Stripey Sweater

Stripey Sweater

Jumpers are an essential when it’s cold outside. But there is such a variety of types to buy it’s often difficult to make up your mind. From cashmere sweaters to just jersey sweaters. The possibilities are endless. Although, of course I am always fond of a good chunky knit sweater, I have more recently been loving thinner ribbed jumpers. Also I’ve discovered how much I like boat necks! Something I never thought I would say but here we are.

I picked this striped jumper up from my local GAP outlet. Seriously their clothes are pretty underrated. You can get some really good deals in there and signing up to their mailing list gets you extra savings so is highly worth it. In total I paid just over £6 for this jumper. A total steal if you ask me. The retail price was in the region of £25 so such a great saving.

The sweater is a sort of off white colour with neon pink stripes. I usually just stick to more neutral colours but this pink really appealed to the girl inside me! I do feel like it’s not too in your face either as the creamy colour tones it down a bit. The colours compliment each other perfectly.

The jumper is  just the right thickness. Admittedly I’m a bit of a sweaty betty so big jumpers don’t do me many favours. When I go to college, I walk around 3 miles everyday just too and from the bus so a big jumper is always much fun as well as a coat. So this little number has become my go to! I’ve really enjoyed tucking it in to my jeans as it is a bit long. All short girls can relate. I also pair this with my brown boots ( I mean brown boots I’ve stolen from my sister). It’s a scoop neck so shows some flesh, I know shock horror in winter but why the hell not?? I have never gone for more revealing jumpers like this before. If this can be classed as revealing? But I kinda like the sauciness haha! And it gives you a slimmer appearance 🙂

So yeah basically I’m a big fan of this jumper. 10/10 would recommend. And if your in the market for a new jumper then head down to Gap they’ll have you covered!


Leighton Denny Nail Polish Review

Leighton Denny Nail Polish Review

As you will probably know, wearing nail polish is a luxury when you work in hospitality.  I always like to try and treat my nails nicely when I get the opportunity, so I’m always trying out all varieties of polish. Leighton Denny sent me two of their polishes to try out which I was very excited about. I always see their products in TK Maxx and gawk at how beautiful they look. So I’m going to be talking you through the products they sent me and what I thought about them!

The first polish is this gorgeous midnight blue colour. It would suit such a variety of skin tones. Blue is such a stunning colour to wear on your nails. It is both feminine and a little out there. It’s dark enough to add an air of mystery but not too gothic. Wow did I really just analyse the meaning of a nail polish colour?? English literature really has ruined me! It has almost a little shimmer to it so the colour looks even more glossy and catches the light really nicely. This polish goes on my nails really opaquely and only really needs 1 coat to get that high gloss finish.

The other polish is a clear one. I am a huge fan of this polish as it is turkey clear. Often with clear nail polishes they aren’t truly clear and instead have an almost milkiness to them. This isn’t something I have experienced with this polish. It glides on nicely and adds a gel like finish to an ordinary polish. It also dries so quickly which is a major benefit because who likes waiting for their nails to dry. I really think this top coat improves the longevity of your nail polish. Normally my nails last a few days but I can go a week without chipping this. It really works miracles. To test this further I have used this product in conjunction with other polishes to see if this is true. I can confirm it is diamond strength.

As for the packaging. Leighton Denny polishes always look so sleek and premium without paying the world for one polish. The bottles are glass so loom really nice and the branding is chic and minimalist. Always a win as far as I’m concerned. A major advantage of these polish is the brush. It is densely packed with flexible bristles. They can spread out easily to reach all corners of your nail. None of the little hairs have gone haywire yet which shows how premium it feels. I also love how you only need like swipe on the nail to get the whole nail covered. This stops that weird drying of nail polishes where half of you nail is lighter than the other. An overall win.

The names of their polishes are also so cute and creative. This blue one is called Miss Behaving which I love. It’s a great way to spice up your manicure and make you feel on top of the world. Leighton Denny have such a variety of colours so you can always find one you will like!

Have you tried any of Leighton Denny’s nail polishes?

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Elegant Earrings

Elegant Earrings

If you follow me on my social medias it will be no surprise to you that I’m an earring addict. I can literally have lengthy conversations about different styles of earrings. Finding new places to go earring shopping is always high on my list of priorities. I just love picking out new studs or hoops or whatever it is an flaunting them. Recently, I spotted this shop and just had to see what they had on offer. So clearly Lovisa has become my number 1 place to shop jewellery.

