled me. But let’s be real it doesn’t take a lot to baffle me!!  Unfortunately I think my fingers had swollen in the heat of the shop. So the rings were too large once I got to them at Christmas, but they were easily exchanged. The rose gold detailing on this ring is so pretty and it goes with everything. I feel so classy when I wear this and much higher class than I ever will be. Who knew a ring could do so much for your confidence haha!

The second ring I bought was basically exactly the same ring just with one daisy.  I couldn’t resist picking this one up too. I feel like it looks so dainty and feminine so compliments my whole fashion sense. The rings are both so incredibly comfortable to wear and most of the time you barely notice they are there.

For me I really understand the desire to splurge when it comes to accessories. With clothes you can always find dupes and clothes of similar quality for half the price. When it comes to jewellery I really see the value of spending a little extra. Jewellery is so timeless. You can wear the same accessories day in and day out. The same can’t always be said for clothes. And I’m sure others would have something to say if you wore the same clothes everyday for a year! Jewellery just adds something a little extra to an outfit and nobody even bats and eyelid if you wear the same rings for months on the trot.

Jewellery quality can really be seen with the price you pay. I’ve had rings and earrings from cheap high street shops that have looked so tacky and really not lasted. When you spend more on jewellery you really see the difference in the product. It lasts longer, looks better and often there is more variety.

Pandora is my first stop for a new piece of jewellery. I tend not to react badly to the metals in the jewellery, however often my skin goes a little black for the first few weeks. The staff are so nice and helpful. I have never had a bad experience with this brand and will continue using them! Pandora have really won my affection. I keep finding myself on their website lusting over other rings and charms!

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*Shop here

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette

Achieving that perfect glow is difficult to master. I know, I know , a good workman never blames his tools but having good products makes the world of a difference. You lot all know that Too Faced is my absolute favourite brand and this face palette certainly exceeded my expectations.

I am a huge fan of the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow palette which I have written a full review of here. This is basically its little sister. It contains a blush, highlight and contour shade which is so handy to have all in one palette. This makes travelling with this palette ten times easier. The palette has the same scent as the original eyeshadow palette which smells absolutely amazing! It really does smell like peaches!

The highlight shade is a really subtle glow with a sort of cool toned gold undertone. It feels really buttery on the skin and so blends easily on the high points of the face. The shade is embossed with tiny little peaches which is a professional touch. I also like that there is very little fallout from this shade so you don’t feel like you are wasting product with each application. If you are after a blinding highlight this definitely isn’t it. It is on the more subtle side but looks stunning for everyday wear.

As for the blush shade, it is a bright coral shade. The pigmentation on this is such high quality. It blends so well up the cheeks to give a soft feminine glow. I feel like this is a theme that runs through the palette – soft edges and subtle glows. The pink is a cool toned coral so looks really good on pale skin. If you blend it high up the cheeks it gives you a natural looking flush.

As for the contour shade.It blends in nicely to the cheeks and feels really buttery on the skin. You can achieve a strong contour with this shade. It works really well as a bronzer too, just to warm up the perimeter of the face. It also looks good in pictures!  Using a fluffy brush you can achieve a soft and subtle sun kissed look on the face. I use this on a daily basis and it gives a reallly glowy and clean look.

Too Faced have really killed it with this palette. It is the perfect little sister to the OG Sweet Peach palette. I really can’t understand why it has such bad reviews on Sephora. This palette is available at Debenhams and Selfridges which both offer such great reward programmes. It carries a hefty price tag but with points and such it is easy to bargain at a lower price! Debenhams often offer 15% off Too Faced throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled for that. This palette has really impressed me. When I use these products I feel like it really improves the look of my skin. It gives you a youthful looking glow from within.


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Topshop Highlighter Review

Topshop Highlighter Review

There is nothing like glowy and healthy looking skin. Adding a touch of highlighter to your skin can really complete your look. 2017 was really the year of blinding highlights and it’s certainly not something that I want to leave behind! I love trying new highlighters whether cream, liquid or powder. I picked up this one from TK Maxx for just £5

It is a topshop branded highlight. I have to say for a high street shop the quality is impeccable. I was quite sceptical about the yellow undertones not suiting my pale skin but in small doses it can look really nice. If you apply too much, which is easily done, it can give you a Homer Simpson kind of cast. Not attractive, but if used correctly you get a beautiful looking glow on the skin!

I love the formula of this highlight. It is a powder but is so incredibly smooth that it feels like a cream. It is soft to touch and glides on the skin easily. The highlighter is so highly pigmented and pays off on the skin really well. It lasts pretty much all day long and can blend nicely with blush and contour shades. I feel like if you have darker skin this would suit you really well. I stepped out of my comfort zone with this shade and to be honest I have really loved it. The pigments reflect the light perfectly and give you a nice healthy glow.