Lovisa always have brilliant deals and sales on in store. As if I need another incentive to buy yet more earrings but it does lure me in. The company is an Aussie start up that have recently moved into the UK which is why they only have an Australian website.  So most of the items I’ll be talking about are from a 5 for £5 deal. Which is you ask me is a true bargain.

The first pair I picked up are these cute little hexagons. I’m a sucker for anything geometric and they are rose gold too which tops it all off! These little studs look so pretty on the ear and are the perfect size. They are not too big that they hang off your ears but also large enough to be seen. I feel like these earrings are perfect for so many occasions. They will go with such a variety of outfits and as they are pretty subtle don’t make too much of a statement. I wear these to college all the time just to slightly jazz up my outfit or if I am wearing other rose gold jewellery.

The next pair of earrings I purchased are a little more dainty. They are these little almost porcelain like flowers. Somehow they remind me of the Marc Jacobs’ perfumes and it seems like they would fit that branding well. I love how these are a little bit more out there and yet are so feminine. I really wanted a pair of more plain coloured earrings and these fitted my brief perfectly. They are larger than some of my other pairs but definitely don’t feel chunky on the ears or weigh me down. I love the little rose gold edges to the flower and as we have already established I’m a bit rose gold obsessed.

This pair again fits my geometric desire for earrings. Maybe I should have taken A level maths after all I clearly show such a liking to it. Again this pair looked so dainty and cute I couldn’t not have them. They are a nice variation of a normal gem stud and the square around it adds a nice little touch. These are again so comfy to wear and as they drop down past the lobe look really pretty. They are so detailed even to the pattern on the square part which I love. And of course they are rose gold, a pattern appears to be forming here!

I needed this pair just as they gave me all the Dina Tokio vibes. I have never owned this kind of earring before but I love the style so now want more! This is again a variation of a normal stud with the back being larger than the front. As these are generally small you do have to wear them a little more loosely to get the full effect which is majorly stressful! These are actually gold and I don’t know if I’m dreaming this but I feel like gold makes me look a bit more tanned which is always a bonus. These are probably the most comfortable of all my earrings because when you lie down you don’t have a metal post jabbing into your head.

The final pair of earrings I got in the 5 for £5 deal are in fact hoops. Of course they follow my geometric obsession and again are hexagons. Large hoops are something I have never worn so these were a big step up. I am in love with them though. They look so good when I wear my hair up in a bun and they can be a statement piece. I am also a fan of this silver colour but they also make these in gold too. The clasp on the back is nice but be warned if you close it too fast it clamps your ear pretty hard. You do know they will never just drop out which is reassuring though!

My other pair of hoops had made me a bit cocky I think! So I chose these when I went back into the shop a few weeks later. They are huge star hoops and kinda reminded me of some of the new collection Kate Spade jewellery. They are so festive and they go with all of my winter outfits. I chose these in gold and they also had a matching necklace which I do wish I had picked up! These have quickly become my favourite pair of earrings and my only complain is the clasp on these. It is purely just a loop that the bar sits in but they have a tendency to pop open! I picked these up as part of a 5 for £10 deal on some of their more premium items. My mum used the other 4 items as gifts!


Revolution Review

Revolution Review

Revolution is a brand taking the world by storm. No I don’t mean that dingy nightclub in every town but instead the serious beauty company. Revolution have blow the UK away with their low prices and high quality. Their products are available in Superdrug and are now rivalling the likes of MUA and Barry M. They are finally a brand the US are jealous of the UK for! Seriously though if any Americans want to set up a Revolution – Bath and Body Works mailing situation hit me up.

The first product I bought from them is one of their matte lipsticks. This feels so creamy and light on the lips but is also matte. Matte lipsticks are so trendy and these ones from Revolution would be perfect additions to your collection. I bought mine in the colour Chauffeur. It is a dark sort of muted pink. The lipstick is so opaque and one swipe covers your lips well. I also feel like it has a pretty good wear time but can go a little patchy. I don’t think it would be great for a dinner party as you’d probably end up eating it all! My only complaint with this lipstick is that it isn’t stuck into the case very well. On my first use it snapped straight off but this could have been because of transportation and many other factors. It is of course still useable.

I also bought this highlighting palette. Two of the shades are creams and two are powders. Although you can use them independently they do look good together. The creams and powders can be layered to give that I-can-see-you-highlight-from-outer-space kind of look. They go on smoothly and don’t feel too chunky. These shades would probably also work as glowy blushers too so that is something I’ll have to report back about. The casing isn’t particularly sturdy and a mirror would be nice but for the price it is very fair. I tend just to apply the creams with my fingers and the powder with a fan brush but I’m not sure if I’m doing that right?? Please do let me know! I reach for this palette all the time and even my sister loves it.

The prices on these items are also very good. £3 for the lipstick and don’t forget there is student discount on top of that. Money saving tips!!! The palette comes in at a meagre £8 so I’d say that’s an excuse to treat yourself!


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USA Beauty Haul

USA Beauty Haul

I know I have written lots about my purchases from the USA this year but I did buy a lot. I mean a lot. My bank account is not happy!

I tried to go for some of the products that are harder to get hold of in the UK.  The first thing I picked up was the Coty Airspun powder. I had heard every beauty blogger and their dog rave about this powder so I decided to see what all the hype was about. I bought this in Walgreens and it was around the $10 mark if I remember correctly. This is available in lots of different drugstores so which ever has the best deals for you. The powder is really finely milled and it smooths out your complexion nicely. It also does a good job at setting your under eyes and preventing your concealer from cracking. You really don’t need to use much as it is basically industrial strength otherwise you could end up looking a little flaky!

I also decided to go for one of the ELF blush and bronzer duos. ELF has always been available in the UK via their online sight. Some of my first makeup products were from them. I chose to buy it in the USA as the prices are better which is probably because of sales tax. In Florida it is only 6.5% but at home it is 20%. Quite a big difference isn’t it?? I had heard that this product was very similar to the Nars duos and this pink shade is supposed to be a dupe for orgasm.  The large mirror is a nice touch and means it’s great for on the go. The colours blend really nicely and are actually quite creamy! Superdrug now also stock ELF products so keep your eyes out in there.

Finally I decided to get a butter bronzer from Physicians Formula. Butter Bronzer is one of the world’s most popular bronzers and I can see why! This is a little more expensive than the other bronzers I bought in the USA, it clocked in at around $15 which in the grand scheme of things isn’t too much. It is so worth it though. It has a gorgeous coconutty smell which is my all time favourite. The bronzer is majorly pigmented too, the first time I used this I looked so weird as I has done my makeup in the dark at it had gotten everywhere. You can blend it out nicely too though. I feel like stamping along the cheekbones and forehead works best with this bronzer. It also isn’t too warm so matches my pale skin pretty well. I really want to try some of the butter blushes!

Dior Days

Dior Days

Dior is no doubt one of the world’s biggest designers and still to this day they are loved by many women across the world. A high class product in high class packaging is always a blogger’s favourite! My love for Dior started when I first set eyes on the lip glow. And basically it has all stemmed from there!

Now I know what you may be thinking, £24 for a lip balm? And well yes you would be right. The prices are pretty steep but well worth it for the quality of product you get. My first item is the lip glow. I had seen this on Pinterest and knew I wanted it. Maybe 2 years ago I decided to take the plunge and pick it up. After a quick scroll through feel unique it was added to the basket and I was basically that ‘waiting for the delivery man’ meme for a few days. I love this lip balm so much, the colour adapts to suit your skin and it looks so pretty on the lips. I love how it’s not too greasy either.

TK Maxx have a few Dior bits every now and then which is where I bought the next two items. After a quick rummage through I found this Dior Ultragloss for only £12 a real steal to be honest. This lipgloss is such beautiful quality. The gloss is thick and luxurious and almost has a plumping effect. The colour I managed to find is so pretty and contrasts so well with my pale skin but I’m confident it would look nice on other skin tones too. I love the packaging on this one. The classic Dior handle at the end is gorgeous and is actually very practical for holding the wand in application. Only complaint is the brush hairs can go a little crazy every now and again.

My most recent Dior purchase was again from TK Maxx during the big beauty event. I managed to pick up the Diorshow mascara in the plumping variety. The brush is curved to get as much volume in the lashes as possible. It really does work too. My usual routine is curling the eyelashes then just one coat of this and I’m ready to go. It separates the lashes nicely for a mascara on the thick side. It has quickly become my everyday mascara and I’m dreading it running out! The price was again quite fair at £20 which is still very high end but I’m incredibly happy with the product so I can almost justify the price.

Dior is a brand I will be continuing to purchase from as I really believe in their quality products. Although it errs on the pricier side of beauty it is nice to have a few premium products in your collection if you are as much of a beauty junkie as me!