The packaging is also pretty nice. On the cheap side, I dare say but it isn’t an expensive product. The shape of the compact resembles something high end and it feels like a premium product especially with how good the actual shade is. The white plastic isn’t particularly practical as it does get dirty so if you are a perfectionist with your makeup steer clear of this one. The packaging is however really robust and so works for those of us who are a bit more clumsy. One small downside is that it doesn’t include a mirror which would be helpful!

The quality of this product really impresses me. Topshop is a brand that seems to have it all figured out. I am really looking forward to trying out more of their products. Can we also just talk about how photogenic this highlighter is too! A blogger’s best friend 🙂

Mink Muffs Nail Polish Review

Mink Muffs Nail Polish

Having glossy looking nails really does a lot for your confidence. You can really feel like you’re slaying when your nails are freshly manicured. Over Christmas I was lucky enough to pick up one of the Essie polish advent calendars and let me tell you, it was amazing. This was so much better than a chocolate calendar. I looked forward to finding out what colour I was in for each day!!

The one I have used the most over the past three months is Mink Muffs. It is a sort of brown caramel colour. It is more of a dark nude which makes it look perfect on such a variety of different skin tones. The polish has a pink undertone so leaves your nails looking bright and healthy.  I feel like as it is such a warm colour it is perfect for both spring and autumn!

These warm neutral colours are becoming increasingly popular at the minute. My favourite way to wear this nail polish is on short almost squared off nails. It gives an air of elegance to any outfit and keeps your nails in tip top condition underneath.

Essie nail polishes are such high quality. It only requires multipule coats and certainly isn’t one of those washy/streaky colours. With just one coat you can get shiny nails perfect for any occasion. This nude shade is perfect for any occasion. It isn’t too loud and in your face that it becomes unwearable and equally it isn’t too subtle that it goes unnoticed. This nail polish lasts for such a long time and it is certainly not prone to chipping. Having a polish that lasts makes an look so much more expensive. But in reality this polish was no more than £10. For the amount of wears you get out of it and the quality of the polish it is so worth splurging for.

This advent calendar was a great idea as you can try so many different nail polishes without spending a fortune. Mink Muffs is by far one of the best nail polishes I have ever tried and it really was the perfect nude shade I was looking for!

*Mink Muffs

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FitBit Fanatic

I’m sure we have all said it. This is the week, the month, the year that I start to get fit. With today’s busy lifestyle its all too easy to put off exercise and getting fitter. But what if there was an easier way to be active without even realising it. Over these past few months I’ve seen such a difference in my overall fitness levels and I have to put the majority of it down to this little guy. My trusty Fitbit!

I love wearing my Fitbit as it is so sleek and stylish as well as completely practical. It is a constant reminder to stay fit and healthly. I decided to upgrade my Fitbit as my other one had started to run a little slow and I really wanted to try out some of the new features. I went with the lilac and rose gold special edition because you know I’m all about that copper life!! It was a little pricey but worth every single penny as it has helped me so much with my fitness.

I love the function that it vibrates to let you know to walk around and keep as active as you can. There are all sorts of different thing s you can customise to achieve your goals. Whether it’s becoming a little fitter or getting up to marathon running ability. It is perfect for so many different types of people and can help lots of people.

Another amazing feature is the sleep tracker. It tracks your sleep without you even having to do anything. It gives you a break down of how much sleep you’ve had and whether it was high or low quality. Moral of the story, i need much more sleep i’m always getting notifications like you need to get more sleep. For those of you that struggle to sleep this is a good send for areas you can improve!

One thing that has really motivated me to be more active, it is getting 10K steps every day! It’s so satisfying getting that little buzz to say you did it!! They say that 10k steps, as unrealistic as it sounds, is the optimum level of activity per day and I truly believe it too. When I am more active, I sleep better and really reap the benefits the next day! It’s one whole continuous cycle going from strength to strength.

I’ve only ever written one post on fitness before but it seems to have been incredibly popular having gained over 18k views!! So if you like this kind of thing please do let me know. While we are on the topic of health and fitness I thought I would take a little bit of time to share a few of my favourite tips for staying fit.


1. I always get off the bus early. Whether it’s 2 or 3 stops it is something I always do. My journey to college is really long I’m talking 1hr30 each way so getting a little bit of fresh air before the day starts is great too.

2. If exercise is something you don’t particularly enjoy then multitask. For example you can do some easy body exercises whilst watching tv maybe during the adverts and you won’t even notice you’ve done them. For me I always exercise whilst either Love Island or Survival of the Fittest is on. If i haven’t done that it doesn’t feel complete. By incorporating exercise into your everyday life it becomes more of a habit and less of a chore.