Dermacol Review

Dermacol Review

Having bad skin is literally one of the most soul destroying thing in the world. Constantly trying different potions and commotions just to clear up a little of  the redness but nothing seems towork. When treatment fails me, I always turn to covering up. From the words of Frozen, conceal don’t feel. That’s exactly the approach I go for with my makeup. I recently picked up a tube of Dermacol high coverage foundation and the matching  Dermacol primers and they have changed the game.

I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of Dermacol as the tattoo covering stage makeup and yep your right. It’s 50% pigment to give high coverage and let me tell you it is opaque fam. You don’t even need a lot to cover your whole face. And yes I tried it on tattoos and it covers them pretty well with a little red/orange colour corrector. I picked up the foundation from amazon for just less than £10 which is a reasonable price for such a great foundation. To be honest I’ve paid up to like £20 before for a bit of skin coloured cream. I’d happily pay £10 for this every few months.

The one big downside is the amount you get as it may only last you maybe 2-3 months. The packaging looks almost medicinal. It comes in a metal tube and you have to pierce the top like on a toothpaste tube. I went for number 208 and although I was nervous in case it was too dark but it actually matches me well. There is a number 207 too which is lighter but very pink looking so I decided no to get this one.

The foundation itself is very thick and creamy. As is mimics your skin texture it will need a good buffing in and it sits nicely on your face. I’ve found it easier to blend with a brush in this case. The sponge gets quite claggy as the foundation is so thick. With normal foundations I tend not to use a powder but it is essential with this one as it is so glowy and can make you look a bit greasy. I recommend just a light dusting and you are set down for the day. This also lets you apply and blush or bronzer more smoothly. Despite being such high coverage it never feels heavy on my face and I can barely tell it is there. I wear this all day everyday to college and it lasts so nicely.

As for the primer, I also picked this up from Amazon for again around the £10 mark. This feels like a silicon based primer but I’m not sure on the actual ingredients. I do really like this primer. The pump is a nice touch and it does help to increase the longevity of your makeup. It also fills in any lines nicely to prevent the foundation seeping further into the skin. Anyone with acne knows that clogged pores is the last thing we want. I can really see why Dermacol recommend the products in conjunction as they work so well together to create a nice even base for the rest of your makeup.

Glossier Review

Glossier Review

Glossier has been all the rage within the beauty community over the past few months. The arrival of the brand in the UK has meant that us British makeup junkies can get our hands on the goods. Of course before we had to beg and plead for American friends to send products over or even hold out for the extremely limited choice on Net-A-Porter. So what I’m trying to say is, it’s a pretty big deal. As usual I wasn’t going to pass up on this opportunity and so here I am reviewing the bits and bobs I purchased.

I decided to go more down the skincare route. Purely as I’ve always enjoyed different skin care products. So the phase 1 set seemed like a perfect choice. It comes with 3 of their most popular skin care products and cuts off around £12 from buying individually. In this set you get the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and a Balm Dot Com in your choice of flavour. As well as this I decided to go for the Boy Brow in the middle colour.

The Milky Jelly Cleanser is exactly how you would imagine it. Milky and Jelly and you guessed it, it’s a cleanser. I have really loved this cleanser recently for taking off my makeup. It seems to easily melt down any makeup left on your face. The scent is so nice too! It is a rose sort of scent. But like a high class rose scent not like kind your gran would spray around the house. You really don’t need a lot of this as it froths up nicely. I’ve been using this for just less than 2 months now and barely an 1/8th has gone.. As it is a jelly is has an almost cooling effect on the skin. This means it’s great for reducing any puffiness on my skin in the mornings. It does a good job with mascara too, not perfect but I was impressed.

The priming moisturiser is a big hit too. It feels light weight on the skin and sinks in nicely. The moisturiser absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling hydrated. What I like about this one is it doesn’t feel too greasy like can often be the case with some moisturisers. The tube instructs you to apply with upward strokes which is a nice touch. Generally directions on skin products are very vague but the tips it gives makes it feel much more personal. The tube is a sort of metal plastic thing I’m not 100% but it stays nice and cool so again feels nice to apply. It also doesn’t bunch up on the skin or make it feel tight. Glossier have nailed it with this formula. I can see this product becoming one of Glossier’s most loved products.

The final product in this little skin care trio is the Balm Dot Com which I opted for in the mint variety. Obviously… what else would you expect from me. This lip balm is more of a salve consistency and so is more stiff which I like from a lip balm as it doesn’t get all over your hands. The mint flavour is so nice, it tastes really good. It also feels like it plumps my lips a bit. I don’t know if that is down to the mint or whether the product is actually meant to do that too. This balm has been my life saver this winter. My lips get really chapped during winter and this product has sorted them out! Another major win from Glossier. I can’t wait to try out the other flavours, let me know your recommendations.