3. Even a little bit of excerise counts. If you want to run for miles but if you can’t that’s equally okay! You need to build yourself up slowly. When i first started running I could barely run a Kilometer without stopping and less than 2 years my 5k personal best is 21.57. This isn’t a brag at all but when I see how much I’ve improved it shows that giving up isn’t an option. You will start to see an improvement every time you exercise!!


French Connection Necklace

As you all know, jewellery is one of my favourite things. I love how you can instantly jazz up an outfit by just adding a necklace or a ring. I’ve recently tried to brand out the shops that I shop at and have rediscovered French Connection. The shop would probably be classed as upper high street brand as the prices are exactly in everybody’s price range, but equally it’s no Gucci. I picked out these two necklaces from French Connection and have really enjoyed wearing them!

The first of the necklaces is this ring one. It is a long gold chain which is rather chunky. It is thick looking so can be more of a statement necklace or more subtle depending on how you wear it. Also you can change the length of the drop easily with the clasp at the back. The circular pendant is also a nice little touch and it isn’t something you usually see on a necklace. I love the gold colour too as it goes so well with my darker coloured clothing. There are little imperfections on the necklace which gives it more of a rustic feel and means that if it does get scuffed it’s no big deal. This was also really cheap as there was a sale on at 60% off!

The other necklace is this wishbone looking one. It is more of a stick with a circle. Yes I did a great job explaining that one!! But scroll down to see the photos and you will understand. This one is silver. I love silver jewellery as it usually goes so well with my hair and skin colour because of how fair I am. Again there is so much flexibility with this necklace. You can make it a choker like necklace or a longer one. I like wearing this with colourful clothing as it sort of ties the whole look together nicely. Last month I wore this necklace to a party with a red top and I got lots of compliments.

French Connection is becoming my next best place to shop for jewellery. The workers are so nice and I love how they present all of their products so nicely!!


River Island Fashions Dupes

Who doesn’t love a good dupe?? Finding quality products for less always feels like such a win. Dupes have lots of purposes making you look good, allowing you to see if you’d use a product without splurging and above all saving those $$$$! Each highstreet shop has their own collection of dupes but I have to say that River Island have so many good ones to choose from. You can get lots of quality products for a fraction of the price.

Balmain Jacket

You must have been living under a rock to not know about this jacket! Celebs worldwide have rocked this jacket that comes in all colours and styles. It gives an element of chicness to an otherwise plain outfit. This would look perfect with a shirt, a high waisted pair of jeans and some knee high boots. It makes your outfit look kinda preppy which seems to be all the rage at the minute.
This black one from River Island one looks almost exactly the same as this Balmain one.
Prices: River Island – £70
Balmain £1725
That’s a whopping saving of £1025

(River Island top Balmain bottom)

Gucci Belt

Gucci Belts seem to be all the rage in the blogging community. You can’t scroll through pinterest without seeing at least 5 pictures of Gucci belts with the classically chic GG on the front. Yes I’m sure we’ve all been there, contemplating selling a kidney to buy into the trend. Why not try out this one first? The two circles give an elegant feel to the belt and seem to jazz up your plain jeans and t-shirt outfit. Seriously though look how similar they are!!
Prices: River Island – £12
Gucci – £235
Saving you £223

(River Island top Gucci Bottom)

Chanel Bag

Next up on the list we have this Chanel dupe, to be honest this isn’t as close a dupe as some of the other products in this post. I love the quilted aspect to this bag and the cute little pearls add a little something extra. This isn’t something we see on the real product but it is certainly a welcome addition!
Prices: River Island – £28
Chanel – £3480
Giving you an extra £3452 to keep in the bank

(River Island Top Chanel Bottom)

Self Portrait Dress

I don’t know about anyone else but owning a Self Portrait dress like this one is actually my life goal. Their creations are stunning and I love the lace detailing they always include in their designs. These dresses totally suit my style and if I ever bought one I don’t think I would ever take it of haha! Right I’ll stop rambling on and tell you more about the dupe I’ve found. This dress includes all the similar attributes the classic Self Portrait dresses include. White lace and circle detailing and also a few frills which makes it the perfect dupe!
Prices: River Island – £80
Self Portrait – £320
This leaves you with £240 to spend on whatever you fancy!

(River Island top Self Portrait bottom)

Chloe Boots

Finally, these boots by Chloe are another classic styles. They gained so much popularity in the last year or so and it seems like they have been duped so many times! I do however believe these ones are such a good dupe and they look incredibly similar. Normally with these boots we don’t see the heel like we do on the originals but the shape of these ones are perfect!
Prices: River Island – £30
Chloe – £850
And as if my magic *poof* another £820 in your account

(River Island top Chloe Bottom)–boots

So in total you are saving £5760 just by shopping in River Island!! What would you buy with that kind of money??

Disclosure: This post is a paid promotion by River Island