Finally I bought the Boy Brow too! It was calling me and I am always trying to up my brow game. Combing my products also appeals to my lazy side, a brow gel and colour in one. And who wouldn’t want an extra 5 minutes in bed. The brush on this is also really nice. It can often be difficult to be precise when the brushes are massive but this one is cute and small. So you can get that nice sharp edge to your brow. It also lasts all day. It keeps your brows in place all day so you can worry about other things than where your eyebrow will be when you get home. On my cheek is usually the answer with this one. Glossier make this in a few different colours so there will probably be something that would work for you.




Cicapair Cream Review

Cicapair Cream Review

I was introduced to this product on one of those random snapchat articles. Normally I don’t even bother reading them but I think bordem had struck and I found myself clicking through. One article in particular caught my eye as it said something like, thanks to this cream I no longer wear foundation. As an avid hater of foundations I thought this could be the one product that would break us apart. I’m gullible, I know!  The post was all about the Cicapair Cream from Dr Jart +. It explained all the science behind it and I found it so interesting that I was desperate to try it for myself.

Dr Jart + is a brand I had heard of before. Tati Westbrook seems to enjoy lots of their products. If it’s good enough for Tati it’s good enough for me! The company is a Korean brand that have become incredibly popular in the west now. Clearly us lot can’t get enough of K beauty. But then again there is a reason behind it all. The article explained that this cream is in fact Tiger grass cream. No not that red ointment you would slather on yourself but actually a green mud. When tigers had been injured they would go and roll around in this mud and their cuts would be gone. And thus here we are.

The tiger grass cream claims to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin. A big must for any acne sufferers. The cream is green in the tub and once blended onto the skin matches the shade of your skin. It really is clever stuff. To be honest it does bare a small resemblance to a foundation but is much lighter and although has fairly good coverage it’s nothing to write home about. The thing that I love about this cream over a foundation is that once you wash you face it’s like it is still there. A foundation merely sits on top of the skin but this cream really sinks in and even when you remove the rest of your makeup, your skin still looks nice and plump and hydrated. I have really enjoyed this product and although it is a little pricey it is nice.

Most people would get away with just putting a little of this on and leaving it at that. However if you are like me and a little more concerned about your skin a few swipes of concealer would probably do the job. The product really does help you break up with foundation. It has helped me be more comfortable in my skin and rely less heavily on caking on makeup. At first breaking up with foundation was a big step and a little scary but I do feel better.

*Cicapair Cream



Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Lush is obviously not a new brand to me and neither is the products I’m going to be sharing with you. Around 3 years ago I entered the world of face masks. I used to think that it was only really middle aged women who slathered mud all over their face and couldn’t talk for a couple of hours. FYI this isn’t true! I started to discover all sorts of different masks that could help me. Some sticky, some gooey and some just down right painful. I never found a mask that really helped sort my skin out so therefore never became loyal to one product. This lush mask of magnaminty was the game changer.

I am a huge fan of anything mint. In fact it is definitely my favourite scent by far. Mint face masks were something I had never tried but was willing to give a go! This mask has an almost exfoliating property to it which is something I have never seen in masks before. The green goop seeps far into your pores and you can almost feel it working. I really like the stingy minty sensation on the skin but that is probably a hate/love thing. The mask chills on your face for like 10-15 minutes but honestly I tend to leave it on for one episode of 2 Broke Girls as I don’t want to be getting up half way through. Lazy girl hack. Tbh the mask is perfectly fine after 20 minutes and my skin doesn’t feel dry.

So once you wash off the mask you get a cheeky little bonus scrub. Seriously more lazy girl hacks here, a mask and scrub in one gets 2 thumbs up from me. Most of the time it probably is a bit of a placebo but I really feel like my skin is brighter once I wash it off. My spots and dots looks less red and angry and my skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. You knew I was going to have to incorporate that saying into my post somehow!

Lush have really killed it with this product and it is certainly one not to miss. It comes it a load of different sizes so I always end up buying the huge tub now as I go through it so fast. It is that good I used this before prom and my skin felt like a million dollars. Lush have a recycling programme where you bring back 4 empty pots and exchange it for a face mask. This would be the perfect opportunity to give this mask a go and not have the risk of not enjoying it. But trust me, you will!